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    Fly to the challenging north, straight to Greenland`s Nuuk airport which offers a unique approach with exciting views of the mountainous city of Nuuk, below the glorious Northern Lights.

    Nuuk is the beautiful capital, and fastest growing city in Greenland. Despite the limited population, it stands with a long history of habituation, being first occupied by ancient Paleo-Eskimo people as far back as 2200 BC. Following an un-stable past, Nuuk city has boomed during the 1950s, when Denmark began to modernize Greenland. Nowadays, Nuuk is populated by both Inuit and Danes, and currently over a third of Greenland`s total population lives in the Nuuk Greater Metropolitan area.

    As the largest town in Greenland, Nuuk has regular flights to the rest of Greenland by means of Air Greenland`s services. Air Iceland also operates a route between Reykjavik Domestic Airport and Nuuk during the summer and winter months. Air Greenland operates between Keflavik International Airport and Nuuk from mid-March to the end of October.

    The airport was constructed to serve the largest town in Greenland, yet with space constraints in a mountainous area and difficult weather. While this makes it difficult to serve large airliners or flights reaching Denmark, this airport offers a unique and challenging approach with exciting views of the mountainous city Nuuk, below the glorious Northern Lights.

    Operated flights: One of the most popular routes to Nuuk (BGGH) is via Reykjavik-Keflavik (BIKF) airport, operated by both Air Greenland and Air Iceland. Also, Air Greenland operates flights between Nuuk and Aasiaat (BGAA), Ilulissat (BGJN), Kangerlussuaq (BGSF), Kulusuk (BGKK), Maniitsoq (BGMQ), Nerlerit Inaat (BGCO), Paamiut (BGPT), Sisimiut (BGSS) and Iqaluit (CYFB) in the Canadian territory of Nunavut.


    • Fully accurate rendition of Nuuk airport
    • Complete reconstruction of Nuuk city with custom made models, including numerous landmarks
    • High resolution 10cm/pixel photoreal terrain coverage of Nuuk
    • Custom landclass covering a large radius surrounding Nuuk
    • Airport vehicle animations and custom road traffic
    • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and ground
    • Compatible with all known add-ons


    Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Windows 7 64-bit recommended)
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, or Prepar3D v2-4
    DirectX compatibility (FSX) DX9/DX10
    3D Graphics Card with min. 1GB memory
    3,0 GHz processor (Dual Core processor recommended)
    Installation-Size: 4.22 GB


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    Aerosoft delivers yet another amazing and huge scenery add on. Nuuk is full of detail and life in the city and the airport. I don’t think I saw a single default autogen building at all. You don’t get just the airport and city but also a very big area surrounding it all. It may be just barren Greenland rocky landscape void of any vegetation but it is a great deal better than the default FSX scenery. The waters around Nuuk are full of icebergs in varying sizes. Unfortunately you can’t land. Helicopter on any of the ice but it does add a lot more character to the place. Be sure to visit FSDG and download the scenery manager tools for free. It will allow you to select specific month by month atmospheric changes and make specific scenery adjustments, such as enabling Northern Light, road traffic etc.  So far I haven’t seen any northern lights as result, but I keep hoping I will.  There are so many places that can be found on earth to explore, but FSX just fails to bring to life, like Greenland so this is a fantastic add on to have and explore. 


    This is probably one of my favourite sceneries in Greenland. The details and visuals have been well thought through and Aerosoft have pulled it off. From my own perspective it works well in P3D with no performance hit whatsoever.
    NOTE that FSDG is the creator of this airport and not Aersooft. Aerosoft are the publisher's of this airport.
    Beautifully challenging airport, complete with the city of NUUK. Only try to bring in a B738 in very good weather with clear visibility, which is not often in real life with this airport. Best suited to small single or twin engine aircraft types up say a DHD8. The runway is challening and so is the weather and scenery. This is one of the more challenging airports / dangerous in the world.Cold weather flying at its best.
    This is a fantastic and truly unique addon. It's not just an airport to add to your list - if puts you in a world unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. Great graphics, excellent FPS and it also comes with a very good AI package. I highly recommend it
    I now have 30 Aerosoft sceneries and this was the one more than any that I said "wow" to as I flew round on a clear winters day. Both the airport and surrounding scenery are top notch. Well done Aerosoft/FSDG.


    This scenery is beautiful both day and night. There is a lot of attention to detail with this package, the color of the buildings in the city looks fantastic when flyingt over at dawn or dusk. The AI traffic is well done, there are many custom vehicles, the more you explore this scenery, the more details you find. The landclass upgrade is nice too, and it covers a 40nm radius around the airport. FSDG keeps making better and better scenery.


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