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    Iceland is one of the most amazing places on this globe. Created by volcanic eruptions it has not calmed down yet and the wild mix of water, ice and lava attracts hardy visitors from all over the world.

    It also has a wide collection of smallish airports as air travel is often the only way to go from one end of the island to the other. But it’s also a magnificent way to travel as you get the best view of the amazing landscape from the air.  In FSX as well, as you travel to far away airfields you see lava fields, glaciers, a stunning coastline and some of the most impressive volcanoes on this world. Add to that the weather that seems to change every half an hour and you get a great product for FSX.


    • Coverage of the whole island
    • High resolution mesh
    • Special land class textures to render Iceland`s typical colors (like Lava, Glaciers, wasteland,...)
    • Accurate coastlines and islands
    • Thousands of rivers, lakes and roads
    • Photorealistic glaciers
    • Revolutionary new waterfall effects
    • Geysers, hot spots and more typical Icelandic landmarks
    • Individual seasonal adjustments for all 12 months
    • All Icelandic airports included (*)
    • More than 40 airports with custom layout and buildings
    • High detailed airport scenery for Reykjavik, Akureyri, Egilsstadir, Isafjordur and Vestmannaeyjar
    • Custom scenery for villages, harbors and landmarks around the island
    • Weather and snow effects
    • Dynamic AI ship and air traffic (VFR aircraft) included
    • High resolution map included

    (*) Keflavik International Airport is not part of this add-on as it will be released as a separate add-on

    System requirements:

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration or SP2)
    • Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 (fully updated)
    • Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU (Core 2 Quad advised) or equivalent
    • 2 Gb RAM
    • Direct X 9 compatible Graphics Card with minimal 256 Mb
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 minimal to read and print the manual
    • Installation size: 1300 Mb
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    I knew going into this that it wasn’t photorealistic scenery and it makes sense as that would’ve been an enormous download easily at or above 20gb. But I do not regret the purchase. There is a lot to see and they did a really good job with the land class, mesh and textures. First of all even though you don’t get Keflavik airport and have to buy it separately (I feel should have been included) you do get loads of improved and new airports that were missing in FSX. Even Keflavik is improved quite a bit with better, and new buildings, fences, parking, ground equipment etc. It is vastly improved from the default drab and dull airport before this add on. With 40 other airports, or strips and many points of interest there’s now good reason to explore the island nation. The colors make sense now and much better reflect the actual Icelandic scenery. A fairly barren island with very few trees but nice scenery all the same. The photo real glaciers also make a great improvement to the landscapes.  A lot more buildings around as well where before this is added there was a seemingly uninhabited country outside of Reykjavik, and now has life and infrastructure.  The many ports or docks and ships that spot the coastlines inspire float plane use, but there are no float plane starting points. Also most of the new airports cannot be found in the FSX flight plan directory which makes for very limited planning options.  All in all this is a very nice add on that does some justice to Iceland and makes it worth flying to and around.  Go visit hot spots, many water falls that are accurately placed, or just see a village. Chimneys smoke (some) and roads are alive as well as shipping lanes with some boat traffic. All that was not to be found prior to installing Iceland X.  One complaint is that some spotty autogen miss placements, such as a dock with a tour boat and tour bus in reverse positions. The boat is on the dock and the bus is in the water. Funny sure but kind of annoying to see.  If you want to finally explore Iceland without that nagging feeling of it being terribly barren and lifeless with bad coloring and terrible land class/mesh then you should get this. It really opens it up for a fun time with a lot to explore and see. 


    wonderful landscapes, greatly enjoyable to fly in every season...thanks


    Die Szenerie gefällt mir. Schade ist nur, daß der Flughafen Keflivik nur die Standartgebäude von FSX hat, da er der meistangeflogene Airport von Island ist.


    I Live in the Faroe Islands, which in many ways looks like Iceland. Those two nations are not far from each other, and I have been there my self in real life. Aerosoft has nailed this addon right on. It looks so much like the real thing. It is not photoreal ground textures, like Madeira X, but that was never the idea behind this addon. What it says it will deliver, it does indeed deliver. I fly from the Faroe Islands to Iceland in FSX alot, so this is a welcome addon for me. Buy this addon, you wont be sorry. Remember the country that got on CNN, BBC, FOX News etc? It was because of teh big volcano, and the volcanic mountain is there, and all of the nations other great views. One of the best addons out there for sure :)


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