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What is an Electronic Flight Bag system?
Put simply, An EFB (electronic flight bag) is normally a Tablet PC with very advanced software loaded onboard to allow the pilot to keep the cockpit “paperless” as well as allow for a portable means of navigational aid.

An EFB can be used in just about any real-world aircraft – from a Boeing 747 jumbo jet to a Cessna 172 single piston general aviation plane. The technology is the same. Now general aviation pilots can enjoy the same high-tech cockpit environment as the commercial pilot.

In Flight Sim this is also the case, however there is another advantage of the EFB by SimFlyer. The EFB can be placed in an aircraft twith limited panel or VC space. Since an EFB is just about an inch thick (like a laptop) and about the size of a piece of paper, it can be easily stored away under a seat or on the seat for that matter. This makes the EFB a realistic choice for any aircraft where you may need or want more high-tech navigational equipment but lack the panel space. The EFB is also VERY EASY to INSTALL - all you need to do is copy a few lines of code to your panel.cfg file and you are set to go.

The EFB uses a simulated “touchscreen” just like many of its real world counterparts and the GPS portion of the unit operates much like the other GPS units SimFlyer offers so the learning curve is very low.

Product Features Include:

  • Realistic Electronic Flight Bag Look and Feel.
  • Integrated GPS and Navigation System.
  • Moving Map Mode
  • Information Mode with Multi-Window Viewing.
  • Chart and Map Viewer
  • XML Code Optimization.
  • Full Documentation and Easy Installation.


Customer Reviews

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Richard Flint *Verified Product User*, 12/15/2005 1 of 1 customer found this review helpful
    I've had two long haul 747 cargo flights with the simflyer Electronic flight bag and I can honestly say that its a great addon for any pilot - regardless of whatever type of flying you do.
The EFB is just right for keeping up to date with your GPS data and the ability to view charts via the EFB is especially useful for any IFR journeys you might make. VFR flyers will find it a useful navigation backup tool too.