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Bigger, smoother, sophisticated and stunning. That's the new project of realflying. Fly in the world’s most popular business jet to Innsbruck and Berlin. See a full 90 minutes video with every small detail. Everything was recorded with the aim to get you really close to the plane. Hundreds of different scenes will show the aircraft from every angle. A new way of filming with clear views and great sounds was introduced for a new episode of video productions. Besides that there is much more, traffic arrivals at Innsbruck and Berlin, outside sound in all variants, etc. Take a seat, relax, lean back and enjoy as we are blasting through the clouds after take off in the citation XLS.

  • Video length: 86 minutes
  • Best 1080 Full AVCHD quality
  • Stunning Innsbruck airport approach, traffic, movements and backgrounds
  • 2 complete video productions: Augsburg to Berlin – Augsburg to Innsbruck
  • Outside start up, taxiing and take off – Every part of the citation xls
  • Fly to the most stunning airports in europe: Samedan, Sion, Munich, Innsbruck and Berlin
  • Hundreds of cockpit close ups
  • Checklist views for a clear understanding
  • Autopilot, frequency, engines, etc. changes
  • FMC editing for a clear comprehension of the flights
  • Outside refueling action and lavatory service
  • Very close outside start up from the Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines
  • Honeywell Primus EFIS 1000 avionics suite exclusive views
  • Engine, fuel, charts, radar, tcas – All details included
  • Full english cockpit explanations
  • Start up, shut down, departure, checks, etc. explanations
  • Parking, flight and routing scenes from the pilots
  • Exlusive close dash 8 start up at Innsbruck airport
  • Outside, cabin, cockpit inspection including ALL details of the citation xls
  • Filming of all cockpit switches, screens and details
  • Long and clear views on the jeppessen charts
  • ATC and ATIS included
  • Plenty of different views
  • 4 approaches (innsbruck, sion, munich, samedan) and 1 departure (samedan) cockpit perspective
  • Arrrivals at Innsbruck airport with amazing backgrounds

Video scenes:

  1. Outside Inspection
  2. Inside Inspection
  3. Refueling action
  4. The full flight from Augsburg to Berlin
  5. Berlin Airport + Traffic
  6. Outside start up
  7. The full flight from Augsburg to Innsbruck
  8. Innsbruck Airport + Traffic
  9. Dash 8 start up
  10. Innsbruck outside start up + taxiing + take off
  11. Innsbruck cockpit arrival
  12. Munich cockpit arrival
  13. Sion cockpit arrival
  14. Samedan cockpit arrival
  15. Samedan cockpit departure


Customer Reviews

5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!5 of 5 Stars!  
Robert Yunque *Verified Product User*, 11/25/2012
    I LOVE THIS VIDEO and I will be watching it over and over again. If you also love the Eaglesoft Cessna Citation CJ1 v.2 or their CitationX v.2, like I do, you will want to get this video for sure. The Citation XLS has a very similar cockpit to both of these aircraft, but it is especially close to the CJ1.
The video's resolution is very good at full screen and although there is little talking and no interviews like some cockpit videos, the video will really hold your interest and there is so much, you won't miss the interviews.
You are basically sitting in between the captain and FO for all the flights. Your view of the flight panel is as good as theirs, but with many close-up shots of the different sections of the panels added. You get to see everything that is going on with the preparation, take-off, climb, cruise and landing. Many great shots are within the cockpit the whole time, even with some captions included, explaining what is happening.
After landing at the airport, the camera man will catch many outstanding shots of other corporate jets taxing through the snow and taking off.
Most of my videos are of commercial airliners, so I really appreciate the rare opportunity to have a full length video just about such a beautiful corporate jet like this Citation XLS.
I also love when the video includes a challenging approach like Innsbruck. That by itself adds so much.
This video has a perfect balance between cockpit views and beautiful outside views, especially while on approach to snow covered Innsbruck. There are even some great shots of the airport, showing other commercial airliners landing.
To approach into the surrounding mountains of LOWI in total cloud cover, with very little visibility until you are low, has to be hair raising. The busy airport is beautiful all covered with snow.
Wow, I'm sitting right now watching the most amazing series of slow motion short finals into Innsbruck, Sion, Samedan and several other airports! These are viewed looking right out the windscreen of the XLS. I can't even describe it. These are beautiful! Just awesome!
Anyone who loves cockpit videos will be amazed with, and really enjoy this one. It's full length and it is very well produced. Obviously the team at Realflying put A LOT of work into this film and it shows.
I have a whole box of cockpit videos from several producers that I enjoy, but now, for sure, this is one of my best. I could watch this video over and over.
If you love cockpit videos, don't miss out on this one. I don't think they get any better.