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    Aircraft Info:

    Introducing the Tecnam P92 Echo Classic, a twin seat Italian aircraft crafted by Tecnam, based in Capua, Italy and now available for purchase for Microsfot Flight Simulator! 
    This single-engine rotax powered aircraft boasts a strut-braced rectangular high wing and fixed main landing gear, with a steerable nose wheel for optimal control and stability. Learn more about this impressive aircraft at link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tecnam_P92

    Our MSFS version of the Tecnam P92 Echo Classic has been meticulously developed using official Flight Manual information, including the modeled ROTAX 912ULS 100Hp engine.

    The aircraft includes many exclusive features such as:

    • fully interactive cockpit, every switch, lever, door is working
    • dedicated custom sounds
    • interchangable avionics possible to be switched while fying: 
    • Passing from Analogic setup to digital with a Garmin GTN750 (both basic as well as premium versions supported)
    • From UL cockpit with airpseed in kmh/h and engine rotation speed to GA setup with speed in Kts/h and prop rotation speed
    • Different flap system, from a system with step stops to a gradual one
    • Bendix KAP140 autopilot  included in the radio stack and it is available with both GTN750 and Aera GPS systems
    • AeroSachs official livery (if you want to fly this aircraft with like-minded pilots, join us for free on https://www.aerosachs.it English speaking pilots are welcome!).

    This is the first official release of the Tecnam P92 Echo Classic 100Hp for MSFS, don't miss out on the opportunity to own this beautiful aircraft and take your flight simulation experience to new heights!

    Version history:

    Release 1.7.2
    Following the list of fixes and changes or release 1.7.2:
    -Door opening and closing sounds have been restored
    -Increase rudder and steering effectiveness to improve ground handling with strong wind
    -Smoke and Banner Tow are not visible by default

    Release 1.7.1
    - Working Title Technology (WTT) to manage the autopilot and the flight plan is natively supported,
    therefore there is no need for external additional package
    - Included the KAP140 WTT advanced and modified autopilot to replace the stock Asobo version
    - Restored Pitch Trim switch animation
    - Restored broken interactive check-list

    Release 1.7.0
    - Increased speed for elevator trim activation
    - Corrected Left/Right Fuel quantity and Battery voltage indicators behavior when Battery Master is off
    - Corrected Fuel Pressure behavior at parking when Engine is off
    - Added Garmin GNS430 GPS system
    - Updated GPS Switch hotspot screw behavior to include GNS430
    - Updated EFB GPS Switch button behavior to include GNS430
    - Added to EFB the option to switch between flap lever working at predefined steps or continuous
    - Added package release number to EFB main page
    - Added dedicated GPS and EFB cockpit views
    - Added I-A631 (Avio Club Siracusa) real aircraft liveries
    - Added AECI (with dynamic aircraft registration text inside) and Legge_106 labels in the cockpit of
    Italian liveries
    - Added dynamic Club Logo texture to livery definition (as for the I-A631 livery)
    - Added animated Tow Banner (thanks to mamudesign for the support), only visible at a speed
    greater than 30 knots, and a new option to EFB to switch it on/off
    - Added white smoke effect (thanks to mamudesign for the support), only visible at a speed greater
    than 10 knots, and a new option to EFB to switch it on/off
    - Front nose wheel starts to steer only when ground relative speed is greater than 0


    Release 1.6.0

    - Added compass reference line
    - Corrected flaps animation
    - Added aircraft towbar (managed with wheels chocks)
    - Smoothed fuselage
    - Added D-MORT, D-MUFH, D-MWRO, EC-FB5, I-6999, I-9060 and N929HA real aircraft liveries, developed by jackzyg
    - Softened base livery normal mapping texture to reduce “grainy” effect on the fuselage
    - Corrected Africa livery thumbnail
    - Replaced the default leather seat cover with a textile for Africa livery
    - Corrected seats UV mapping
    - Corrected max oil temperature and oil temperature increase curve by time
    - Corrected animation of Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature and CHT Temperature instrument needles 

    Release 1.5.0

    - Copilot hide/show setting automatically saved
    - Added Wheels Fairings visibility option to the EFB, automatically saved
    - Flap lever working at predefined steps (no more continuous)
    - Reduced carb heat impact on engine RPM
    - Corrected Beacon light type (to avoid flash in the cockpit)
    - Corrected lift parameters for full flap position
    - Added Standard Red livery
    - Added Africa livery
    - Added Classic Livery with three coloring schemas (Red and Green, Blue and Gold, Blue and Green), developed by 61tree Studio

    Release 1.4.0

    - Increased the Max Takeoff Weight to 550 Kg
    - Improved some cockpit textures using PBR materials (seats)
    - Reduced external texture roughness
    - Corrected Parking Brake sign texture
    - Corrected Airspeed Knots white arc texture
    - Added integration with TDS GTNXi750 (see https://www.tdssim.com/tdsgtnxi for more info)
    Note: if you experience any performance hit when the TDS GTNXi750 is running please follow the instructions found here https://forum.tdssim.com/thread-210.html
    - Updated GPS Switch hotspot screw behavior to include GTNXi750
    - Updated EFB GPS Switch button

