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    This is the Billund Airport in 3 versions for Flight Simulator 9, Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.
    Billund Airport is the second largest airport in denmark and is used by many airliners.
    The entire buildings are made of real photos taken at Billund Airport.

    Billund Airport FSX and FS9 supports AES, and GSX support for FSX, P3D and the FS9 version. 

    Bill Stack wrote as follows:
    (25 June 2010)

    The enhancements at this airport change it from an imaginary representation with stock facilities to an accurate representation with realistic facilities. Close up, when we're taxiing about, the airport gives us a sense that we're actually there.

    And he ends saying: Aerofiles rendition of this significant but overlooked European airport reflects a lot of attention to realism and appearance. The passenger terminal and the cargo terminal are accurate. Most of the night effects are remarkably lifelike. This scenery provides an all new experience at an airport worth visiting.
    (full review link available on demand)

    (Bill Stack is author of several books about flight simulation, a regular author in flight-sim magazines) 

    Billund Airport is well known among several nations, but mostly in these areas: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Iceland, United States and Netherlands just to mention a few of them. 

    Billund Airport is also well known from the theme park named Legoland.
    The airport scenery has been tested by real world pilots to make sure that it looks like the real deal. 

    Product Features:

    • Photoreal Textures on all objects
    • 18 Stunning Buildings
    • Accurate Models
    • Accurate AFCAD
    • IK Jetways (animated) - (FSX and Prepar3D)
    • Reflections on Windows (FSX and Prepar3D)
    • Unique real life night textures for the gate windows
    • Photoreal Night Textures
    • Accurate placed trees
    • Animated nordic flags
    • Animated birds
    • Parking system, for parking help
    • Real Environment Extreme compatible
    • AI Addon Traffic compatible
    • AI Default Traffic compatible
    • Other Danish Landclasses compatible
    • DanVFR compatible
    • Custom runway, taxiways and apron lights
    • Custom runway, taxiway light poles
    • Extra upcoming Billund missions, free of charge.

    Late 2013 will upgrade Billund Airport with a photoreal ground texture and apron to match it.
    This will be available to current Billund Airport users at a discounted price. 

    Compatibility Info:

    This product is compatible with popular payware add-ons.
    We are not able to guarantee a compatibility with all freeware add-ons out there.
    If there are a few issues, either remove that freeware addon. or visit our support forum.


    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2 (or Acceleration) - no SP1 support
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (All versions)
    • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (All versions)
    • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • 2.0 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or higher recommended)
    • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
    • 256 MB graphic card (512 MB; Have better Performance and Quality)
    • Adobe Reader or any other PDF File Reader
    • Framework 3.0 Required to run the installer

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