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    Maldives X - The Malè Atolls

    The Malè Atolls, part of the Maldives islands is one of those places you really should visit. It's stunningly beautiful and an ideal location to relax.

    Covering more than 4,000 sqkm the North- and South-Malè-Atolls are huge but the actual area of usable land is minute, and most holiday infrastructure is actually build on the water. It was also sadly missing in FSX, something one of our best designers solved with Maldives X, The Malè Atolls.

    Even when the weather outside is dark and grim these islands will bask in glorious sunshine on your screen. As you explore the many islands in a sea plane (or even better, an amphibian like our Twin Otter or Catalina) you will see why this has been such a popular holiday destination for many who could afford it. But do take care, when the weather turns for the worst the lack of navigation stations means you could easily miss an island you were heading for and find yourself lost over the Indian Ocean. Of course you first need to get to the islands and that means serious long distance flight from any of the many airports worldwide that got direct connections to this very strange airport that's got an island of its own!


    • Covers the main islands of the Maldives
    • Male International airport in great detail
    • Hundreds of lagoons and islands to explore
    • All tourist locations included
    • Very good framerates
    • High definition chart included
    • Ideally suitable for amphibian aircraft

    Additional Downloads:

    System requirements for FSX:

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2 (or Acceleration)
    • Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • 2.0 Ghz Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo highly recommended)
    • 2 GB RAM internal memory
    • 256 MB graphic card (512 Mb highly recommended)
    • PDF reader for manual


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2 (or Acceleration)

    Windows XP / Vista / 7

    2.0 Ghz Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo highly recommended)

    2 GB RAM internal memory

    256 MB graphic card (512 Mb highly recommended)

    PDF reader for manual


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    This is a pretty decent pack with a lot to explore. However it’s not a complete Maldives package. You do get the main atolls and of course Male. It’s realistic in general including the crowded shipping lane with lots of cargo shifts hanging around waiting to dock at the tiny port. Yes it actually looks like this in the real Male area, just check google or google maps. Each resort is a little different from the other but all have a sense of similarity. It’s a great place to fly the Aerosoft Twin Otter around, but I also like using helicopters. The trees don’t looks so bad, I don’t see anything to gripe over them, but to each his own. It may be a bit dated even by FSX standards but it’s the only Maldives scenery worth getting. I just wish you could start flights from the various resorts with sea plane spots. All flights have to begin at Male Intl. So get your swimsuit and visit some amazing resorts including Club Med! 4 stars for not including more of the Maldives atolls and generic amount of auto gen, but still worth it! Based on use with FSX Steam Win10 i7 3.3ghz 16GB Ram Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU with very high auto gen and other scenery settings. Love it!


    It's very FS2004 lookking. It's not up to par with today's sceneries. It is a pretty good representation of the Operations at Male. I love how the sky is just full of Twin otters everywhere and the ops seem pretty realistic. Where the scenery really falls down is the trees. On a tropical island the trees need to look convincing, and these look worse than default FSX trees. So really the issue is that the textures just arent up to modern FSX/P3D standards. If the were this would easily be a 5 star product for value, completeness of package and immersion.


    Schön umgesetzte und sehr detaillierte Szenerie für den FSX. Absolute Kaufempfehlung für alle Malediven-Fans.


    Add-on ist sehr zu empfehlen ! Sehr gute Annimationen !


    Nun ist es passiert. Ich habe Fieber. Das Maledivenfieber. Ich war noch nie da, aber wer keine Sehnsucht nach betrachten dieser Szenerie bekommt, ist selbst dran Schuld. Nun bin ich als bekennder Karibik-, Strand- und Palmenfan zwar sowieso dieser Art Landstrich verfallen, aber auch wer sonst lieber in die Berge geht, wird hier wohl mit seiner bisherigen Meinung ins Wanken kommen. Diese Szenerie besticht durch Detailgenauigkeit. Wunderschöne Lagunen, Häuser, blaues Wasser und weisse Strände werden mit einer enormen Frameratefreundlichkeit dargestellt. Während ich die Inseln mit meinem Wasserflugzeug erkunde, bemerke ich, dass auch andere viele kleine Flugzeuge bei Rundflügen unterwegs sind. Ich möchte fast überall landen und mein Flugzeug im spiegelnden Wasser, dessen Wärme man förmlich spürt, betrachten. Aber ich habe gar nicht soviel Zeit all die Inseln an nur einem Tag kennenzulernen. Ach ich vergaß - jetzt habe ich ja jeden Tag Urlaub..:-)


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