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    A total of 140 F3Fs were still on squadron strength at the outbreak of hostilities and the rugged little fighters remained in service as combat trainers, until as late as 1943.
    The "Flying Barrel" was not to see combat, being superceded by the new generation of monoplane ship-board fighters, the Grumman F4F Wildcat around the time of the attack on Pearl Harbour. 
    In 1936, a special Grumman F3F-1 was built by the factory for Major Alford “ Al” Williams, head of aviation for Gulf Oil Company and well-known aerobatic display pilot. The aeroplane was flown as a demonstrator for Gulf Oil (and Grumman) and appeared at air-shows and military displays all over the U.S. before WW2.
    Called “Gulfhawk II” and powered by a 1000hp version of the Cyclone, the aeroplane displayed its aerobatic capabilities, speed and strength to great effect. So much so that the airframe was not retired until 1948 when Williams flew it on its final flight to Washington, after which it was to take its rightful place in the now Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Gulfhawk II is included in this package and would make an ideal starter for the Reno Races!
    The package includes a variety of colourful liveries from pre-war fighter squadrons
    Innovative Features :
    • Beautifully crafted exterior and interior models built over contemporary detailed plans and drawings
    • Authentic cockpit detail includes many bespoke animations and effects.
    • Full PBR materials and textures include realistic "pillowing" of metal surfaces.
    • Animated authentic U.S. military pilot figure
    • Specially animated, realistic undercarriage operation.
    • Choice of electric or cartridge start.
    • Highly accurate flight dynamics and perfomance based on real flight tests.
    • Specially authored WWise Hi-Fidelity sound package.
    • Unique code to "iron" out poor simulator tail-dragger performance.
    7 Authentic liveries :
    The package includes a variety of colourful liveries from pre-war fighter squadrons
    • VF-6 BU1033 aboard “WASP”
    • VF-6 BU0986 aboard “ENTERPRISE”
    • VF-4 BU0810 aboard “LEXINGTON"
    • VMF-2 BU0976 aboard “SARATOGA”
    • US Navy fighter trainer from 1942
    • BU0972 U.S.Army Air Corps
    • "GulfHawk II" as flown by "Al" Williams


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    - Windows 7, 8, 10

    - Microsoft Flight simulator V

    - Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM (free)

    - Hard drive : 1.85 gb


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    Really great to fly this plane, great details and flight model, nice work!


    Great plane FUN to Fly the different models very aerobatic


    It's a lovely rendering. The flight model seems off; it doesn't seem to slow down realistically. AND... the turn and slip indicator (ball) is backwards! But I love this iconic airplane nonetheless!


    Love it, it's iconic,, and if you're ever at the National Naval Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola, Fl, when you see this F3F sitting on the deck where you can touch it you may find yourself hard pressed to not stuff it in your shirt somehow and sneak the whole thing home. One star off for slightly bizarre behavior slowing to on-speed during approach, and for the fact that the visuals on the ball (turn and slip indicator) are completely backwards.
    This plane is an absolute joy to fly. There's some interesting history to it too. With this airplane came the introduction to a lot of technical innovations that became very important in WWII. The exterior model is excellent. Interior is good, but the cockpit frames could use a little sharpening. The sounds are alright but lacking in the lower end. Watching the few videos there are that are available, it's clear AH managed to capture some aspects of the sound accurately, but they seem to have overlooked the lower end rumble and the bold buzz that would be expected from a large radial engine in all its glory. The flight model is sort of strange at times. Despite the claims by IRL pilots back in the day that it could be landed on all three very easily, the airspeed window is quite small between putting the airplane into a climb at that attitude and a complete stall losing all elevator authority. Basically, it is not terribly difficult to three-point, but it isn't as easy as you would expect given the claims of the pilots that flew the real thing. EchoMikeDelta on YouTube has contemplated some adjustments to the flight model that make the flying experience much more believable. It is worth checking out if you decide to purchase this addon. AH definitely needs to work on perfecting some of these drawbacks (not only with this addon), rather than the pump and dump approach they seem to have taken. It may not be as important now with the sim still in its youth, but it will be eventually. They make visibly beautiful aircraft, but people also want the flying experience to feel and sound believable. The price may be a bit steep for this addon, all things considered.


    Overall a good plane and I am enjoying flying it but it could definitely use some improvements. Some textures and modelling could be improved especially around the cockpit canopy frame but visually its very nice. The engine sounds are adequate but do need beefing up as it doesn't give you the impression that you have a big radial engine running directly in front of you. Also the sounds from inside the cockpit don't match the external engine sounds, like its a different engine. Some click points in the cockpit area are buggy and difficult to use. Probably the best prop animation of any Aeroplane Heaven plane but there is a strange effect happening when spinning almost like two propellers are spinning together. I can't say its quite as good as I remember in FSX but I am still happy that it is in MSFS.


    This shows promise but I was disappointed. The sound was not at all like a large radial. More like a lawn mower. Stock camera views were not good either. The left view out of the cockpit is not at all where it should be.


    Looks and flies great. Aeroplane Heaven's tail wheel code makes takeoff in this tail dragger a lot easier. I'll leave it to others to speak on its accuracy, but I found it to be a notable improvement on my other tail draggers, especially the fighters. The sound is good, especially when taxing. I expected my sub-woofer to get more of a workout at speed due to the big Wright radial, but overall, it was fine. The seven liveries are well executed, and I appreciate four of the classic carriers being represented (Wasp, Enterprise, Saratoga, and Lexington), along with generic WWII US Navy and Army schemes, and one civilian. The interior modeling is very good. A delightfully quirky plane, highly recommended.


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