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    Genoa X is a high end scenery of the famous Italian city of Genoa and its airport. Sestri Cristoforo Colombo Airport is a build on an artificial peninsula next the large harbor. This makes any landing rather special as you fly along the huge ships and cranes just before touching down.

    The airport has connections to many cities in Europe and is used extensively by low cost carriers. Using the latest technology, it is easy on your framerate and memory making it suitable for the most complex aircraft. The use of SODE to animate the air bridges and many other objects on the airport make it come to life.

    Get Genoa X and add this fascinating airport to your list of destinations.


    • High resolution photoreal (0.5cm/pix) coverage of 187 sq km
    • Unique custom made of over 80,000 autogen buildings
    • Includes custom models for the city and the harbors of Genoa
    • Well detailed, accurate and high quality renders Genoa airport (LIMJ), including baked/pre-rendered shadows and realistic transparency of the terminal windows
    • 4k texture resolution for the terminal (optional)
    • Unique, realistic and accurate airport night light (runway, taxiways, aprons, surroundings)
    • Accurate and realistic ground poly based on up-to-date photos and satellite images
    • The developing based of huge number of photos, videos and other info of the airport, the city and the harbors
    • Large number of custom objects dedicated for Genoa airport and city- cars, trucks, buses, airport equipment, boats (many types), static aircrafts and more
    • Accurate renders of the harbor and many objects along the approach
    • Realistic and accurate ILS offset of 2 degrees
    • SODE moving jetways/airbridges: First time on FSX/P3D - "T type" jetways
    • VGDS- Visual Guiding Docking System working on both FSX and P3D
    • Realistic 3D volumetric and grass between taxiways (Optional)
    • Custom animated windsock (FSX and P3D)
    • Massive optimize for good performance
    • Complete and accurate AFCAD
    • Custom "ramp" of the airport runway over the sea
    • 3D PAPI lamps and lights
    • Animated wind-socks reflecting to the real wind situation at the time
    • Fully complete able with FTX Global, FTX Global vector, FSGlobal mesh
    • Highly optimized for high framerates and low memory use
    • Extensive manual including all charts
    • Custom made realistic static aircraft`s (optional) including:
      • Bell 412 SP (Guardia Costiera) x2
      • Hughes NH-500MC (BredaNardi) x2
      • Piaggio P-180 Avanti x2
      • Piper Archer 2 PA-28 Aeroclub Genova x2
      • Canadair CL-415 VIGILI DEL FOUCO x2

    You should try:

    • Amazing and challenge approach over the city and the harbor to runway 28 with offset ILS
    • Circle to land approach to runway 10
    • VFR flying to explore the coverage area experience
    • Night flight

    PDF-Manual (English): >> Read here <<

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Service Pack 2 or Acceleration) or FSX: Steam Edition or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3 or V4
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit highly recommended)
    Dual Core CPU with 3 GHz (core i5 recommended)
    4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
    3D graphics card with 2 GB Video RAM
    Installations-Size: 1.5 GB


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    While its better than base scenery, I found much of the extra scenery (boats, vehicles, etc) to be a little blocky, and the scenery overall far too clean. No skid marks on the runway for example which is pretty standard now. It's simply missing alot of the more recent things we have seen and now expect in scenery. So unless you really need it, I'd spend you money on another airport.
    Schön ist die Szenerie anzusehen, Detailreich und (ich vergleiche immer gern auf Google Maps) sehr getreu wiedergegeben. Leider wie bei Aerosoft oftmals der Fall ist die Szenerie recht Framelastig.


    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! no need to say more than that. One of the most best sceneries I fley- total realistic renders, feelings so realisting when approaching or departing from the airport over the harbor and the very populated city. the scenery coverage is really wide, the performance i got is smooth and flyable even with complex aircrafts. airport is really well done! I got their Kilimanjaro airport as well- those guys are doing magics!


    just 2 words, WOW-Fantastic. The Airport is very detailed but the surrounding is superbe. I found the highways during the aproach are the same I drived trough many times. The approach is also very challenging with crosswind coming from the sea or from the mountain. Really fantastic. Made a short fly from LIRF (aerosoft) to LIMJ, VAS with the PMDG+ As2016 + ORBX+ payware airports was arround 3100MB , fps fixed to 30, good job. The only thing, was not able to let the RAMPS working
    I am very happy with this rendition of Genoa Airport. Not only the airport itself is included, but also the harbor and city as well. Lots of details make it a spectacular approach to the airport. Out-of-the-box it comes with SODE support, so no need for additional tools to make the jetways work.


    Trotz den wichtigsten FSX Grafikreglern auf rechts sind bei weitem nicht so viele Gebäude in der Stadt vorhanden wie auf den Werbebildern.Imposant aber auf Grund der Lage, sonst leider nur Durchschnitt.


    Das Warten hat sich gelohnt, schließlich wurde Genua schon 2015 angekündigt. Die Szenery gehört definitiv zum Besten, was es derzeit auf dem Markt gibt (FSX-SE) - ich bin begeistert. Gerade einen Flug von EDDS nach Genua mit dem genialen FS Labs A320-X durchgeführt, beim Anflug reicht der Speicher gerade noch so, es verbleiben knapp 190 MB. Aber dennoch (insbesondere beim Umherfliegen mit einer A2A-Cessna) ist alles sehr atmosphärisch, der Flug über das Hafengebiet beeindruckend und man würde am liebsten wirklich dort hinfliegen. Die Performance ist gut, ab und an flackern ein paar Boden- oder Gebäudetexturen (DX10-Fixer + 8/8). Klare Kaufempfehlung.


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