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    Almost all aircraft designed for a COIN (counter-insurgency) are great fun to fly. They have to be sturdy and have loads of power to get out of trouble and they also got to agile and easy to fly low to the ground. So they all are the opposite of airliners that draw straight lines high in the sky, they feel most at ease when the hug the ground and pull G. The OV-10 Bronco is perhaps the finest example of this class of aircraft.

    The Bronco has its roots deep in the 1960s when most military aircraft were getting bigger, more complex and above all faster. These aircraft did not work well in harsh conditions found in jungles and even on carrier decks. The OV-10 Bronco was the opposite. It was simple and rugged and could land on grass fields and even carriers.  These days their fighting role is over but they are popular aircraft at airshows where their unusual layout and smooth aerobatics make them welcome guests. 

    The Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco X was created with the help from people who still fly them, the OV-10 Bronco Association, German Wing.  We created the aircraft very much as they feel it should be done, as an aircraft that is incredibly fun to fly. We also decided it was a great way to do an aircraft that has simple systems done to a high degree of fidelity. If you master the engines of the Bronco at the high realism setting you really understand them. It’s the same with the electrical and fuel system. It’s an ideal aircraft to take up for a half an hour flight as it is easy. But to fully master the systems and calling yourself a "Bronco driver" will take some time.


    • 8 models (US Air Force, US marines, NASA, German Wing of the OV-10 Bronco Association) 
    • Some of the best 3D modelling ever done for FSX, using the latest tools and insights
    • Highly realistic modelled Garret T-76 (Honeywell TPE331) engines (we think this is the best representation of turboprops in FS so far
    • Realistic start-up sequence with propeller start-latches and engine instrument readouts
    • Realistic in-air restarts possible (normally not possible in FSX)
    • Realistic engine wear
    • Custom propeller animations
    • Hot and hung starts (clearing engine after a hung start possible)
    • Engine failures due to over torque or overheat
    • Engine flameouts due to icing when not using continuous ignition
    • Working fire extinguishers
    • Electrical system fully custom coded with electrical load calculated for every consumer
    • All aircraft lights are dependent on correct electrical setup
    • Gauge needles vibrate due to uneven ground and aircraft vibrations
    • Airspeed gauge needle vibrates close to stall speed
    • Lots of animations like oil cooler doors, Ram door, canopy, windscreen wiper etc.
    • Smoke effects for engine fire, hung engine and smoke generator on left engine
    • Fully working TACAN radio and additional modern COM2 radio
    • Fully functional Becker BXP 6401 transponder
    • Custom developed GPS with,  map mode, direct to mode, cursor mode, nearest station mode, hsi mode
    • Unique Checklist Gauge with the option to let the checklist do the required actions
    • Engineer station gauge to visualise the electrical system state
    • Hundreds of nonstandard sounds, you will even hear the airframe groan when it is under G-load
    • Created with the great support of the OV-10 Bronco Association, German Wing
    • Highly realistic flight mechanics (several test flights were done in the real aircraft to verify the simulated model).  Even includes realistic stalls, spins and the dreaded Dutch roll behaviour
    • Highly optimized for the best possible framerate. Most gauges are in the modeldef.xml and there is only one VC section defined
    • High detail Paint Kits
    • Aerosoft Launcher optional, no online registration necessary
    • Compatible with Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D

    Additional downloads:

     .pdf-Manual (English): >> View here <<



    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration Pack oder Gold Edition), FSX: Steam Edition oder Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D V3/V4


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    Remarkably fun plane! This thing can really move. Zipping around narrow canyons and doing river runs pulling Gs is a blast in this plane. So much detail and crisp graphics make it a beaut’ inside and out. It’s not nearly as hard to manage as Aerosoft eluded to in the product description. Only minor issue is that the engines are a little slow to spool up, so you do have to be very aware of your surroundings. It’s not a terrible knock on the plane, it’s just the way it was built. Fly smart and you’ll live to take off again. The field of view from inside is amazing. Only the forward view is slightly obstructed by the the canopy framing and the gun/camera sight housing, but it’s easy to get used to. Not only is this a quick and super agile aircraft it’s also very good at hanging around over head slowly circling, and does manage to accelerate out of most situations without trouble. Don’t overlook this plane, it’s more than it appears to be. Personally I like the design but I know there’s folks who won’t appreciate its looks. Whether it looks cool or stupid it’s more than capable and loads of fun to fly.
    First, it is an old simulation, but I recommend it as if it was the BEST of the newest. Its only found flaw (and I don't know if it has been already solved) is that pippers on the sight are not pointed at infinitum as in the real thing, which forces you to place yor POV right in the middle to aim your weapons (signal of its ancient origin). Well, I'm not a pilot and I've never attempted to fly the Bronco, so I can't say much about its flight model; just can say it is quite demanding and unstable, as they say Broncos are. Aerosoft did not make things easy for PC pilots, so it is a signal towards a realiustic policy behind the design. A very great and lovable simulation, indeed.


    absolut SUPER !!! Bin die Version A selbst noch geflogen; pure Nostalgie!!!!!!!!!! eine der besten FLZ für den FSX.


    absolut Top !!! eines der besten Addons für den FSX überhaupt. Ist echt zu Empfehlen


    Another great plane from Aerosoft! Needs more versions and repaints, which is coming up in 2012 according to their forum. That would give it 5 stars. Superb VC and exterior model. Flight dynamics are bang on. Money well spent!


    First impressions are very good. Great modelling, texturing and sound. Complex system and very 'differnt' flight model. The handling need some getting used to (the rolling characteristics for example) but according to the FAQ this is very realistic. It's just not something you're used to as a sim flyer. A few minor issues have to be noted though. Framerate is generally very very good (FSX default plane like) but the exterior shows some slowdowns when the engines are not running. When the run, all is buttery smooth. Parked not so much. Maybe a bug? And the ATC doesn't respond problerly and doesn't call the correct type. Overall a very nicely done addon. A diamond in the rough so to speak. A patch and a few more models (which are announced) will make it a masterpiece. It's a great plane already with a wonderful view from the VC.

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