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    The Seahawk received all (!) prices for Flight Simulator helicopter we know about and it did get some of the most favorable reviews we have ever seen. So it was logical to move this product to FSX.

    As always we done so with care so all the new features of FSX are being used. We also combined both the Seahawks & Boxer and the Coast Guard version and added 4 more highly detailed ships. To make it easy for you we also created a tool that allows you to use Google Earth (!) to place the ships in any location you like.

    The helicopter is easy to fly (as the real one is), you will be in the air in minutes, but it will take many hours before you have mastered all the systems that are simulated in this helicopter. Created with assistance from several Seahawk pilots we are sure the advanced systems work as they are in the real helicopter.

    When Microsoft publically releases the SDK that is used for the Acceleration Pack we will adapt this helicopter to use the additional features it offers for helicopters. This will be a free update.

    Full FSX standard
    All the aircraft files have been reworked to be fully FSX standard this not a simple port from FS2004! Includes all the latest FSX goodies.

    • Bump maps (this adds a 3d effect to a simple 2d texture, for example to show edges on hatches and rivets),
    • Specular lighting maps (making reflections more realistic),
    • Self-shading (aircrafts parts cast shades on other aircraft parts),
    • All textures in DDS format (faster decompressing if your graphics card supports it),
    • Fall back textures (all models share some textures, saving you disk space and loading time when you switch models),
    • Prepared for DX10 graphics cards.

    All models and variations
    There are seven different models available, not only the different Seahawk models used by the US Navy, but also the export models (Japan, Greece and Spain) are included. The Coast Guard model (Jayhawk) is also included. Fifteen liveries and a paint kit are available.

    Very accurate flight model
    The flight model is highly accurate and has been flown by many actual Seahawk pilots over the last 2 years. Some tweaks include the new FSX functions, but we decided to maintain the highly stable model that was used in the FS2004 version. Please note that maintaining the correct 'feel' was more important than numbers and data.

    Complete animations

    • Complex fold of rotors and tail (using the actual procedure)
    • Horizontal tail moves depending on speed
    • Four crewmembers that animated

    Stability Augmentation System
    The advanced Stability Augmentation System (SAS) is very accurate. Not only will it stabilize your flight, it also includes a highly realistic Hover and Hover Depart mode. Unlike other FS helicopters that 'force' the location using FSUIPC or SimConnect, this system uses sensors to find the location of the helicopter and will use the standard controls to maintain a hover or move the helicopter in any direction.

    Automated Flight Control System
    The AFCS is able to read standard flight plans and have the Seahawk fly them fully automated. Your route is shown on the Navigation Display. Distance and time to fly for each waypoint is also available.

    Extended manual
    The 68 page extended manual explains all systems and is well illustrated. Even novice helicopter pilots (or novice flight simmers) should be able to use this advanced helicopter after they completed the training flights.

    Three complete documented training flights

    • Systems and Automated Flight Control Systems: Learn to setup all systems and start the helicopter. After take-off you will head to a training area to experiment with the navigation system. You will also learn how to fly the helicopter fully automated in terrain following mode.
    • Advanced navigation: Learn how to have the helicopter fly a route automatically and do a low visibility ILS landing.
    • Zero visibility manual hover: Learn to hover the helicopter in a fixed location without ANY visibility (no other helicopter in FS can do this)

    Six ships included
    There are 6 ships included that can be placed in any location using the Shipyard 2 tool.

    • Coast Guard Marine Security Cutter, Large. Very modern off-shore interdiction cutter
    • CG-50 (Valley Forge). Old style destroyer used to protect carrier groups.
    • LCS-1 (USS Freedom). Low visibility stealth ship of the latest design.
    • X-Craft (Sea Fighter). Experimental Special Operation and Patrol Operation ship.
    • LHD-4 (Boxer). Large amphibious carrier designed to land and support 2000 marines.
    • F-222 (Augsburg). Modern German air defense ship.

    This tool allows you to select a location for the ships in Google Earth and convert the resulting files into real FSX scenery. Very easy, very advanced and a lot of fun to use. Needs a Deluxe version of FSX!

    System requirements:
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP1)
    Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista
    Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel or equivalent strongly advised)
    1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
    256 Mb DirectX 9 graphics card (512 Mb recommended)
    Adobe Acrobat® Reader 6 minimal to read and print the manual (1)
    Installations-Size: 400 MB

    How to purchase and install Download-Versions?

    • Buying is simple, just add it to your cart and do all the handling of payment. Keep in mind that if you are located outside the EEC you do not pay VAT
    • On the screen where you see that the payment has been done you will find a download link, download AND SAVE this file to a secure location
    • While you are doing this, an email is being send to you with the serial code
    • You can always find your code in the shop under Your Account - Your Order Details
    • During the installation you will be asked to enter your shop login name (email) and for this serial code


    Предложения по апгрейду
    • Если вы ранее приобретали AEROSOFT - SEAHAWK - NAVY AMPHIBIOUS SUPPORT (DOWNLOAD) simMarket предоставляет право на апгрейд по специальной цене в EUR 16.76. ВНИМАНИЕ: предложение действует только в случае приобретения с той же самой учетной записи! ВОЗВРАТ НЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТСЯ!


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP1)
    Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista
    Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel or equivalent strongly advised)
    1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
    256 Mb DirectX 9 graphics card (512 Mb recommended)
    Adobe Acrobat® Reader 6 minimal to read and print the manual (1)
    Installations-Size: 400 MB


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    Habe mir lange überlegt, ob ich dieses Paket kaufe, dachte für den Preis Heli und Schiffe, das kann nicht viel taugen. Bin froh, dass ich es doch getan habe. Optik außen: Sehr gut, kann mit allen anderen problemlos mithalten. Optik innen: Genauso. Virtual Cockpit: Klasse Primary Flight Display: Allererste Sahne. Man kann es loslösen und auf einem zweiten Monitor hochauflösend im Vollbild darstellen. Flugverhalten: Ansprechend, nicht gerade für blutige Anfänger. Sehr guter Technikumfang für die Flugsteuerung. Inzwischen mein Lieblingshubschrauber.
    This package is amazing. Out of all the helicopters I have flown in FSX, this is clearly the best. The flight dynamics are awesome, I would know. I spent 6 hours flying one for real. An experience I will never forget in a lifetime. The external model is as close as it is ever going to get in a desktop simulator. 3d rivets, self shading,when rotors still you can see the rotor blades move with collective pitch up/down and the tail rotor.The performance is very good, does not slow computer down not even 1 millisecond. Very good package worth every cent. Thanks Aerosoft amazing pack 10/10. Ditto, Cdog Ucan


    Ist ein klasse Helicopter und es sind ne Menge Versionen enthalten, der Heli könnte aber noch ein wenig deteilreicher sein wie ich finde, was aber absolut nicht bedeutet das es ein Fehlkauf war, bin froh daß er in meinem Hangar steht:-)


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