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    Not only does this scenery give you 15 new high detailed airports, it also will give you a large area to explore. From the major cities Kiel and Hamburg to the complete detailed coastline. From flying passengers to Helgoland to SAR mission from the major base at Kiel airport.

    Perfectly compatible to other Aerosoft sceneries (VFR Germany, German Airports). This is the number four of the 'German Airfields' series, created by the best designers. German Airfields cover the best known GA airfields and smaller regional airports.

    15 detailed airfields:

    • EDHK - Kiel-Holtenau
    • EDHE - Uetersen
    • EDHM - Hartenholm
    • EDXM - St. Michaelisdonn (sloping runway)
    • EDXJ - Husum (unique: the middle of the runway has a fense)
    • EDXF - Flensburg-Schäferhaus
    • EDXC - Schleswig-Kropp
    • EDHN - Neumünster
    • EDCW - Wismar
    • EDHB - Grube
    • EDXR - Rendsburg-Schachtholm
    • EDHS - Stade
    • EDAN - Neustadt/Glewe
    • EDHO - Ahrenlohe
    • Boberg (Hamburg)

    Special features:

    • Full support for FSX features (like specular effects, wet runways etc.)
    • The favourite water runway at the port of Hamburg (Hamburg-Norderelbe)
    • SAR-Base of the German Naval Air Wing 5 in Kiel-Holtenau (with active traffic of SeaKing-helicopters)
    • SAR-Base in Hamburg-Boberg
    • Regional air traffic and shipping traffic (!)
    • Animated car traffic on roads and highways around the airfields (even on bridges!)
    • High definition terrain model in St. Michaelisdonn with sloping runway and the cliff to the west of the airfield
    • High resolution aerial images 5cm/pix
    • Full night textures
    • Thrilling missions especially designed for this scenery
    • Detailed documentation in German and English language
    • Official AIP visual approach charts

    System requirements:

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Service Pack 2)
    • Windows XP (SP2), Vista
    • Pentium 2 GHz (recommended: DuoCore)
    • 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphic card with 256 MB RAM
    • Sound card

    How to purchase and install Download-Versions?

    • Buying is simple, just add the product to your cart and click on checkout, you will be led through the payment process. Keep in mind that if you are located outside the EEC you do not pay VAT.
    • On the screen where you see that the payment has been done you will find a download link, download AND SAVE this file to a secure location
    • You will find your code in the shop under Your Account - Your Order Details
    • During the installation you will be asked to enter your shop login name (email) and this serial code.


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Service Pack 2)

    Windows XP (SP2), Vista

    Pentium 2 GHz (recommended: DuoCore)

    1024 MB RAM

    Graphic card with 256 MB RAM

    Sound card


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    I picked this and Vol 2 up on sale and I am glad I did. It is a great island hopping scenery area. Lots of interesting small field with nice textures. Unfortunately the default textures remain just underneath the add on textures at most of the airfields. Some more than others. Still a decent package but not worth full price. 


    Nice! An excellent addition of several quality fields in northeast Germany for GA flying and local to regional airliners. Being a flat landscape in that part of the country, the fields and strips tend to reside in a not so exciting environment, compared to for example the spectacular landscape around their Swiss counterparts. The modelling is for the most part excellent, ground textures are good enough and the ship traffic on the canal, aswell as the helicopter dynamics in Kiel lends life and credibility to the whole atmosphere. Lots of statis cars, and numerous little details, like signs, tables, people lend nice ambience on the small strips. Especially Kiel and Flensburg I like a lot, and soaring along the Ostsee canal is pure pleasure. One star off for including three or four airstrips that do not feel finished and are sloppily done, like Neumuenster. Better to just omit them instead of throwing unfinished ones in to make the list longer. Some minor flaws when ships are not so well aligned when they go under bridges, but overall the animations work well and look great, considering the limitations of FSX. Summing up, I highly recommend this scenery for anyone who is in for easy (but often windy!) GA flying between good, life like airfields. Great value for money.

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