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    The PZL-104 Wilga 35A is a remarkable aircraft. It was designed in the early 1960’s and it took many evisions before the developers got to the version that became a standard aircraft on many Eastern European airfields. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall many of the Wilga’s found new homes in Western countries where they still work like the reliable and sturdy aircraft the designers had in mind.

    If you are only used to Cessna’s or other western GA aircraft the Wilga is a bit of a shock. It’s far larger then it seems to be from a distance. It also looks weird with the long undercarriage  and the huge engine and propeller. Flying the Wilga is also something special. It is totally utilitarian, a bit slow (drag is as huge as the engine is) and it feels like a much larger aircraft. But it is totally dependable, very easy to fly and you can land on a dime. It can even take up three (!) gliders at the same time. It’s special, it’s something else, it’s the PZL 104 Wilga.

    Our version for FSX is created with the latest standards by the OctopusG group.  The main developers fly this aircraft almost every week so they knew the real aircraft down to the smallest details. If you are looking for a solid small aircraft that can take a beating and can be flown from the smallest strips the Wilga is ready for you.


    • Easy on framerate
    • Six different version (Russian/Polish/German/US versions included)
    • Many special animations
    • High definition Virtual Cockpit
    • Many systems made with special modules to avoid FSX limitations
    • Highly realistic flight model, tested by actual Wilga pilots
    • Sound set created from real recordings (including all cockpit sounds)
    • Extensive manual
    • Easy to use installer


    Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX (with SP2 or Acceleration Pack), FSX: Steam Edition or Prepar3D V3/V4
    Windows XP, Vista, 7 (fully updated)
    Dual Core CPU
    2 GB RAM internal memory
    512 MB graphic card
    Adobe Acrobat® Reader 8 minimal to read and print the manual
    Installation-Size: 280 MB


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    On a par with Aerosoft's PBY Catalina for detail and "look." If you don't follow the manual, the engine can overheat, encounter power loss, etc., so it's definately by the book. There's a US livery, with English labeled controls, which is the easiest to learn, but still has kilometers per hour and an altimeter in meters--a definate challenge. As for instrumentation, there's an ADF, but no GPS for those of us used to flying the magenta line. Great aircraft to use with with VFR flight planners, such as Plan-G. Try navigating the Wilga in the mountains of NZ!


    Great model and the sound is superb. Good flight dynamics too. Don't like the online activation and the Aerosoft Launcher which comes bundled with it. It makes it messy and bloated. Carenado do it just right.....just the aircraft installer. Apart from that, not a bad little aircraft.
    Aerosoft keeps Flight simming interesting! Are you tired of the good ol' Cessna or Piper? Tired of the same ol' cockpit layout and flight behavior? Then this plane is for you! Aerosoft has done a marvelous job of recreating a soviet era style aircraft here with great fps to boot. The cockpit language is in Russian which add to the experience. And you can't beat the price. Another must have for your hangar, thanks to Aerosoft!


    Ein wunderschönes Flugzeug mit extrem guten Flugeigenschaften.Der Launcher ist jedoch völlig überflüssig !

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