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    The Aleutian Islands must be one of the most remote places in North America, extending about 1,200 miles from the Alaska Peninsula into the Bering Sea toward the Kamchatka Peninsula. Despite its enormous size, the chain of more than 300 volcanic islands have just a bit over 8,000 inhabitants, most of them living on Unalaska Island.

    There is a reason why the small town of Unalaska is known further than you would expect for a city located in no man`s land, somewhere between the U.S. and Russia: its port facilities "Dutch Harbor". Named by Russians because they believed that a Dutch vessel was the first European ship to enter the harbor, this port is the largest commercial fishing port of the United States.

    This would sound impressing for lovers of ship or fishing simulators, but why did we create a FSX add-on covering Dutch Harbor? The answer is simply: challenge! Very few airports in the world are as much of a challenge for any pilot trying to master it, be it in a Boeing 737 or in a Twin Otter.

    With over 250 rainy days a year, constant fogs, heavy crosswinds floating over the mountains from the Bering Sea and average winter temperatures that stay well below freezing it is enough to trouble even the most experienced pilots. And if the weather conditions are not challenging enough, the towering mountains on almost all sides of the airport force the pilot to fly a difficult circling approach with a tight turn to line up with the 3,900ft long runway.


    • Custom terrain, landclass and LOD11 mesh of the Aleutian Islands (see map for coverage)
    • Custom landclass textures and seasons
    • Dutch Harbor scenery with port, town, landmarks and airport
    • Custom night effects
    • Runway lights (on request)
    • Additional airfields and villages:
      • Nikolski Airfield
      • Akutan Seaplane Base
      • Chernofski Seaplane Base
      • Fort Glenn Air Force Base (abandoned)
      • Driftwood Bay Air Force Station (abandoned)
    • Additional landmarks and WWII relicts
    • Volcano effects
    • Tutorial mission and adjusted default missions
    • Free flights with typical weather conditions
    • DX10 compatible

    Additional Download:

    .pdf Manual (English): >> Download here <<

    System requirements:

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX SP2 (or Acceleration)
    • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (fully updated)
    • 2.0 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo highly recommended)
    • 2 GB RAM internal memory
    • 256 MB graphic card (512 Mb highly recommended)
    • PDF reader for manual



    FSX SP2 (or Acceleration)


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    Für AEROSOFT wirkt die Szenerie sehr in die Jahre gekommen, was man an den Gebäuden leider schnell bemerkt. Die Berge und Inseln sehen noch am besten aus, allerdings nur im Sommmer. Die Frame-rate ist eher schlecht- vor allem, da es sich hierbei um keine "eye-candy-scenery" handelt, sondern um eine, die eher an den FS2004 erinnert. Wenn man die Szenerie lädt, "fliegen" mehrere Ebenen (Runway, Objekte wie PAPI-lights, Bagger) durcheinander und man sieht unter den Untergrund. Dies lässt sich beheben, indem man das Addon nie als Erstes lädt, sondern zuvor erst mal ein Anderes...(so ist es zB auch beim Addon "Altisurface de Cipieres") zumindest funktioniert es so bei mir. Alles in allem also ein eher teures Preis/Leistungs-Verhältnis.


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