    Release 1.3.0

    - Added external wheel chocks and tie downs wing ropes to the 3D model, automatically hidden when the engine is running or the parking brake is not set
    - Added baggage with different items shown based on the entered weight for cargo area
    - Added sounds for Fuel tank selectors, Fuel pump switch, Fuel pump, ELT warning, Strobe Light Switch, Panel Light switch, Breaker switches
    - First release of the EFB (Electronic Flight Book), placed in a bag of the left door, that can be opened clicking on the cover spiral only when the door is closed. The available options are listed in the dedicated handbook chapter
    - Pilot model is visible (from external) only if its weight is set greater than 0 in the Weight an Balance screen
    - Improved some cockpit textures using PBR materials (yokes, tubes, cockpit)
    - Added Fuel Pressure gauge and corrected Maximum permitted fuel pressure engine setting
    - Removed OAT gauge as the same info is already in the Digital Clock gauge
    - Added breakers tooltip
    - Corrected Landing Light breaker behavior
    - Corrected heading bug animation
    - Parking brake set and Fuel tank selectors closed when starting a flight at parking
    - Improved handling during take-off
    - Updated aircraft selector icons
    - Updated documentation Handbook

    Release 1.2.0

    - Bendix KAP140 standard ASOBO autopilot is now included in the radio stack and it is available with both GTN750 and Aera GPS systems
    - Updated heading indicator gauge with the Heading Bug selector and Needle to be used with the AP HDG setting
    - Copilot hide/show hotspot switch and Copilot model are available only if the front passenger weight is set greater than 0 in the Weight and Balance screen
    - Pilot and Copilot Doors can be fully opened only with an airspeed less than 20 knots, otherwise it is opened just a little
    - Reduced door opening/closing animation speed
    - Added door opening/closing sounds
    - Corrected propeller direction of rotation
    - Nav Lights are no more switched on/off automatically when Battery Master is switched on/off
    - Added Little Navmap Aircraft performance file in the LNM_Perf folder
    - Improved some cockpit textures using PBR materials
    - Smoothed aircraft nose edges
    - Updated documentation Handbook

    Release 1.1.0
    The following changes have been made:
    - Corrected air nose texture
    - Corrected landing gears texture
    - Slightly moved backward empty CG weight
    - Slightly lowered static CG height to avoid floating at parking before starting a flight
    - Reduced flap extending time
    - Cleaned "P92 Echo" text from the Normal and COMP textures
    - Added aircraft registration id below right and left wing (only the right one enabled in the panel.cfg)
    - Added AeroSachs additional livery
    Release 1.0
    This is the first official release of the Tecnam P92 Echo Classic 100Hp for MSFS made by erasam


    This product features our simInstaller technology and is available after purchase via our APP only.


    System requirements
    This model has been designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator (also known as MSFS), for both Microsoft Store or Steam versions
    Note: MSFS for Xbox is currently not supported 


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    Ottimo aereo, faccio i complimenti allo sviluppatore anche per le varie migliorie apportate bel tempo.

    Borja Nicolás

    Very poorly modelled, low poly, 3D model, with innacurate/asymmetric dimensions. The flight model is not accurate or realistic either. 24.19€ is a waste of your money for what you get, no extra configurations, only 2 low resolution liveries, awfully weird normal textures. Innacurate, default MSFS instrumentation that does not work like or correspond with the real aircraft. And remember it's the SAME free model you can get from erasam with some silly additions like the engine power, which is a 2 second .cfg edit. I don't think those 5 star italian reviewers were impartial, there's something off about them. I so regret buying this.


    Fantastic Aircraft! Fantastic Team! Thx Aerosachs ;)


    If you are looking for a slow, small and easy to fly aircraft for MSFS....this is one of the best options. Flight dynamics feel very realistic and overall the aircraft is really well done. I am completely satisfied with the product.


    A beautiful Italian airplane, one of the most realistic airplanes in the sim


    davvero un ottimo prodotto, si avvicina moltissimo a ciò che il mezzo è nella realtà,i miei più sentiti complimenti allo sviluppatore non che a tutto il team di tester


    This light aircraft is among the most popular in flight schools in Italy (but also in the rest of the world), with excellent flight characteristics, high reliability and low running costs. Very good modeling work from all points of view: graphics and flight dynamics


    Great little airplane for learning to fly or just flying for fun.


    Great airplane. excellent flight model and performance. Very similar to reality. Thank you


    I was looking for a Tecnam P92 Eaglet model for my MSFS2020. Finally, found one here through multiple internet posts, although it wasn't exactly Eaglet model though. However, once I got to know about this add-on, I immediately purchased / install to test fly it around my home base and it gives very similar aerodynamic characteristics that I can mimic what I actually do during my real flight. This would help me simulate traffic pattern flight, take off / landing procedures, pre-flight checkups, and anything I would prepare and train myself at home. Great add-on to enjoy! Thanks for the development and making it available. Hope the developer continue adding P92 variants like the Eaglet and the Echo Mk2 as well in the future.


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