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HOMEPAGE http://www.vrsimulations.com
SUPPORT support@vrsimulations.com
FORUM/FAQ http://www.vrsimulations.com/forums/phpBB3/index.php
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REGISTRIERUNGSSCHLüSSEL Dieses Produkt muss aktiviert werden, siehe Hinweis.
HINWEIS You will be required to activate and register the software using the LicenseID and password you were issued at the time of sale
Flight Simulator Version:    10.0 (FSX with Service Pack 2 or Acceleration/X-pack or FSX Gold)
.NET Framework:     3.0+ (freely available from www.microsoft.com/NET/)
FSUIPC:   4.60+ for FSX (freely available from www.schiratti.com/dowson.html)
OS:  Windows XP (SP2) or Vista (any version)
RAM:  2MB (XP)/3GB (Vista/Win7).
Storage:    850MB
Internet:                 Required for product activation. Optional for automatic updates.
Game Controllers:  Joystick mandatory. Separate rudder and throttle highly recommended. FSX built-in Force feedback NOT supported. Force feedback must be disabled in FSX.          
Graphics Minimum: 256MB 1024x768
Graphics Excellent:   512MB 1920x1200
CPU Minimum (8-12 FPS): 3.2GHz Single Core
CPU Average (20-30 FPS): 2.5GHz Intel Dual/Quad Core
CPU Excellent (35-45 FPS): 3.6GHz Intel Dual/Quad Core

The multi-award-winning VRS F/A-18E Superbug is here for FSX! We've taken all the incredible and innovative features of our FS2004 version and supercharged them with updated graphics, updated effects, new block II model enhancements, and tons of incredible new features including true HUD-based night vision, firing fully animated weapons including cannons and missiles with smoke trails, and awesome new lighting technologies.

The FSX version of the Superbug takes all of the fantastic innovations we developed for FS2004 to a new level of graphic nirvana. The 2D and VC models were reworked and re-textured with high resolution FSX native materials including detailed specular and bump maps. Draw calls were reduced by approximately 20%, and new skinned-mesh animations were added. Effects for missile flyout were introduced that allow plumes and smoke trails. New g-induced and mach-based vapor effects, afterburners, fresnel-based lighting, and a slew of other improvements round out this incredible new FSX package.

Crafted by a small, dedicated team of developers who also happen to be engineers in real life, the VRS F/A-18E seeks to provide what we believe is by far the most comprehensive overall simulation of ANY combat aircraft ever created for the Flight Simulator franchise. VRS has created a truly remarkable and faithful reproduction of the U.S. Navy's newest strike fighter. Systems ranging from tactical (functioning weapons and sensors) to dedicated, custom fuel, hydraulic and ECS simulation designed [strictly] based on the U.S. Navy's NATOPS flight manuals for this aircraft. Everything from the working and accurate radar, to the early warning and navigation systems are meticulously recreated in extreme detail and fidelity.

The VRS F/A-18E Super Hornet, or "Superbug", is the first  true 3-axis fly-by-wire combat aircraft designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The flight model is not "fly-by-wire-like", it's a dynamic, fully control-law-dependent proportional control system driving a single (ordinance independent) neutrally-statically-stable base flight model. The FBW system extends to 100% custom autopilot functions.

Extensively researched visuals include a fully functional (and we mean fully functional and flyable) Virtual Cockpit including 90% 3D switches, knobs, buttons, and even individual bolts. True HUD collimation provides accurate velocity vector/flight path and targeting indication under all flight conditions. Designed with TrackIR users in mind, you'll find no equal in terms of HUD performance and accuracy. Our "intelligent" highly optimized 3D external model responds to preferences, drawing only the weapons you select for load-out with the Aircraft Configuration Manager. Thousands of weapons combinations are possible, yet only one 3D model is required. In addition, all weight, drag and asymmetry is accounted for no matter what you load on the aircraft. When a weapon is released, it is of course fully animated, but most importantly the weight, drag, and lateral moments are accounted for accurately. Drop or fire a weapon and watch the flight dynamics change. This is MUCH more than a pretty plane; the VRS F/A-18 is serious aircraft simulation in every respect.

The VRS F/A-18E is the recipient of multiple awards including the coveted Avsim Gold Star and PC Pilot Magazine's Platinum award. These are the highest review awards available in their respective mediums. If you've tried military aircraft for MSFS before, and they've left a bad taste in your mouth, give the Superbug a try and see why VRS has been called "The PMDG/Level-D of military addons." Let us craft YOU a killing machine!

New FSX exclusive features:

  • Completely reworked external and internal (VC) models with additional geometry and reduced draw-calls.
  • Missile smoke trails and plume effects.
  • HUD NVG mode for VFR through-the-HUD night vision in any conditions.
  • Custom landing lights which illuminate not only the ground, but objects and auto-gen.
  • New highly dynamic g-induced and mach vapor effects.
  • A completely redone FSX-native material set including improved weathering and baking, specular, and bump mapping.
  • 7 cockpit-selectable strobe patterns modeled on the exact same frequencies used in the real aircraft.
  • Model-based exterior lighting with fresnel flaring.
  • Acceleration compatible carrier operations.
  • Full-screen HUD replaces 2D panel (no 2D instrument panel is available in the FSX version).

