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    Enjoy the beauty of the French Polynesian Islands in Flight Simulator X. Tahiti X includes almost the complete archipelago covering 14 islands and 9 airports with a detailed mesh and many animations.

    Of course this product should have been named French Polynesia X, but Tahiti X just sounds a lot better. But almost the complete archipelago is included covering a massive two and a half million kilometers. Distances between the islands are massive so you need an aircraft that has a reasonable cruise speed and twins are highly recommended. Of course a twin that can land on water is ideal. For example the Twin Otter we done (it even comes with a correct livery) or the default Grumman Goose. An ideal destination for a dark evening!


    • Island-Hopping with tropical flair
    • All islands with detailed mesh
    • Many animations (birds, people, dolphins)
    • All airports and landing strips
    • Fully documented with all charts (English manual and charts as pdf-files)
    • Relatively kind on framerates


    • Bora Bora
    • Huahine
    • Maiao
    • Manuae
    • Maupihaa
    • Maupiti
    • Mehetia
    • Moorea
    • Motu One
    • Raiatea
    • Tahaa
    • Tahiti
    • Tetiaroa
    • Tupai


    • Faa'a, Tahiti (NTAA)
    • Fare, Huahine (NTTH)
    • Fetuna, Motu Nao Nao, Raiatea (NNAO)
    • Maupiti, Maupiti (NTTP)
    • Motu Mute, Bora Bora (NTTB)
    • Temae, Moorea (NTTM)
    • Tetiaroa, Tetiaroa (NTTE)
    • Tupai , Tupai (NTPX)
    • Uturoa, Raiatea (NTTR)



    • Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX SP2 (or Acceleration)
    • Windows XP/Vista (fully updated)
    • 2.0 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo highly recommended)
    • 2 GB RAM internal memory
    • 256 MB graphic card (512 MB highly recommended)
    • Download-Size: 188 MB
    • Installations-Size: 240 MB



    FSX SP2 or Acceleration


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    Really neat add on. I love Tahiti, I have been there several times. This scenery captures the Society Islands quite well. My only criticism is the reef textures should be a bit better, they look good from 3000 feet but not from 1000 feet. Some of the airports are inaccurate or embellished, but it dosen't really hamper the experience. I would have liked a little sharper mesh too, but compared to default this is 10 times better.
    Diese Scenery hätte liebevoller umgesetzt werden können und realistischer, hier mit einer A340 um die Ecken zu kommen ist sehr schwer, ob die realen Taxiways auch so eng sind? Graphisch bewegt sich dieses Addon auf FS9-Niveau, performt aber so schlecht wie ein Megahub. Insgesamt hat mich dieses Produkt nicht befriedet, von Aerosoft bin ich mehr gewöhnt.


    A lot of goodies here, but the textures of Tahiti and Moorea disappoint. Aerosoft has normally better products to offer. I would not buy it again.

    Jose Luis

    Following my first review, a patch has been introduced since which improves significantly the frame rate around Papeete airport. Good value for money, useful for flying on IVAO, the airports being controlled quite often.

    Jose Luis

    Par rapport au premier avis que j'ai posté, le patch introduit depuis a reglé le probléme de fluidité existant à l'aéroport de Papeete. Bon rapport qualité prix, très pratique pour les personnes souhaitant voler sur réseau, la Polinésie est bien couverte sur IVAO.


    Ein Programm der Extra-Klasse !! Szenerien von bestechender Realitätsnähe. Sehr gelungene Animationen. Absolut empfehlenswert !


    I live in Tahiti . Many details are not very realistics or missing , but a good scenery anyway . In BOB with flight1 ATR72 , VC mode , Core2duo 6700, 8800gts video card , res. 1680x1050 , rather high details , fps are about 20+ . Just for information , Tahiti and her Islands are not in 'Caribic' zone but in the middle of south Pacific !! Come and visit us !

    Jose Luis

    Very beautiful scenery, but maybe too demanding for average hardware. For a Intel core 2 2.4 GHZ with 2 Giga RAM and ATI Radeon X1950 512 M RAM, in Papeete Faa airport with an ATR72 from flight one, the frame rate average is around 10 fps. This spoils the scenery a little bit. With the Hong Kong FlyTampa scenery the average frame rate is 15 to 20 fps with this configuration; I would prefer less sophisticated graphics, but a better frame rate.


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