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    The A2A Wings of Silver Stratocruiser is unlike any aircraft you have flown in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    The Boeing Stratocruiser is a double-deck, pressurized, four-engine, medium to long range, high altitude, high speed, commercial transport plane. The airplaph, a service ceiling of 34,000 feet, and a maximum range of approximately 4,000 miles. To its passengers, if flne is designed for a normal gross weight of 147,000 pounds, a high speed of approximately 350 mew them in first class comfort higher, faster, and farther than anything before.

    The A2A Wings of Silver Stratocruiser is unlike any aircraft you have flown in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    The Boeing Stratocruiser is a double-deck, pressurized, four-engine, medium to long range, high altitude, high speed, commercial transport plane. The airplaph, a service ceiling of 34,000 feet, and a maximum range of approximately 4,000 miles. To its passengers, if flne is designed for a normal gross weight of 147,000 pounds, a high speed of approximately 350 mew them in first class comfort higher, faster, and farther than anything before.

    The 377 paved Boeing’s entry into the airline business, and you can still see this technology in use today. The Stratocruiser and its massive Pratt & Whitney R4360 engines, represents the highest step in the evolution of aircraft piston-engine technology. These engines were so powerful, that this huge Stratocruiser set the transcontinental speed record from Seattle to D.C.; beating both the Lockheed Constellation and the North American P51 Mustang. Even by today’s standards this aircraft has amazing performance. There is also a Pregnant Guppy variant that was custom-made to transport rocket components for the Saturn V to NASA. You have to see it fly to believe it.

    A2A Simulations has crafted and pioneered many new technologies for this aircraft which has become the flagship of the Wings of Silver line for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Never before has the team worked so diligently to produce what we feel, and you may agree, is the most accurate representation of a true “classic” airliner.

    What is Captain of the Ship?

    Real pilots will tell you that no two aircraft are the same. Even taking the same aircraft up from the same airport to the same location will result in a different experience. For example, you may notice one day an engine is running a bit hotter than usual and you might just open your cowl flaps a bit more and be on your way, or maybe this is a sign of something more serious developing under the hood. Regardless, you expect these things to occur in a simulation just as they do in real life. This is Accu-sim – it puts the gauge back in the game.

    Realism does not mean having a difficult time with your flying. While Captain of the Ship is created by pilots, it is built for everyone. This means everything from having a professional crew there to help you manage the systems, to an intuitive layout, or just the ability to turn the system on or off with a single switch. However, if damage is enabled and the needles are in the red, there will be consequences. It is no longer just an aircraft, it’s a simulation.

    Designed and created by Boeing, the world’s premier large 4-engined aircraft builder.

    Four crew positions – pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, and navigator. Fully modeled and functioning positions constructed with down to the rivet detail.

    The 3,500 horsepower Pratt & Whitney R4360, the world’s most powerful piston aircraft engine ever produced.

    See the world like you have never seen it before through 19 cockpit windows for unprecedented visibility.

    Fly high and fast. Fly above the bad weather and cover the ground at 350 mph.

    Double-decker airliner carries almost 100 passengers in first class comfort on a level never seen before or since.

    As with every A2A aircraft, it is gorgeously constructed, inside and out, down to the last rivet.

    Built to be flown “By The Book.”

    Fully clickable cockpits with authentically working systems and gauges.

    The latest wind-tunnel technology creates fluid flying qualities.

    3D Lights ‘M’ (built directly into the model.)

    • Red, rotating double sided mechanical beacon.
    • Under-wing landing lights than can be turned on, deployed, and retracted.
    • Pulsing navigation lights.
    • Nose-gear mounted taxi light that even shoots a downward beam from the undercarriage doors as it deploys.
    • Red passing light.
    • Passenger and cockpit lighting for stunning visuals at dawn, dusk, and night.

    Pure3D Instrumentation.

    • Natural 3D appearance with exceptional performance.
    • Smooth movements.

    Realtime Load Manager, with the ability to load individual passengers or select presets.

    Historically accurate Eclipse-Pioneer PB-10 (autopilot) which looks and functions like the original. Twist the hand lever to bank, scroll wheel to adjust pitch, and toggle “Altitude Hold” switch.

    Auto-Mixture that actually performs as intended. Now you can set for “auto-rich” or “auto-lean” and the aircraft fuel to air ratio will be automatically determined and set by the carburetor based upon various factors such as altitude.

    Extensive Fire Extinguisher system with fully functioning overheard panel and controls.

    On-board Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to power systems with engines off and not drain the battery.

    Cabin pressurization system controls. You control the target altitude and the rate of pressure change and the system authentically displays and manages cabin pressure.

    Hydraulically powered steerable taxi wheel, brakes, emergency brakes, rudder boost, and windshield wipers.

    Bulging tires when placed on the ground with weight.

    Pregnant Guppy aircraft included with authentic cockpit, systems, and performance.

    Five different liveries including Northwest Airlines, British Overseas Airways Corporation, United Overseas Airlines, Pan American Airlines and Aero Spacelines (Pregnant Guppy).

    All models include bump mapping and specular lighting.

    Pop-up 2D clip board to help calculate center of gravity, ground speed and other important factors for flying.

    Custom Navigator’s map accessible via keystroke or the Navigators station.

