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    Anchorage Ted Stevens International (PANC) one of the most important airports in Alaskas and destination of many national and international flight connections. Beside asian and russian airlines also from Frankfurt fly german Condor and the switzerland airline Edelweiß from ZRH in the month may to september to Anchorage.

    There probably is no place on the globe where aviation is as important as in Alaska. In this great state roads are scares and limited to the major cities. The vast wilderness can only be reached by aircraft. Often only by floatplane or small aircraft equipped for off airport landings. And Anchorage International Airport ‘Ted Stevens’ is at the center of much of this aviation.

    It is in many ways a remarkable airport. Not only does is the main connection to the other US states (a connection mainly flown by Alaska Airlines 737 in their characteristic livery) and as a hub for intercontinental flights, it is also a bush airport with a large dirt strip for the small planes that do not really like concrete and tarmac.

    It even has one of the largest seaplane bases in the world on Lake Hood that’s located next to the airport. Add the violent weather and the long hours of darkness in the winter and you end up with an airport that is in all way remarkable and well worth a superb rendering for Flight Simulator.

    As always simWings did a fantastic job on an airport that no serious flightsimmer can do without.


    • Anchorage Ted Stevens Airport with all buildings and facilities (International Terminal, National Terminal, Cargo area, Maintenance area, Kulis Air national Guard Base, South Airpark,...)
    • Detailed rendering of LakeHood, the water airport (LHD) including many static small airplanes
    • Landing strip Z41
    • Aerial photos for the ground texture with a resolution down to 15cm/pixel
    • AESLite ground vehicle traffic on the airport and nearby roads (with suitable vehicles like pickups)
    • Trains between airport station and Anchorage with functional crossings for the cars!
    • Fitting autogen to the ground texture
    • Complete taxi and runway signs
    • Smooth integration to the environment because of  adapted  coastlines with own mesh in the airport area avoiding plateau effects using other add-ons
    • Aircraft Access Gates on the taxiways from PANC to LHD or Z41 opens automatically when you get close
    • Detailed AFCAD files for all airports included
    • Custom 3D RWY-lightning, 3D taxiway lightning
    • Compatible with AES

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration Pack, SP2 or Gold Edition)
    Windows 7
    2.66 GHz Dual Core Processor
    2 GB RAM
    Graphic card with min. 512 MB
    Installation-Size: 3.2 GB
    Online activation required


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    This was very nearly a five star add on. Everything about the airport and its details is excellent. However I’m getting a few strange bugs. The water areas within the scenery area is solid ground. That was extremely disappointing as I was really looking forward to using some of my seaplanes here. Nope! Then I noticed no train, anywhere, ever! Also the taxiway gates that should open and close automatically don’t. The don’t open at all.  If the overall airport detailing wasn’t so good I’d have given only 3 stars.of all the add ons by Aerosoft SimWings made products are the ones I have had the most troubles with.  At least it’s a very nicely made airport with a lot of detail. Winter settings are especially cool. 
    My favorite payware airport of all time. Having flown in and out of this in real life many dozens of time I can say that this is as accurate as a representation can be. Obviously it is full of eye candy including the AES sets.. Sounds are great for ground vehicles and the train. The terminal, hanger and other buildings textures and sizing are perfect. Ground textures and runways/taxiways are top quality. Lighting is the best I personally have ever seen.... Check out this picture Pirep I did for my VA that shows how nicely Anchorage-X lighting and buildings look. (as well as a little peek of my second favorite payware airport Fairbanks-X, also by Aerosoft. Anchorage-X is a must have for anyone flying up north, flying pacific bound heavies and of course long-distance cargo. Jeff


    Purchased this product! Very satisfied! Airport live a full life ... I'll go ride between stations dumya sends signals .. whistles. cars stopped at the railroad crossing. Trucks carry fuel and operate an automatic gate closing when traveling by air to transport in a small airport near the lake. Flying in a helicopter you can see a lot of scenes from the life of aircraft taxiing . Flying in a helicopter you can see a lot of scenes from the life of aircraft taxiing .... and unloading of aircraft cargo deck bow. Great job:) Money did not regret! See you in heaven! From Russia with love:)


    Very well done scenery, with very good performance. Many details, the textures are very sharp and animated objects. A nice destiny inside FS!


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