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    This add-on brings Bavaria's second largest international airport in an incomparably authentic and lively atmosphere to Prepar3D V4 & V5.

    Over a development period of around 2.5 years, the two designers Volker Wegner and Lars Pinkenburg have rebuild all the buildings and facilities of the real airport on the basis of more than 1,000 photos taken on site with great attention to detail for the simulator. The airport environment was also modeled with great attention to detail and covers a total area of ​​around 55 km², with numerous characteristic buildings, traffic routes and terrain features, so that the depiction is extremely close to reality even during the approach and departure phases.

    A special highlight of the scenery are the innumerable and newly developed vehicle and person animations, which contribute significantly to the realistic atmosphere at the airport. A lot of work was also put into the lifelike depiction of the taxiway and apron surfaces.

    The scenery has been implemented using state-of-the-art - prepar3d native - design techniques which, despite the high model and texture complexity, enable a smooth framerate on current simulator PC hardware.

    This product is only compatible with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D V4 (and higher) and requires SODE!


    • Highly realistic rendition of Nuremberg Airport based on most recent geodata
    • 55km² satellite imagery coverage with resolution up to 20cm/px including all seasons
    • Highly detailed buildings with internal modelling of the terminal and Hangar 2
    • Many SODE features such as:
      • Animated Jetways
      • Automatic season switching
      • Snow and rain layers
      • Animated windsocks indicate wind speed and direction
      • Open / Close FAI gate
      • Runway lights automatically switched on in low visibility
    • Detailed airport lighting including REILs, Running Rabbits and optional Dynamic Lighting
    • Many animated people on the apron, inside and around the terminal
    • Extensive vehicle animations on the apron and the vicinity of the airport
    • Animated tower radar and elevator
    • Static aircraft with proper liveries and registrations
    • Prepar3D v4 SDK conform export of all scenery elements using the latest techniques
    • Fully compatible with AI traffic Add-Ons, ORBX FTX Germany South, FTX Global, VECTOR and openLC Europe
    • GSX configuration file included
    • Latest Scenery Configurator for optimal performance and automatic updates

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    Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4 & V5
    SimObjectDisplayEngine (SODE)
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (with the newest Service Packs)
    3.0 GHz processor (Dual-Core or Quad-Core processors are recommended)
    4 GB RAM (16 GB are recommended)
    3D graphics card with 2 GB memory
    .NET Framework 4.5 or higher for running the Scenery Configurator
    Installation-Size: 2.6 GB


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    This scenery is really very good. Incredible level of detail for the entire buildings, aprons, runway, taxiways. Crisp textures. Excellent performance too. I also have their freeware EDAH which is another masterpiece. I recommend very much this developer and all its products. Five stars!. Ed


    Epic airport with great graphics and performance. I love flying from and to this airport.I don't have to say something else!


    Dieser umgesetzte Airport ist einfach nur der Hammer. Bis ins kleine Detail umgesetzt. Man hat das Gefühl das man ist vor Ort. Ich bin wirklich begeistert. Bei mir ist die Performance leider nicht ganz so gut wie z.B. bei Taxigate 2 München, aber trotzdem durchgehend 25 Frames. Klare Kaufempfehlung!
    I think this is an incredibly underappreciated airport. Though is services mostly regional aircraft, I will go on a limb and say it is one of the most detailed payware airports on the market. If you have the benefit of a program like Chaseplane, get out of the cockpit and explore the area. You will be amazed by the staggering detail that went into the visuals at this airport. I think I almost lost it when I saw cars driving around the rooftop level of the parking garage looking for parking. When you observe the Nuremberg sign from the outside of the airport you feel like you are a part of a living breathing world. This will be reinforced when you observe shuttle busses pulling into a parking space to pick up and drop off passengers. Though they don’t actual show passengers getting off the shuttle, you feel something like that could be coming in the future. (Hint! Hint!) That being said, this is an absolutely visually stunning airport. I am sure it won’t disappoint.


    5 Sterne Der Flughafen und das Addon EDDN von 29Palms und Captain 7 sind in meinen Augen atemberaubend! Der Flughafen hat so viele Details und wurde sehr detailliert umgesetzt. Sowohl in der Luft als auch auf dem Boden erkennt man viele “visual Points”. Als VFR Flieger erkennt man so auch mühelos die entsprechenden “reporting points”. Was mir auch sehr gefallen hat, ist die Tatsache, das schon die neuen Rollwege implementiert wurden z.B. M2 und M3! Das Killerfeature ist für mich eine eigens für GA Flugzeuge eingerichtete Halle von der man seinen Flieger herausziehen kann (A2A) und dann ins Abenteuer startet! Für den Preis ein absolutes must have - es geht kaum besser. Respekt für die Mühe und Arbeit!


    It's unbelievable how good this scenery is. It's simply amazing how many details, animations and objects have been created by Captain7 / 29Palms to build so perfect scenery with so nice surrounding area. And all of these things to me give such joy and excitement. Do you need anythig more!? Maybe very good night lighting, airport objects, moving cars around the airport and on the apron? You will really get them here! But the best thing is that even with animated people my fps are on a such good level which I've never expected. After Magdeburg, which was created by Captain7 some time ago, this is his next piece of art that can be compared with Corfu by FlyTampa.
    Have to agree there mostly what the others said, this is a mustHave for p3d v4. The details are mindblowing. Sadly i cannot say the same about nighttime. Here the airport is lacking in the groundwork what makes dynamic lightning sadly not play its tricks out like it could. Ground has LOT of colored artefacts what really brings down the immersion in nighttime for me. This is something i dont understand really, nearly most of the devs nowadays get this right.
    Ich kann mich der ersten Rezension nur anschließen. Habe EDDN am Erscheinungstag gekauft (bin mit einer Nürnbergerin verheiratet und konnte nicht länger warten) - auch ich glaube, es ist einer der besten derzeit erhältlichen Flughäfen und ein "Must-Have".
    Die Umsetzung von Nürnberg durch Captain 7 und 29Palms ist grandios! Die vielen kleinen Details die man auf dem Vorfeld entdecken kann sind beeindruckend. Ohne mich zu weit aus dem Fenster zu lehnen, ist dieser Airport vom "Look & Feel" einer der Besten, die ich für P3D V4 besitze und das sind einige ;-). Die Qualität der Texturen ist beeindruckend. Besonders Nachts spielt der Airport mit stimmigem Dynamic Lightning alle Trumpfe aus! Zudem passt er, mit optionalen Texturen, perfekt in das Gesamtbild mit Germany South von Orbx. Ich würde soweit gehen und sagen: Dieser Airport ist ein "Must-Have" für P3D V4! Der Preis ist mehr als angemessen.

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