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    If you ever wondered "Where is that one airport that really challenges my pilot skills?" Here it is! Paro, Bhutan is widely considered the hardest and most dangerous approach in the world. Far more difficult than Saint Maarten or Madeira, even more difficult than the legendary Hong Kong Kai Tak which has long ago been shut down.

    Without any navigational aids like ILS or PAPI all you have for your journey down the small valley high up in the Himalayan mountains is your own pilot skills and the knowledge that you`re one of the only eight (8!) privileged pilots allowed to land at this beautiful place" Once you`ve touched down on the runway of Paro you can`t stop being amazed at the beauty of the airports’ architecture that makes this place as much an ad gallery as it is a transportation facility.

    After your first successful landing here in Bhutan you will always come back to this astonishing place!

    • Fully accurate rendition of Paro airport with new terminal extension
    • Aerial imagery and custom scenery for Paro area with authentic models and landmarks
    • Ultra-realistic shadow and light rendition on all 3D objects and ground
    • Volumetric lights for supreme experience between dusk and dawn
    • Airport animations and custom road traffic
    • Optional runway lights
    • Optimized for great performance and visual quality
    • Compatible with all known add-ons
    • includes Manual with detailed information about the difficult approach procedures



    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU (Core 2 Quad advised)
    2 GB RAM
    Direct X 9
    patible Graphics Card with 512 MB or higher
    Microsoft FSX (SP2 or Acceleration) or Prepar3D V2-4
    Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8
    Download-size: 380 MB


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    L J

    Superb small airport and hard approach. 5/5 stars, totally recommended if you love a challenge for the landing.


    If I could add a couple of more stars.... I would. This scenery covers all the terrain you would see on both the visual throught the valley 33 and the mother of all approaches... rw15. I also like that the area between PRO and TAKTI is also there (if you've flown before, you know whet I mean). I have a full motion simulator. And most times, going with 3X 4K 85 inch screens crested slide shows. But with this scenery, I runn full right on sliders... Gloval Vercots and All 3 Screens at 4k.... no problem. 60 fps locked. If you know about Paro, then BUY this and stop looking. If you DO NOT know Paro, then BUY this and start looking for YouTube video that show you has this crazy approach is done by an A319!! Enjoy Nico


    Oops. I spoke too soon. The temple is there. If you really want a tough approach, this scenery is the best. Works well with FTX global. I could feel the sweat as I was into my approach. Simply the best and it beats Lukla.


    Just downloaded it. A beautiful scenery compatible with ORBX. Very close to the actual scenery and I no longer have to land at the runway in a hole as shown in fsx default. Cant wait to do a jet approach. Just one slight blemish is that the temple on the hilltop is missing which is an important approach landmark much like the checkerboard at Kai Tak Runway 13.
    This is by far the best scenery for Paro that I have seen and used. This scenery is frame-rate smooth and awesome surrounding scenery. The land elevation is also very good unlike some other Paro scenery I have used and had issues with high ground levels at each end of the runway, making it hard to land and takeoff. This is a must have for anyone who is wanting a challenge in hard landings and hard approaches. I use this scenery with FSX SE (Steam Edition) and it works very well.


    Ein sehr schön gestalteter Airport in dem Königreich Bhutan. Sehr zu empfehlen ist ein Flug von Kathmandu/Nepal nach Paro in Bhutan ! Das ist ein Flugerlebnis der besonderen Klasse !

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