TOPCAT - Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool

TOPCAT - Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool

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Available since: 10/19/2007.
Publisher: FSS GmbH
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REQUIREMENTS Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista

TOPCAT is an acronym for Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool and is a highly realistic, easy-to-use planning tool for all serious flight simulator enthusiasts.

It brings into a single application all of the calculations required to plan for safe and repeatable take-offs and landings.

TOPCAT will provide you, the captain, with Load Sheets, Flight Reports, Individual Runway Tables, Take-off and Landing Performance Reports including all relevant speeds (V1, VR and V2), optimum thrust/flaps configurations, de-rated and assumed/flex temperatures and stop margins.

TOPCAT was developed by professional airline pilots resembling real-life software.

Currently available aircraft types:

Aircraft Type Engines Supported Add-Ons
Airbus A320-214 CFM 56-5B4 iFDG
Project Airbus
Boeing 737-800 (BBJ2) CFM 56-7B26 Flight Simulator default
Flight Deck Software
Boeing 747-400 CF6 80C2B1F
P&W 4056
P&W 4062
British Airways Virtual (BAV) configurations
Boeing 747-400 Freighter CF6 80C2B1F
P&W 4056
P&W 4062
Boeing 767-300 CF6 80C2B7F
P&W 4060
Project OpenSky
Boeing 767-300 ER CF6 80C2B7F
P&W 4060
Level-D Simulations
Fokker F28 Mark 100 (SD) Tay 650-15 Digital Aviation (SP1)
Digital Aviation (SP2)
New McDonnell Douglas MD-11 CF6 80C2D1F PMDG
New McDonnell Douglas MD-11 F CF6 80C2D1F PMDG

TOPCAT Features:

  • Microsoft® Windows® application made by professional airline pilots (does not require any other software)
  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface resembling real-life software
  • Worldwide database with close to 10,000 airports and 28,000 runways
  • Including obstacle data and engine-out procedures (EOSIDs)
  • Take-off and landing data for abnormal configuration (e.g. engine out, flapless landing, inoperative thrust reversers, etc.)
  • Ready-to-print and ready-to-save loadsheet, take-off and landing reports
  • Build your own Individual Runway Tables (IRTs) for your favourite airports
  • NOAA, IVAO, VATSIM and ActiveSky weather support (FS2004 and FSX)
  • A wide variety of units: kilograms (kg), pounds (lb), meter (m), feet (ft), hPa (hecto pascal), inHg (Inches of mercury) for your personal needs
  • Editor to add or modify runways and airports

Take your simulation to the next level!


Customer Reviews

4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!  
Kenneth Rodriguez , 04/05/2012
    This program is by far a much needed add for the serious flight simmer. Getting true to life dispatch numbers for your aircraft is paramount next to actually flying the aircraft safely. If you are like me and love to fly "by the numbers", then this program is a must have. Also to metion that you get lifetime free upgrades to newer versions and get exclusive rights to beta test new aircraft profiles and versions as they are released.
My only gripe for this product however is that the developer has not released any updates in quite sometime (since Feb. 2011). Because of this, I believe that this program has suffered from getting much needed aircraft profiles added to it's portfolio. I understand that the developer was working on another program which I'm sure to buy as well, but the need for regular updates to your existing product which has been purchased by many and continues to sell to this day is tantamount to it's success and community support.
Aside from that little issue, this is a must have for the serious simmer. And the cost is practically unbeatable for all you get.
2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!2 of 5 Stars!  
Jeremiah Bucholz *Verified Product User*, 04/03/2012 1 of 2 customers found this review helpful
    I am giving this program 2 stars, but please read on to find out the exact reason. First, the program is fantastic! It adds a level of realism that makes you feel as if you're getting actual dispatch numbers. It is easy to use and can even be used over a network. THIS IS a 5 star program.....however.....I cannot say the same for the developer. The developer has not provided updates to the product for over a year (Feb 2011). The excuse is that the developer is busy working on their new product, PFPX. As a customer, I feel abandoned for the next money maker and place this developer in the same catagory as Airsimmer. If the developer changes its ways, I would change my review to 5 stars as the program diserves.