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    Remember the good old days when MS Flight Simulator dropped you in Meigs Field for your first flight lessons? Meigs was sadly closed a few years ago but now it's back in FS(X)! Together with the fourth, largest city and windiest in the US Cities range so far: Chicago!

    This scenery will bring you Chicago with as much detail as you never seen before. In this scenery there are hints to the past as it includes Merrill C Meigs fiels and (optional) a glimpse of the future as you are able to see the Chicago Spire, a skyscraper in development that will put Chicago back at the top of skyscraper cities.

    US Cities X is a series of city scenery for FSX that covers US cities created by LimeSim. Based on an extensive aerial image it will have all the major buildings and landmarks plus all the airports and heliports that are inside the covered areas.

    It is clearly intended to fill the gap between the default scenery and very high dense city scenery such as Manhattan X, London VFR or Venice X. Because the file size is rather large due to the ground image it only includes one season (in most cases this is not a real issue) and no night textures. The VFR flights over these cities are mostly a day time affair anyway.


    • Aerial image coverage (see attached Google Earth file)
    • More than 2,000 major buildings included
    • About 210,000 (!) autogen buildings placed realistically
    • "Retro style" version of Meigs Field that was sadly demolished in 2003
    • Major airports in and around the city are covered with new high res ground images (no new building structures added)
    • Chicago O'Hare (including new runway layout)
    • Chicago Midway
    • Chicago Executive (formerly known as Palwaukee Mun)
    • Schaumburg Regional
    • Brookeridge Airpark (where homes are next to the runway)
    • 9 heliports as start locations
    • Sound effects like downtown- and highway traffic, gulls...
    • Traffic on most major roads
    • Low price, very good value for money
    • Includes a separate Scenery Density tool
    • Manual as a .pdf-File (English)


    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2 / Acceleration Pack), FSX: Steam Edition or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3-V5
    Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8 / 10 (fully updated)
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU (Core 2 Quad advised)
    2 GB RAM
    Direct X 9 compatible Graphics Card with minimal 512 MB


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    I give this a 3 star. Keep in mind, you need pretty good PC to run this add-on. I am running I7 3.4GHZ and still feels little choppy. You have options to set your Scenery Density Switch to "More AutoGen Building, Less custom 3D buildings"(for lower end PC) OR more custom 3D buildings (for higher end PC). I have my set for lower end PC. Flying night time in Chicago, you don't see lights inside the buildings. In daytime, city looks pretty cool.


    Was mich betrifft ist diese Scenery eher aus der Ferne zu betrachten (war wohl von den Entwicklern auch so gedacht denke ich) und sie sieht aus 3000 Fuß Höhe richtig klasse aus. Bei mir bauen sich die Gebäude/Bodentexturen (die Gebäude ansich sind schon längst da) recht langsam auf, wobei der FSX aber bei gewohnter Geschwindigkeit abläuft, keine Ahnung warum die Texturen so lange brauchen, ist aber auch nur so wenn ich in unmittebarer Nähe zu Chicago vom FSX aus starte. Die Hochhäuser haben leider keine Nachttexturen, was ich sehr schade finde weil das Ganze dann irgendwie nach Stromausfall aussieht. Alles in allem finde ich das Preis/Leistungverhältnis aber absolut o.k.


    I will give this 4 stars. You must have a high end gamming machine to run this at its full potential. I have this running on a laptop with a NVIDIA onboard graphics card, and I still can use the scenery with a huge framerate hit, but I can deal with it. I did have to add the correct parking and gate asignments for both airports using a utility, but over all this is pretty nice for the price.


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