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     Airport Stock Graphics will revolutionise the way you see the default airport related textures, because now the default textures have become none default but a photoreal new touch.
    The product has been tested with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheet Martin's Prepar3D.

    Airports such as JFK, KORD, EKCH and KLAS etc have by default a much better look than the other default airports in the simulator, and because of this such airports are relatively untouched by this product.

    You will however on such airports see the ground textures on those locations as well and a few building textures (hangars etc).
    Almost every single airport makes use of the textures from Airport Stock Graphics.

    Aircraft realism is one thing, but realism is also how the rest of the objects look like.
    With Airport Stock Graphics the realism has been improved for the following.

    Updated to version 2.0
    Version 2.0 adds a more realistic set of hangar textures which looks less dark and photoreal like the rest of the buildings. The hangar textures now have a more global look to them.
    This has been done due to some the customers feedback received for those textures.

    Basic Features:

    •     Prepar3D and FSX version in one.
    •     Auto backup of default textures.
    •     Adds default textures back when uninstalling.
    •     Finds the path of FSX or P3D with registry entries (easy install).
    •     Online updater featured in this installer for easy updates.
    •     Updates free of charge for this product.

    Airport ground features:

    •     New Detailed ground textures.
    •     New Detailed taxiway markings.
    •     New New runways with seasonal effects.
    •     New Realistic asphalt taxiways.
    •     New Realistic concrete taxiways.
    •     New Realistic tarmac textures.
    •     New Detailed parking spaces.
    •     New taxiway signs.

    Other features:

    •     New moon texture

    Airport building features:

    •     New airport building textures.
    •     New terminal textures.
    •     New hangar textures.
    •     New jetway textures
    •     New airport warehouse textures
    •     New control tower textures.
    •     New airport parking garages.
    •     Improved fuel station looks at night.
    •     Detailed night lighting for all the buildings.
    •     Frame rate friendly as well
    •     A few more details not on this list is available

    Make sure you get this product to inject new life to the simulator.
    Your flight simulator world will never be the same again with Airport Stock Graphics, this is a guarantee if you want better looks for the default airports.

    Installation Info:
    This product is equipped with an automatic installer and requires a unique serial key.
    Please uninstall all versions of similar airports you may have installed, prior to installing this product.

    Download Info:
    After a successfull order, a download link and a unique serial key is instantly provided.
    The link, and serial key is available from the 'My Orders' tab, and in your email inbox.

    Compatibility Info:
    This product is compatible with popular payware add-ons.
    We are not able to guarantee a compatibility with all freeware add-ons out there.
    If there are a few issues, either remove that freeware addon. or visit our support forum. 




    This product requires:
    Prepar3D and FSX
    2 GB Ram - Minimum
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Diskspace of 120 MB - Minimum
    256 MB graphic card - Minimum
    512 MB or better graphic card - recomended
    2.0 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or higher recommended)

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