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    Gibraltar is a special place! It’s a bit of Great Britain on the Iberian peninsula with an amazing geography. When you look at the map you understand why Great Britain wanted to keep hold of it.

    "Gibraltar professional" is a high detailed VFR scenery of this enclave including the airport and Upper Rock – real holiday feeling for Prepar3D! The airport and its surroundings are built up to the smallest of detail. All buildings, lighting systems, navigation beacons have been modelled to the smallest of details including all buildings and airport institutions.

    Before the Suez canal there was no other access to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. One guy with a binocular could see what was going in and out. Even today this is a strategic advantage of immense value. Approaching the airport from either side is a strange sensation with the huge mountain (The Rock) and the runway stretching out into the sea. It’s a great place to visit, both in the real world and in this remarkable rendering for P3D.

    Gibraltar Airport has the distinction of being the closest airport to the city that it serves, being only 500 meter from Gibraltar`s city centre. The main road intersects the airport runway, so consequently has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs.


    • High resolution ground textures (15 cm/pixel) based on aerial images for all of Gibraltar and parts of "LA Linea"
    • Animated car traffic around the airport (car traffic across the runway is not possible for technical reasons)
    • Dynamic traffic of buses and service vehicles on the apron
    • All buildings/facilities around the airfield and in bordering districts of Gibraltar
    • Night lightning with dynamic lights (can be turned off via the config tool)
    • Many animations like ships, cableway etc.
    • Points of interest like Upper Rock incl. the defensive fortification, and more
    • Autogen covering the whole scenery area
    • Animated windsocks
    • Runway lighting based on weather conditions with flash on buoy during approach
    • Optional ambient sounds: seagulls and foghorn in the harbour during limited visibility
    • Animated lighthouse with dynamic light glow and the Southern tip of the Gibraltar rock


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    • If you previously purchased AEROSOFT - GIBRALTAR X FSX FS2004 at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 5.00 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!

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    Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D V4/V5
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bit)
    Processor: Quad Core CPU with 3,. GHz
    Memory: 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2666 MHz)
    Graphics card: 8 GB VRAM with DirectX 11
    Free disk space: 800 MB


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