Classic  features:

  • Study-level simulation designed based on U.S. Navy NATOPS flight manuals.
  • Unmatched accuracy and depth of simulation.
  • The only true fly-by-wire control augmentation system (CAS) available for MSFS.
  • A single, dynamic (changes in real-time based on current loadout) base flight model.
  • Highly efficient and detailed external modeling recreating every nuance of the F/A-18E.
  • Every weapon and store individually modeled with weight, asymmetry and drag characteristics which are shed after release.
  • Dozens of custom keystroke commands which may all be mapped to gaming devices for "real as it gets" HOTAS setups.
  • State of the art virtual cockpit (VC) :
    • High resolution textures with incredibly sharp panel text.
    • Unshaded (emissive) avionics and HUD.
    • HUD collimation for TrackIR.
    • Dynamic shadowing effects.
    • Transilluminated panel text with separate main and console circuitry.
    • Flood lighting.
    • NVG lighting.
    • Adjustable levels of detail (via ACM).
  • AN/APG-73 A/A Radar simulation.
    • True B-sweep design with adjustable scan volumes and doppler simulation.
    • Multi-sensor integration (cheat) mode.
    • Velocity Search (VS).
    • Range While Search (RWS).
    • Track While Scan (TWS).
    • Boresight (ACM).
    • Vertical Aquisition (VACQ).
    • Wide Aquisition (WACQ).
    • Auto Aquisition (AACQ).
    • RAID.
  • Thousands of combinations of firing and droppable ordinance using a single procedurally animated “smart” model system. Any store on any allowable station. Stores include:
    • AIM-9X “Sidewinder”.
    • AIM-9M “Sidewinder”.
    • AIM-7 “Sparrow”.
    • AIM-120 AMRAAM.
    • AGM-65E “Laser Maverick”.
    • AGM-84D “Harpoon”.
    • AGM-84H SLAM-ER.
    • AGM-154A JTOW.
    • AGM-88C HARM.
    • GBU-10 “Paveway II”.
    • GBU-12 (singles or pairs).
    • GBU-31 JDAM.
    • FPU-11 480 USG external tanks.
    • ASQ-228 ATFLIR.
    • AA42R-1 “Buddy Tank”.
    • SUU-78A center pylon.
    • LAU-1126A cheek pylons.
    • SUU-79A main pylon.
    • SUU-80A outboard pylon.
    • LAU-127A tip launcher.
  • Built-in aerial refueling using any AI aircraft. Receive (IFR) or deliver (buddy tank) fuel.
  • Fully animated canopy and full NACES 0/0 ejection sequences.
  • Procedural animation system including:
    • Missile launches (4 types).
    • AGM launches and glide (4 types).
    • Bomb release (5 types).
    • Jettison (emergency or selective).
    • Boarding ladder.
    • Port and starboard avionics bays.
    • ECS auxiliary duct doors.
    • Radar bay.
    • Full pilot articulation with autonomous movement and gesturing.
    • FCS-driven flight control surfaces.
    • Speedbrake function involving multiple surfaces.
    • Rudder toe-in and flare.
    • Asymmetrical trailing and leading edge flaps.
    • Wing fold.
    • Tailhook.
    • Launch bar.
    • Holdback bar.
    • Catapult shoe.
    • LEX and tip vapor effects.
    • ALE-50 (towed decoy) extention/retraction and jettison.
    • ALE-47 (chaff and flare) dispensing.
    • A/A42R-1 refueling tank hose extention and retraction.
  • Over 70 22K 16-bit discrete cockpit sound samples.
  • 3D landing lights licensed from A2A.
  • 350+ pages of documentation including a 90 page tutorial.
    • Getting Started guide.
    • Tutorial flight.
    • Aircraft Manager guide.
    • Aircraft guide.
    • Cockpit system guide.
    • Navigation & Communications.
    • Paint kit.
    • Keyboard reference.
    • Checklists.
    • Glossary.
  • Simulated combat capability:
    • "Hostility zone” modeling for Anti-Air-Warfare (SAM/AAA). Kill them or they kill you.
    • Accurate AN/APG-73 A/A radar simulation with multi-mode capability.
    • AI and multiplayer aircraft can be tracked and fired upon and will disappear from radar if hit.
    • 3 CCIP bombing modes.
    • 3 HARM release modes.
    • Laser Maverick simulation.
    • Discrete air-to-air missile modeling.
    • FLIR LST and LTD simulation (no IR imagery).
  • 40 official liveries including all active F/A-18E USN squadrons and fictional Blue Angels.
  • Comprehensive failure and battle damage system.
  • Sharp vector graphics and advanced lighting techniques (no more dark VC lights).
  • Highly accurate, custom designed vector-based avionic displays.
  • Custom auto throttle:
    • Cruise ATC maintains airspeed at the time of engagement.
    • Approach ATC continually adjusts speed to maintain approach AOA.
  • Custom 12-mode autopilot which mimics the actual F/A-18E AFCS:
    • Barometric Altitude Hold (BALT).
    • Radar Altitude Hold (RALT).
    • Flight Path Angle Hold (FPAH)
    • Heading Hold (HHLD).
    • Heading Select (HSEL).
    • Ground Track Hold (GTRK).
    • Ground Track Select (GSEL).
    • Roll Hold (ROLL).
    • Coupled Waypoint (CPL WPT).
    • Coupled TACAN (CPL TCN).
    • Coupled Sequence (CPL SEQ).
  • Fully collimated (TrackIR savvy) vector HUD.
  • Aircraft Configuration Manager (ACM) application:
    • Livery import/export and browsing functions.
    • Custom weapons loading. Anything you want in any combination.
    • Fuel Loading.
    • Electrical, hydraulic and avionic failure arming.
    • External model and VC preferences.
    • Operational preferences.
    • Reference Section.
    • Automatic Updates.
  • Comprehensive, custom primary systems modeling:
    • Hydraulics.
    • Environmental Control (ECS).
    • Fuel.
    • Electrical.
  • Custom navigation system:
    • Ground-based and air-to-air TACAN navigation.
    • Custom in-flight waypoint insertion/deletion.
    • GPS transfer function.
    • Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) with ellipsoid selection (read-only).
  • World-class tech support via official support forums.

