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    The Drifter 582 ultralight is a two seat, wire braced, tail dragger aircraft. The Austflight Drifter is an extensively modified version of the original Maxair Drifter and since the early 1980's approximately 500 have been built.
    The new Drifter for MSFS has been rebuilt with more polygons and detail to match the level of detail in the new simulator. The pilot position of the Drifter, out front and clear of the wings, provides unparalleled visibility and makes the Drifter the perfect aircraft to enjoy viewing the scenery in MSFS.
    - Rebuilt model for MSFS
    - Virtual tablet provides access to user preferences and an autopilot for those times you want to fly hands free
    - Free demo available from www.antsairplanes.com
    - 13 liveries included.
    - Wheeled and float models
    - Genuine engine sounds
    - Animations for tiedowns, wheel chocks and pitot covers
    - Animated pilot and passenger models which can be displayed or hidden


    - Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 for PC (not compatible with XBOX)
    - 403MB free hard drive space


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    J'adore cet ULM pour mes vols de découverte à basse altitude. Honnêtement, je ne lui vois pas de défaut. Si vous aimez le VFR, découvrir les paysages à basse altitude, prendre le temps d'une belle ballade, le Drifter est fait pour vous.


    This is the best open-cockpit ultralight in the sim at the moment, hands-down - and I've compared it to 4 others that I have. Ant's airplanes have always been a joy to learn and fly in FSX/P3D, and I'm so happy to see this first release for MSFS. The Drifter just hits a great spot and feels right, for what it is. It is very light, stable and forgiving under normal flight conditions, but does not feel overpowered and will not treat you kindly if you exceed its limitations. It's a breeze for sightseeing and exploring if you treat it correctly, with an outstanding view out front, but it is not an aerobatic machine. It really does feel like you're flying something very small and accessible. The model is very good, and has a solid set of features - chocks, tube covers, an optional GPS, a totally unique com/nav radio, two different options for windscreen reflections, and of course the float variant. There is a tablet that allows you to control all the key features. I could not find any obvious flaws in the 1.00 version - it works great and feels right. Highly recommended - if a good-quality, realistic-performing ultralight is what you're looking for in your sim, of course.


    A favorite in fsx, p3d and now MSFS 2020 ! Love the feal and sounds from my favorite. I have flown a quicksilver mx for many years and this recreates the whole experience in VR in the sim.


    Very nice UL, probably the most complete available for MSFS. Pleasant and easy to fly and land, good engine sounds, good texturing with plenty of details and many liveries. The gps and the EFB are a nice thought. Can ballast front and rear to adjust CG if no passenger is added or depending on amount of fuel onboard. Comes with a well done and detailed documentation. If you are interested in UL's, this addon is a no brainer.


    Conceived and executed beautifully. The model detail is exquisite, you can zoom in all you want on that little engine, the wear marks in the cockpit, the delightful selection of liveries, all make for a highly recommended package. The flight model is so detailed that you have to consider ballast if you are flying solo (easy to manage in the aircraft settings when composing the flight). The inclusion of an autopilot is a huge help to those of us with accessibility issues (me, I'm old with arthritis) and it works perfectly with my Logitech Multipanel. The little GPS unit's position can be adjusted to avoid glare and even has a synthetic view for all your IFR ultralight flights (LOL). I have to get annoyingly nitpicky to find any fault. The only things I'd like to see changed are the beautiful all blue liveries need a black cockpit like the others because of horrific glare and reflections in the little wind screen. It'd also be nice to see a blue stripe or something on the nose of the blue & white float livery. That's it, that's all I could find "wrong".


    This was a really nice surprise. The detail of the 3D model is excellent, as is the texturing. The flight model seems good. There are a number of nice features that I wouldn't expect at this price point such as the tablet, the tiltable GPS mount and iCom radio. There is also a float version. Don't take my word for it though...check out the demo/freeware version from the developer's website.


    it works really well, the sounds are very good, the immersion of the pitch is felt and several angles of view are available, it is a pleasure to drive it


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