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    Aircraft Factory is our budget line of products. So far only for FSX we created this line with one simple idea. Great simulated aircraft at a great low price. With realistic modelling they are aimed at the get up and go flyer whilst keeping the basic checklists and systems in place to keep all flyer’s happy. Ideal for your first payware for the Microsoft flight simulator series, and a great jump of point to the more systems intensive aircraft from the Wings of Silver, Wings of Power and ultimately Accu-sim aircraft.

    The flight model was very carefully researched and we used the actual P-51H pilot’s training manual and technical orders to ensure our procedures and performance matched the real thing as closely as possible.

    The P-51H differs from the P-51D primarily in performance. The procedures are identical in many cases to the P-51D, and aircraft handling is very similar, with the “H” model having greater agility and a higher roll rate due to its substantially lighter weight and larger ailerons. The fuel capacity is lower on the “H” model because the fuselage tank was made smaller to reduce the negative impact on weight and balance from the excess weight being so far aft from the centre of gravity. However, the “H” model has a range similar to the “D” model because its airframe has slightly less drag, and the aircraft weighs considerably less than the “D” model. The P-51H was conceived and manufactured during WWII and would have seen combat had the war not ended in September, 1945. It was developed on a time line that was roughly concurrent with that of the Focke-Wulf Ta 152, and its performance was similar to the German aircraft. However, the P-51H, with its top speed of 487 mph at 25,000 feet, was substantially faster than either the Ta 152C or H models, by at least 15 mph. In addition, the P-51H incorporated many of the automatic features common to late-war German aircraft. It used a Simmonds control unit to maintain a constant manifold pressure relative to throttle position, eliminating the need for the pilot to “chase” the throttle lever to maintain manifold pressure as the aircraft gained altitude. The supercharger switch from low to high speed was fully automatic, as were many of the controls related to the water injection and war emergency power.

    Perhaps the greatest advantage the P-51H would have had over the Ta 152 is the fact that the Mustang remained a superlative dog-fighter despite achieving parity of power and speed with the Ta 152. If anything, the P-51H was a nimbler, better-handling aircraft than the P-51D, and its lighter weight would have allowed a tighter turning radius at high altitude than the German plane. In a dive or level flight, the P-51H was as fast or faster than any single-engine, propeller-driven Axis fighter ever built. The P-51H, although not well-known, was probably the finest piston-engined fighter to emerge from WWII in every respect and was likely the fastest propeller-driven aircraft in the world at the close of WWII.

    The Aircraft Factory P-51H High Performance Mustang FEATURES

    • Experience the highest performance P-51 Mustang ever produced
    • Built using the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK for maximum compatibility
    • Flight model performs to the pilot’s training manuals
    • Includes detailed stall and spin characteristics
    • Gorgeously constructed aircraft, inside and out, down to the last rivet
    • High resolution, smooth 3D gauge technology
    • Droppable external fuel tanks
    • Working 3d collimating gun sight (another A2A first)
    • Authentically recorded and reproduced Merlin engine sounds
    • Designing to take full advantage of A2A Accu-Feel




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    I bought this from Steam for my FSX Steam but I hope SimMarket will allow my review. Somebody has to say something about this fantastic plane. I’m a big P51D fan and love it’s history. The H model as you’ve surely read in the description was never used in WW2, but wow it would’ve been great! It may be a simplistic simulation of the plane but the flight model and its behaviors seem to mimic everything I have read in FSX. Vs my D the H is noticeably quicker, and more agile. It can really climb and is superbly controllable. Despite each livery being nearly the same with just subtle differences and nothing as interesting as say the “Jersey Jerk” and the likes, they are beautiful models regardless. Shinny polished metal is still nice to look at in my opinion. The cockpit layout is improved as well with much better instruments visibility. The automated supercharger, radiator flaps etc make it a lot easier to just fly without worrying about when or how much to adjust. No more chasing the manifold pressure gauge, this bird was built to give the pilot the freedom to concentrate on the fight. If you like or love WW2 planes like the P51D Mustang then this is another would be legend to add to the collection. Based on use with FSX Steam Win 10 3.3ghz i7 16GB Ram Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU. Excellent frame rates!!

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