System Requirements

The VRS Superbug is a COMPLEX aircraft requiring English reading skills and patience to master.

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simFlight.COM Flight Simulation News Source » Blog Archive » Review: VRS F/A-18E Superbug FSX VRS have created a superb tactical multi-role fighter aircraft for FSX, building on their FS2004 model and in their word, supercharged the FS9 version with updated graphics. It certainly shows, visually the VRS F/A18-E is an absolutely beautiful creation.
AVSIM Online - Flight Simulation's Number 1 Site! "All in all I had a ton of fun flying and testing this aircraft, everything about it is top notch and goes above and beyond what is expected in FS add-ons, and will forever change my idea of what a high quality fully programmed aircraft really is. Due to the complexity of this package, there is no way I could have possibly covered every possible system and function, for that you can consult the manual."



5 von 5 Sterne!5 von 5 Sterne!5 von 5 Sterne!5 von 5 Sterne!5 von 5 Sterne!  
Christian Bauer *Verifizierter Produkt Benutzer*, 30.08.2010 3 von 4 Kunden fanden diese Rezension hilfreich
    Ich muss ganz ehrlich gestehen ich habe mir den Kauf dieses Flugzeuges wegen dem hohen Kaufpreis mehr als 2mal überlegt. Was man allerdings dann mit diesem Flugzeug geliefert bekommt ist den etwas höheren Kaufpreis absolut wert. Ich benutze den Flieger nun seit 2 Tagen und muss sagen ich bin von der Fülle der Möglichkeiten die einem dieses Produkt liefert einfach begeistert. Alleine das dazugelieferte Handbuch ist eine Wucht und um den Vogel wirklich mit allen seinen Vorzügen zu genießen muss man sich auch Schritt für Schritt durchackern, aber umso weiter man voranschreitet beim Studium, desto mehr Spaß macht es und umso faszinierter ist man.
Also Leute ich habe mir bereits viele Add-On Aircrafts gekauft aber so etwas wie das habe ich noch nie erlebt. Wer eine militärische Flugsimulation auf hohem Niveau haben will der ist hier genau richtig.
MFG Christian
5 von 5 Sterne!5 von 5 Sterne!5 von 5 Sterne!5 von 5 Sterne!5 von 5 Sterne!  
Alexander Jäkel *Verifizierter Produkt Benutzer*, 09.05.2010 3 von 3 Kunden fanden diese Rezension hilfreich
    Das Einzige was mir an diesem Produkt nicht so gefällt ist der hohe Kaufpreis, daß ist dann aber auch schon alles was mich wirklich stört.
Ich würde diesen Vogel in etwa mit meiner F-16 von Aerosoft vergleichen, da der optische Deteilgrad bei beiden ähnlich hoch ist wobei die F/A-18E bei der Funktionalität der Bordinstrumente für mich die Nase weiter vorne hat.
Das Flugverhalten ist eher gewöhnungsbedürftig z.B. rapieder Geschwindigkeitsverlust/Strömungsabriss bei zu engen Kurven und es ist nicht so einfach mit diesem Flugzeug auf einem Träger zu landen, aber mit etwas Übung klappt es dann wirklich gut.
Ich weiß aber leider auch noch nicht ob FSUIPC4 was damit zu tun hat das dieses Flugzeug sich einfach so viel anders verhält als die FSX Acceleration Pack F/A-18.
Alles in allem ist es für mich ein sehr schönes Flugzeug:)