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    The name "Skiathos" is derived from "skia" (greek for "shadow") and is named after the shadows of the countless trees covering the island of Skiathos. Skiathos v1.5 by 29Palms Scenery Design is now taking you to the Northern Sporades of Greece in Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.

    The airport of the island is considered to be the "Greek St. Maarten" because of its spectacular approach. The runway reaches the surrounding sea on both its ends and is in total only 1628m long. Bigger aircrafts like a Boeing 757-200 are forced to perform low approaches. Although there are plenty of signs warning about the danger of the jetblasts of starting airplanes, some people still prefer to remain there for the "buzz" of the jet engines blast.

    The entire island has been realistcly recreated based on many references from the real island. There are over 250.000 custom-made and hand-placed Autogen-objects covering over 100km² of high-resolution satelite imagery(0.3-05m/px). In addition there are many animations such as swarms of seagulls, soundeffects and high-resolution textures.

    You may fly low over the tourists, visit the final approach or go to discover the island - this scenery offers everything in an extraordinary level of detail.

    Skiathos v1.5 is the further development of Skiathos X and now fully compatibel with Prepar3D V4.5 & V5. Owners of Skiathos X get this version for free.

    Skiathos X and Skiathos v1.5 in comparison:

    • New Autogen (over 50 building types based on real world photos)
    • Option to switch between simple and complex vegetation
    • P3D V4 SDK compliant export
    • New light effects
    • Dynamic apron lighting (Prepar3D v4)
    • Specular surface effect
    • Animated & static people
    • Improved performance
    • Integration with the "29Palms Scenery Configurator"


    • Highly detailed rendition of Skiathos Airport "Alexandros Papadiamantis" (LGSK)
    • Complete coverage of over 100km² with high resolution satellite imagery (0.3-0.5m/px)
    • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and ground by "texture baking"
    • Performant 3D-night lighting covering the whole island
    • High resolution day and night textures (2048px²)
    • "Dynamic Lighting" (Prepar3D v4) in combination with "Baked Lighting"
    • Complex terrain mesh
    • Over 250.000, hand-placed and custom made autogen objects
    • Various animations (people ramp and landside, birds, boats, ships, cars, flags, windsocks)
    • Complete reconstruction of airport’s lighting equipment
    • Realistic 3D grass and vegetation
    • Soundeffects (seagulls, sound of the sea, engines, air conditioners)
    • Numerous custom made static objects around the airport
    • New scenery configurator for optimal performance and automatic updates
    • Highly detailed manual including charts (PDF)
    • Compatible with all known add-ons (see scenery documentation for details)
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    • Si vous avez déjà acheté AEROSOFT - SKIATHOS X - THE GREEK ST. MAARTEN FSX au simMarket, vous bénéficiez à un mise à jour gratuite. Il suffit d'acheter le produit et vous ne serez pas facturé. REMARQUE: Pour bénéficier automatiquement de la mise à jour à prix réduit vers la version nouveau, vous devez vous être identifié avec le compte utilisé lors de l'achat de la version précédente. En cas de doute contactez le support simMarket premier! Aucune exception, aucun remboursement!

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    Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D V4.5+ or V5
    Windows Vista / 7 / 8 /10 (with the newest Service Packs)
    3.0 GHz processor (Dual-Core or Quad-Core processors are recommended)
    2 GB RAM (4 GB are recommended)
    3D graphics card with 512 MB
    .NET Framework 4.5 or higher for running the Scenery Configurator


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    It's good. But it's only the old terminal. It's been a few years and there have been no updates.

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