    Authentic A2A Simulations 3D engineered sound for FSX.

    Please note; Due to the in depth simulation of the Boeing 377, shared cockpit multiplayer is not supported

    Captain of the Ship Features

    • Total freedom from start to finish.  You are the captain, and are not forced to follow a linear progression.  You are free to choose what to do and when, and your intelligent crew will adapt.
    • You learn the most when you are having fun. Our former Accu-Sim 377 is extensively used by Tim Chopp, owner of the Berlin Airlift’s C-54 and C-97 Stratofreighter for his own personal training
    • New career system is based on how well you manage your aircraft systems, quality of flight, and emergencies
    • Intelligent passengers react to the weather, flight, and cabin conditions.
    • This Is Your Captain Speaking… The captain keeps passengers informed on the flight’s progress
    • Live Engineer manages systems which allows a true left-seat experience
    • Virtual flight attendant performs her duties and reports to the crew
    • Navigator’s station with real-time monitoring and calculations of wind and flight conditions
    • Professional Audio with new sound suite including over 15 electrical motors, authentic switches, wind, cabin creaks, etc.
    • Natural Speech constructs sentences dynamically from a pool of over 1000 sound recordings strong.
    • Accu-Sim physics system shakes the cockpit and airframe based on both external and internal conditions
    • Real-time passenger loading and unloading
    • Deeper systems modeling throughout including oil pressure loss, friction heat, and cabin pressurization failures.
    • New Cabin Pressurization Module driven by the turbochargers
    • New Climate Control Systems including 24,000 watt air conditioning compressors along with dual body heaters


    FSX SP2/Acceleration


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    This legendary aircraft is my favorite FSX aircraft of all time. If you need a reason to still use FSX in 2024, this B377 is it. It was never updated for P3D so only works in FSX. It's beautifully done (for an FSX plane) and like all A2A aircraft, all systems are functional and fully simulated. This is a study level aircraft and it is so much fun to learn how to fly it because it's so very unique. I love all vintage airliners but the A2A B377 top's them all. If you've never flown it, do yourself a favor, dust off FSX, install it and buy this airplane, you won't regret it.


    I hate to give just 5 stars but they could’ve updated some of the interior texture. As is it looks like it was developed almost 15 years ago….which it was of course. Something so amazing deserves to be brought up to date in my opinion. So minus one star for some neglect.  Other than that it’s still an incredibly well made aircraft that is a lot of fun to fly. I love how passengers react to my landings especially hard landings. They scream! It’s darkly funny.  Crew chatter adds to the already high level depth of immersion.  Even if you don’t prefer old aircraft you should still consider this. It’s a masterpiece simulation of a fantastic aircraft you won’t find elsewhere or at least not even close to this level of quality.  The B377 is not an easy beast to land, at least without getting complaints.  As with all A2A Accusim planes you get a lot for your dollar.  Don’t miss out.


    Tolles Add-On, sehr schön umgesetzt. Neben der Constellation mein lieblingsflugzeug.


    Dieses add-on ist wirklich sehr zu empfehlen. Detailgetreue Modelle machen das fliegen zu einem Vergnügen.GPS läßt sich nachrüsten.


    Ein großartiges Add-On! Wunderschön und wirklich erstklassig simuliert. Das beste Flugzeug Add-On, das mir bisher untergekommen ist...


    Although I certainly agree with previous reviewers that this is a very good simulation, and particularly welcome as a large, historic propliner, the package is not without its shortcomings. One which has been discussed on the A2A support forum is the difficulty of tuning the radios. I understand that is to be addressed in a forthcoming patch, and that would be most welcome. All in all, A2A deserve to be congratulated on what they have produced. With some fine tuning the package will, in my view, progress from good to excellent. In the meantime, I would award this product four stars.


    A2A produced a very high quality package for FSX. The vintage propliner simulation is really absent from the scene of fs add-ons. Not any more. The attention to detail is very high here. The overall impression of this package is innovation and quality and attention to engine management. The outstanding detail really emphasizes the difficulty and precision needed to pilot those early day propliners....Flying th B377, is hard but rewarding work, at the same time very enjoyable. This offering is recommended to those who like vintage planes and a challenging flight.


    Do not be intimidated by all the realism and by the book emphasis. I glanced over the manual,flew like I had some sense and after a dozen flights,no fires or lost airplanes. Whereas earler efforts by some had you blowing up engines if you looked at em wrong, this plane is not like that. You really need to try and with the Accusim addon,ignore the crew in order to cause damage. Dont get me wrong,if you go throwing out flaps at high speed just as in real life, the damage is immediate. I am not going to review the entire plane as the entire community has praise for it. I just wanted to let you know that you do not need to be a systems junkie who can cold and dark start a 747 to fly it. BTW-The plane is already running and ready to go when you load it. If you love vintage aluminum oil dripping loud smoking planes, then you already have it. If you want to fly a real mans plane,4 actually and give the new video game cockpit carbon fiber green planes a break, give her a try.


    A2A has outdone themselfes with the 377. This has to be one of the best addons for FSX money can buy. It's very detailed and authentic while still remaining relatively fps friendly. If you're into classic propliners the 377 is a must have for sure. And if you're not into them she at least deserves a very close look. You will have a hard time flying anything else after her.

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