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Customer Reviews
Needs major improvement in night lighting. There are no spotlights on the parking aircrafts, they are in the complete darkness, you only see the lights of the ground verhicles. The airport has good potential, simbreeze should invest more passion in it. Zuerich is for the same price and of far better quality and shows incredbly nice spotlighting during the darkness.
Just Love it! Nice to have that span of speed, on a robust plane like this. Realy good model.
Amazing work Sir, Its Rare to see this level of quality in an African Field but youve really done this scenery justice. Thank you so much for your good work and looking forward to seeing more from you
Great Addon, but when i pressed "master ARM" the game crashed
In fact don't forget to use modern flight mode with this plane that refuse to fly with classical fly setup but flying honestly like real ULM in modern fly mode plane nicely build very accurate détails thanks at Nemeth for support customer
This airplane is utterly brilliant. Don't be intimidated - even its "RIP edition" (one of the three variants, with the most difficult controls) is not as impossible to fly as it sounds, and the more practical Gnome-engined version is even somewhat pleasant to operate for cross-country hops! However flying it is still a whole different ball game from what you might be used to - and it truly feels nothing like any of the stock airplanes in MSFS, or indeed any of the add-ons so far. This plane is a handful, and has virtually no safety margins built into it - or instruments for that matter. It's just you and the unkind forces of nature... Visually it's pretty nice. There are some glitches I've noticed when using external camera (wing warping controls cause the wings to do something they shouldn't be able to!) which I'm sure will be quickly fixed up and doesn't detract from the experience. Flying it from the cockpit is extremely enjoyable - surprisingly, this actually actually offers a near-unobstruct-
ed view in most directions, since there's very little airplane to speak of between you and the sim world (just a sparse wooden frame and a pair of warping canvas wings). Doing anything in this airplane feels like an accomplishment unto itself, so even short flights are very rewarding. Yes, you will be fighting seemingly unstoppable oscillations during flight with near-inadequate controls - but that is exactly the correct behaviour. Flying a straight line for even a few seconds is a real feat for this one. In short - if you love early aviation, or just want something really different in your sim - I think this Bleriot is a must-have!
Tried with FSX Steam which is specific to my review. Not much to get excited about here. Sure it’s not for FSX SE but I thought I’d try it anyway and while it did install and can be flown, it’s not very good. You would need to have a bit of knowledge with editing .cfg files to correct some things but that won’t help the fact that hardly anything in the cockpit can be moused or clicked. So if you’re thinking about trying it out for versions of FSX that it’s not intended be warned that it isn’t really worth the effort. If you use FSX 2004 then I think you should grab it since it’s free.
Based on use with FSX SE, 3.2ghz win10 16gb ram, 630UHD 1.5gb VRAM integrated graphics, with high graphics settings on average. Oth-
er than what the previous review stated my only complaint is that the default external spot view has the plane zoomed out really really far. Of course you can zoom in but it does so with an unnatural view aspect of the plane. I’ve found the only way to correct this is to intentionally crash the plane into a building while in spot cam view before doing anything else after starting a new flight. The plane then reloads with the expected correct spot view just don’t hit cntl & space in spot or chase camera views or it’ll reset the plane back to being a tiny little bird in the distance, but zooming in or out is ok. Put that aside and I love this plane. Beautiful aircraft inside and out that is highly detailed. The cabin view is great too. The mixture levers have no apparent influence on flight at any altitude whatsoever. No I don’t have auto mixture on, I use full realism across the board with no “auto” anything enabled. All of the lighting looks really great and well this is a Carenado product so you get quality as expected. The flight model is fantastic. I just wish it came with some way to choose either all passenger or freight types rather than just a default split passenger/freig-
ht interior. Some real world airline liveries would’ve been nice as well. The liveries that are included are good but not very inspired. At any rate I got it on sale and am happy.
Based on use with FSX SE 3.2ghz i7 16gb RAM UHD630 integrated GPU 1.5gb video mem. High graphics settings. I’m really enjoying this interesting little plane. It does have really nice detailing and lots of colorful liveries. It is loads of fun to fly but can be easy to overstress at times. It’s a nimble and relatively fast (max level flight 190kt , -10 for fixed gear) low altitude cruiser that handles very nicely. The landing lights do not seem to work nor can I even find the lights on the aircraft to begin with, so maybe there aren’t any at all? But there is a landing light button in the cockpit. The overall lighting seems off a bit. The “dome light” lights the whole cockpit and gauges, but there’s no separate back light for just the gauges and that bugs me a little bit which is why I knocked off one star. There is GPS 2D panel pop up, and a basic hold current heading and alt type AP. All things considered I am happy with this swift little plane and even more so since I got it on a great sale deal.
One of the best scenerys for MSFS. Buy it man. You will not regret it. You won't regret it.
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