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    Weatherthemes, complex clouds- and skystructures, textures and autogenic:

    The AFS - World & Sky package contains a comprehensive package at new skyeffects and textures, that the Flight Simulator comprehensively improve. Those are exchanged standard autogene textures with new revised textures and adapted to the respective world area.

    The term " Texture" Mapping designates a procedure of the computer-generated graphic or 3D model. It serves for it to equip the surfaces of three-dimensional surface models with two-dimensional pictures - so-called „textures “- and surface properties. Textures let computer-generated pictures appear more highly detailed and more realistic, without the underlying model must be refined.

    Weatherthemes, complex clouds- and skystructures:

    • 3 AFS-weatherthemes for sommer- and wintertime.
    • Simulation of a ideal weathercyclon
    • Treatment and exchange of exactly 73 autogenous sky textures
    • 256 new cloudskind with photorealistic cloudsstructures
    • Sunrise- and sunset effects
    • New sun effects for different seasons
    • New cumulus-, stratus- and cirrusclouds

    Textures and autogenic:

    • Revised land classes: Cities, fields, forests etc. at the correct place and size
    • Very good autogenic one for the whole world, not only USA and Europe
    • New opjekt textures, like houses & trees
    • New rivers and coastal textures
    • New highways & road textures with visible vehicles
    • New arranged autogenous objects special for the European and American area.
    • Improvement of the standard landscape with revised land classes
    • Cities, fields, meadows, forest areas etc. are represented now at the correct place and in the correct size
    • In Asia are now more remarkable rice fields
    • In Africa & Central America are improved savannahs and jungle surfaces.
    • New mirror effects of the water at day, dawn and night
    • As far as possible corrected forest, field, city, land, mountain and water textures for all seasons and for all earth regions (e.g. also completely new desert landscapes)
    • Treatment and exchange of exactly 2212 autogenous standard textures
    • All textures have 3 differents altitude - sharpness raster
    • All textures are adjusted air photos
    • Bonus: contain scenery airport Rostock-Laage in Germany ( ETNL )

    Scenery: Airport Rostock-Laage in Germany ( ETNL )

    Modern, service-orientated, professional - that’s how passengers and visitors see the airport in Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania.

    Quality and customer care are matters of course for 60 airport employees. Day after day they’re mastering their complex work flows (almost) with perfection. Every business section of the airport like ground traffic service, passage, or traffic control is subject to a permanent quality management following Lufthansa standards. Not least it’s due to the German Air Force that the airport meets international standards.

    Rostock-Laage is a popular airport. Both business travellers and tourists appreciate the individual atmosphere and the extensive service which is improved every day.

    The Airport Rostock - Laage ( ETNL ) product features:

    • New: forest, tower and hangers, which only 2009 were built on the real airport
    • Static display of Eurofighter, ec Tiger and Airbus A380 and NEW: Mig 29 "Fulcrum" & PANAVIA TORNADO
    • Accurate simulation of Fliegerhorst German Bundeswehr: " Jagdgeschwader 73 Steinhof "
    • 1600 authentic objects
    • With shelter for the Eurofighters, forest, streets, hangars for civils and military air traffic
    • New airport terminal and many more
    • Airport ID: ETNL

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