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    The island of Saint Barthelemy
    developed from the ground up for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
    This scenery is complete recreation of the famous St. Barths island
    Over half a decade of scenery making experience and a thousand hours of development this may be our best work yet!
    Developed with the use of on-side photography and the input of local residents we have tried to put as much detail as possible so that your approaches can be recreated with a high degree of realism
    - whole island modeled! The port of gustavia , the
    industrial zone and residential areas are all there
    - Correct mesh modeling: The default mesh for the area was incorrectly modeled making the final approach geometry completely off compared the the real approach, we have paid extra attention to this so that it matches the real thing as much as possible given the limitations of mesh resolution for the area
    - Full terminal modeling: both interior and exteriors have been recreated to the minute of detail
    - Night Lighting
    - Dinamic flag animations
    - Fps friendly (extensive use of LODs have been used and smart reuse of video memory assets allows for high refresh rates while maintaining high levels of detail)
    - Correct apron layout and markings (up to 2022 publications)
    - AI compatible


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    Couple things to know about this mod. One TFFJ doesn't work with SA Mesh. The Asobo or Airworthy Designs version of TFFJ doesn't work. This has nothing to do with this mod. The Asobo TFFJ doesn't work either. Constant texture problems with St Barts. Has to do exclusively with the SA Mesh from Orbx. I wrote a ticket about it with Orbx. Secondly. Its compatibility with the Sea Front Simulations StMartinStBarts mod. Wow we have been loving this Sea Front Mod with the Airworthy Designs TNCM mod for a long time if you are in the know, but it doesn't work with TFFJ well. So a work around is to go into the seafront-sightseeing-vessels-anguillamartinbarts mod then go to scenery. Then go to seafront-anguillamartinbarts directory and delete the following subdirectory. "stbarts1" This will fix the flattening buildings with both addons installed. It unfortunately removes the big cruise ship and some of the boats on the eastern end of the island which kind of sucks, but it may be a good trade off to all the flattened buildings on the western side if it is enabled. Your choice. I chose no cruise ship. The buildings are pretty annoying. Not sure what stbarts2 covers but so far I left it intact. Hopefully the two addons can talk and coexist without this fix, but for now it's a golden fix if you want to enjoy both add ins. I feel that the fix is a must, since the seafront addin sings with the TNCM addon from Airworthy Designs and i would rather not disable it. Hopefully we can find a sweet spot with their TFFJ addon also. For now, this fix addresses the problem of the flattening buildings without entirely removing the mod. It just strips out a portion of the mod. The cruise ship on the other side :(. Take care everyone. L


    Badly optimized. Many stutters when paning camera into certain areas of the airport and city buildings and when flying over. The windsocks are floating in the air. I also encountered an issue with the runway textures or lack of, given that when you get close to the touchdown markings of the runway, the textures dissapear and you can see the satellite image instead. My specs: i7 10700k OC@5Ghz, 32Gb RAM@3600, RTX4080, Simulator installed on SSD, resolution: 3440x1440. I dont recommend this product until they fix its issues and performance. Better off with the Asobo TFFJ.

    Claudio Marc

    Sehr Nett gemachte neue Scenery hier in Saint Barthelemi TFFJ , empfehlenswert auch für , ältere respektive schwächere PC - Systeme !


    Une scène extrêmement bien détaillée, une grand merci aux développeurs.

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