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    Introducing the Tecnam P2010 by Aerosachs: Your Passport to Pure Aviation Thrills!

    Elevate your flight simulation experience to unprecedented heights with the Tecnam P2010, a meticulously crafted payware aircraft add-on that redefines realism and excitement. Born in the heart of Italy's aviation excellence, the Tecnam P2010 is a masterpiece of engineering, blending advanced materials and cutting-edge design to deliver unparalleled performance and comfort.

    Step into the cockpit of this four-seat marvel and prepare to be captivated by its sleek lines and superior construction. Crafted from a blend of metal and carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, every inch of the Tecnam P2010 exudes quality and precision. First unveiled to the world in April 2011, this aircraft has since become a symbol of innovation and sophistication in the aviation community.

    Powered by the renowned Lycoming IO-360-M1A 180 HP engine, the Tecnam P2010 is more than just a plane – it's a testament to the pursuit of excellence in flight. Whether you're soaring through the skies or navigating challenging terrain, this aircraft is your ultimate companion, offering unmatched reliability and performance at every turn.

    Developed by the expert team at Aerosachs in collaboration with erasam, our Tecnam P2010 for MSFS is a true labor of love, meticulously crafted using the latest data from the official Flight Manual (Doc. No. 2010/100, Ed.2 Rev.5, version 2018 October 22). Every detail, from the cockpit instruments to the exterior design, has been faithfully recreated to ensure an immersive and authentic experience like no other.

    Prepare to embark on the flight of a lifetime with the Tecnam P2010 by Aerosachs. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a virtual adventurer, this aircraft promises to take your simulation experience to soaring new heights. Get ready to experience the thrill of flight like never before – your journey begins now.

    Version history:

    Release 1.2
    -Restored flap control handling lights
    -Added new Left Back and Right Back quick views (associated to 45 degrees left and right views), replacing Pilot Door and Copilot Door quick views moved to Custom View category (to be used only for interactive checklist)
    -Adjusted VR camera view zoom
    -Slightly scaled the cockpit to better fit the cabin
    -Added external LOD01 to improve performances when viewed from long distance
    -Added Lycoming engine 3D model
    -Added engine left and right cowling doors animation with a dedicated new EFB option
    -Added opening of engine left and right cowling doors to external inspection checklist
    -Added new Blue and Grey livery variant (credits to BigPapaSmurf)
    -Corrected some breakers behavior and animation
    -Tuned stall behavior and AOA lift efficiency parameters
    -Corrected max CHT temperature
    -Fixed missing elevator trim panel light
    -Corrected Navigation Tail Light type (to avoid flash in the cockpit)
    -Added Hour meter instrument
    -Improved several cockpit textures with PBR materials
    -Added Cabin Internal PBR textures to PaintKit to allow easier customization

    - Release 1.1.0
    The following fixes and enhancements have been added:
    -Corrected emissive texture for G1000 PFD / MFD buttons
    -Aligned ailerons and wings texturing for AeroSachs livery
    -Corrected Panel Collision position (to avoid going through the cockpit using VR)
    -Slightly increased scaling of some cockpit buttons and levers
    -Enhanced propeller animation and added a dedicated blurred cone texture
    -Slightly lowered cockpit side views
    -Reduced steering sensitivity at ground
    -Slightly increased breaks efficiency
    -Corrected model setting to show pilot from external view
    -Corrected propeller diameter as indicated in the POH for the 3-blade variable pitch (1830 mm / 6.00 ft)
    -Adjusted teardown left/right ground hook position
    -Adjusted engine and flight dynamics parameters to better reflect real aircraft behavior
    -Improved several cockpit textures with PBR materials
    -Enhanced seats mesh
    -G1000 defaulted automatically to the Working Title enhanced version
    -Corrected visibility of sun visors from outside
    -Added the first release of the livery paint kit to the package (available in the Paintkit folder)

     Release 1.0.0
    This is the first official release of the Tecnam P2010 180HP for MSFS made by erasam and published by AeroSachs


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    System requirements

    This model has been designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator (also known as MSFS), for both Microsoft Store

    or Steam versions

    Note: Xbox version is only available through the MSFS in-game marketplace


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    I fly one of these for real and was really excited when I saw it had appeared in the MSFS world. Unfortunately it is not yet finished, in my judgment (status 4.4.2024). I have to disagree with the others who said the flight model is good - it needs quite some improvement. Try flying a standard approach with full flaps and idle power. Also, where are the engine instruments? I would have expected them to be displayed on the MFD by default. They aren't, and I couldn't figure out how to show them. Maybe I'm missing something? But in the aircraft I fly, it's not even possible to hide the engine instruments completely. I'm going to put this in the virtual drawer and hope for an update!


    It's a real pleasure to fly this plane! Great flight model and amazing exteriors. The interior reflects the older and less attracting version of the plane. Adding to the package the version with premium interiors will certainly improve the user experience, especially in VR.
    Features and flight model is great. Visuals are extremely dated which really is a pity. I can live with the exterior. It's nice enough. But the interior is not up to MSFS standard's I'm afraid and looks more like a converted FSX plane. Since we spend most of the time inside the plane, that's simply something I can't live with. Especially since I can see no improvement over their freeware P92.
    Was really looking forward to this and I must say, it flies well and I like the flight model. To me it feels a tad overpowered, but I lack experience in the real aircraft so that might just be me. The exterior isn't spectacular but decent. The interior though is not up to snuff. Modelling and texturing is far below what I have become used to for payware. In fact it doesn't look any better than his P92 freeware which was released in September 2022 and reminds me strongly of the good old FSX days. So absolutely no progress there, which is really disappointing. On the positive side the price is quite attractive and the plane offers good realism and a lot of features like an EFB etc. Since I spend my time mainly inside, however, I think Erasam needs to seriously improve his 3D and texturing skills before I invest any further money.


    Fantastic aircraft with great handling and exterior model. Great detail inside and out!


    Plane Well made down to the smallest details that reflects reality, very realistic flight model, flying in VR by Sensazioni Vive, I recommend it 10 ++++++++ !!!!!!!!!


    Overall I think it's a great GA addition to MSFS. The exterior model is really well done with excellent details and the flight model feels solid at all speeds. My only critique would be the interior quality, it looks overly plastic.


    Another great Aerosachs and Erasam contribution to the sim market. A modern SEP that is very close to the real world aircraft in performance and feel. Loving the working circuit breakers which have allowed me to use real world procedures for failures generated by the sim. Like the awesome Aerosachs Tecnam P92 i am sure this will slowly develop and improve even to be as close to perfect realism as is possible over time. With just over 400 hours in the P2010 IRL i can comfortably say it is probably as close as the sim will allow to what i fly (although a 2 bladed MX prop option would be fantastic for me :-) )


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