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    The picturesque, at the Altjafjord located Alta Airport (ENAT, ALF) is part of one of the most sparsely populated and most remote areas of North-Norway.

    This add-on for FSX and P3D provides a very accurate and realistic recreation of Alta Airport, including high-detailed models and textures that were optimised for excellent visuals with great performance. Custom windsock, flag and people animations, runway light and night time effects create a lifelike and lively rendition of the Alta airport.

    Special highlights are the seasonal variations, including 3D snow that in combination with the customized terrain mesh provide an impressive atmosphere especially at winter. The mountains in the nearly 50 km² big surroundings of the airport make for a challenging approach in an imposing ambience.


    Realistic recreation of Alta Airport (ENAT, ALF)
    Fully compatible with FSX SP2 (Acceleration), FSX SE and P3Dv3
    Seasonal variations including 3D snow
    All airport buildings included in high detail
    Models and textures based on photos taken at the airport
    Created using optimal modelling and texturing techniques for optimal performance and visuals
    Custom windsock and flag animations depending on wind speed and direction
    Realistic night time effects
    Custom approach, runway and PAPI lights
    Terminal interior included
    Static aircraft included
    Animations bring the airport to life, including animated people
    Configuration tool included for optimal performance on a wide range of systems
    High resolution photo scenery (20cm/pixel) covering the airport boundary
    Large coverage of 50cm/pixel photo scenery (46.7km²)
    Custom terrain mesh covering the surrounding area


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Service Pack 2 or Acceleration or Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3
    Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    Dual Core Processor with 3 GHz
    Ca. 4.9 MB free space on your hard disk
    4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
    3D graphics card with 1 GB
    Installation-Size: 5 GB


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    This airport package is fantastic love everything about it great day and night textures and great runway and taxi lights plus I have had no issues with the aircrafts sinking in the ground definitely have no problems that other reviewers have experienced with this package defo 5stars for this pack very happy with this airport ;) :) great animations with a ground crew man walking in and out of the airport terminal love It ;)
    Bought this airport in the hopes of having a good large airport in northern Norway to operate out of. The pictures from Aerosoft made it look great, but boy was I disappointed when I installed it. The static aircraft sit below the ground textures so all you see is the tops of them, the airport runway doesn't appear in replays, and one HUGE oversight by Aerosoft is that Alta is in the dark all winter being so far north, and none of the airport lighting works during the daytime hours in the winter, so you're making a nearly completely blind approach. Out of all of the airports I've bought, this is the one I wish I never did.

    Ole Henrik

    High hopes / rather disappointing Couldn't wait for another Norway scenery in the pocket. I newly got installed P3D v3, and wanted to add this as one of the first sceneries in the sim. The screenshots and the video from Jeroen Doorman looks stunning. However, when I launched the sim in Alta for the first time, nothing showed at all. Kenneth Magerholm describes in his review the exact same issue: floating/gone scenery. I join the others with this problem, and hope for a fix.


    The scenery itself is very beautiful with nice animations that make a lively airport. The price is fair even if Fly Tampa's EKCH will probably give you more gates and taxiways for the money. The only thing that is somewhat strange is that ALL passengers waiting inside the terminal are males. So far, it would be four or five stars. So why only two? When installing the scenery it forces you to update SODE 1.2 to version 1.3 which is not backward compatible. This is something I would like to know BEFORE I BUY a scenery. This update can have very strange side effects. For me, it totally messed up the controls configuration for the PMDG 737. Strange things happened when I tried to reconfigure it and it was basically impossible to fly. Even A2A aircrafts were affected but not to the same extent. Upgrading to SODE 1.3.3 might have solved this problem but I'm still testing. With SODE deactivated, all buildings of ENAT just disappear. This is definitely something customers should be informed about BEFORE pressing the BUY-button!


    I have none of the issues mentioned by the other reviewer kenneth.


    Toll umgesetzt, schöne Landschaft, klasse Anflug, leider mit SODE, bei Replay fehlen die Gebäude und das Flugzeug schwebt über der Runway, aber NUR im Replay.... deswegen nur 4 Sterne..
    And the annoying SODE problem with aerosoft No airport buildings that all are displayed when i load up Alta And the answer is from aerosoft "Right now They are in the FS folders and need to be installed for all sims separately." Thank you Aerosoft not my job to get scenery to work in my simulator unsure when aerosoft developers continue to make every new airport with different sode's , apcontrollers or other controllers it will stop many people buying new software, because you almost have to be an it expert to get every running. This is just stupid wait to buy this product until they have updated SODE issue... The plane on ground appears to be floating above the ground. black squares hovering around

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