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    Yekaterinburg (also romanized into Ekaterinburg) has 1,4 million inhabitants and is the fourth largest city in Russia. It is located in the central part of Russia, close to the Ural mountains. It`s an old city, founded in 1723, known to many as the place where the last Russian Tsar was killed after the Russian revolution.

    Like this whole region it has very severe winters with temperatures down to -40°C and even though summers are generally very nice it has a yearly average low of -1°C. You will understand getting the snow coverage right was important for this project.

    As far as we know its airport was never covered in some detail for FS and we are glad to be able to extend our coverage of Russia with this great airport. 


    • Up to date status of the airports and surroundings, incl. landmarks
    • Photo realistic ground textures based on aerial images
    • All airport buildings and objects
    • All NAV aids (ILS,VOR/DME,NDB,ATIS)
    • Breathtaking night effects
    • Seasonal ground textures
    • Covers the immediate surroundings as well
    • Many animations (cars, buses etc)
    • FSX/P3D and FS2004 version included
    • Extensive manual and charts



    System requirements for FS2004:

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
    • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (with the latest Service Packs)
    • 3 GHz processor
    • 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics card with 256 MB
    • Installations-Size: 320 MB

    System requirements for FSX/P3D:
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration Pack, SP2 or Gold Edition) or Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D
    Windows XP(SP2) / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (with the latest Service Packs)
    3 GHz processor (Dual Core prozessor or equivalent system recommended)
    2 GB RAM
    Graphics card with at least 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
    Download-Size: 200 MB
    Installations-Size: 330 MB


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    Koltsovo airport at Yekaterinburg,and when was Soviet epoch called Sverdlovsk.Always interesting to me,because I did transfer via Koltsovo flying to Khabarovsk from Ufa.I look forward if someone create model Tu-104 for FS 2004.
    Jawohl ich kann mich meinem Vorredner nur anschließen. Das ist ein wirklich toller Regionalflughafen!!!Habe neuerdings gelesen das Evgeny jetzt das Projekt St. Petersburg X angegangen ist und man wird sehr gespannt sein dürfen wie gut der aussehen wird. Danke für solch tolle Qualität!!! Besser geht's echt nicht mehr!


    This product would be worthy of five stars if it was in an area that was more detailed. I added the Ural Mesh product also available here and it enhances some of the skyline. The airport itself is meticulously detailed and enjoyable. Would like to see this area further developed.


    Hello from Russia! The script is executed brilliantly! In using it as a living! I've been waiting for him and admire this work. Another high work. Aerosoft Ekaterinburg I think this is a new level! As in Russia, visited! Buy safely! Waiting for new Russian airports!


    More beautiful scenery from Aerosoft!! I recommend to all! Very good FPS, and textures around the airport and excellent! Note 10!


    Another really spectacular product from Aerosoft! Yekaterinburg (or Koltsovo as it is also known) handled 1.7 million passengers and over 15,000 metric tonnes of cargo in 2006. In the following year, that had risen to 2.3 million passengers, a 32% increase! This airport lies at an elevation of 764 feet and is located in the Sverdlovsk Oblast region of central Russia. Yekaterinburg is the fifth largest airport in Russia and is built to handle all aircraft right up to the Airbus A380. Yekaterinburg has flights serving destinations within Russia and as far afield as Helsinki, Dubai, Beijing, Baku, Franfurt and Istanbul. The scenery is extremely well done with features that we have come to know and love from Aerosoft. The ground terrain textures and the way the grass looks is just amazing! As well as the excellent terminal, apron and general building detail, the road system to the northwest of the airport and just outside it, are very well modelled and look just like it should from the air. Looking closer, you can also see the cars driving along the motorway! And this in the FS9 version too! Framerates are excellent and having just completed a flight in the PMDG 747-400 from Katmandu to Yekaterinburg (around 5 hours), I can vouch for the stability of this scenery. No stutters, framerate drops or anything. A quality product all round and something very detailed and slightly unusual to explore in the centre of Russia! The buildings are brilliant right down to the glass and the doors. The fenceline is well done and the ramp, taxiways and runways are all right up to the quality we have come to expect from top designers like Aerosoft. The runways are huge and the surrounding terrain looks good if you have Ultimate Terrain Europe installed (which I use). Aerosoft has again chosen to model much of the surrounding environment outside the airport so the effect is a very good detailed scenery for a very good price. Good value for money and again, as the other reviewer said, good to see aerosoft still developing for FS9 (FS2004). Lee James - West Sussex UK


    Nachdem wir nun schon seit Jahren von erstklassiger Freeware von russischen Designern verwöhnt werden, hat Evgeny Baturin jetzt eine Payware-Umsetzung des größten russischen Regional Airports von Yekaterinburg herausgegeben, welche die an sich noch gute Freeware aus dem Jahre 2006 noch einmal um Längen schlägt. Die Szenerie ist jeden Cent wert: Extrem scharfe Gebäude-Texturen, hochauflösende Foto-Jahres- zeitentexturen (super besonders die Wintertexturen!), die sich harmonisch in die Standartszenerie einfügen. Toll auch die nächtlichen Lichteffekte. Alles ist mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail gestaltet. Die Ablaufgeschwindigkeit ist hervorragend: Auf meinem alten AMD Athlon 64/3500 habe ich immer zwischen 35 und 40 Bildern/sec bei (fast) allen Reglern rechts. Man kann nur hoffen, dass Evgeny Baturin sich noch den einen oder anderen Airport in Russland oder anderswo vornimmt. Absolute Kaufempfehlung!!!


    An excellent addon for a very much neglected part of the flight simulator world! In addition to beautiful modelling of the airport buildings, the developers have added a good amount of autogen around the airport which always adds considerably to the sense of realism and which some developers still seem to omit. Also good value particularly if you use both FS9 and FSX. Thank you to Aerosoft for continuing to support FS9.


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