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    The Eaglet LSA is a high wing all aluminium two seater aircraft powered by the fuel efficient Rotax 912 100hp engine. The aircraft is a robust trainer and cross country tourer with excellent feel and response. The Eaglet has a roomy cabin with two seats, excellent leg room and dual control sticks, throttles and rudder pedals. The Eaglet also features a steerable nosewheel, toe brakes and spring steel suspension.

    Version 2 updates and improves upon the original Eaglet adding a new animation manager with interactive checklists and a full flight manual for easy access during flight. Version 2 also adds engine wear and damage modeling, programmed failures, improved stall and spin behaviour, a new nav/com radio, improved transponder simulation, CDI in both versions, improved window transparency and new parking brake/wheel chock programming that locks the aircraft in place.

    This version includes two different panel configurations, one with normal analog style gauges, the other with an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). Other features include:

    - Smooth 3D gauges
    - Incredibly detailed exterior and virtual cockpit models
    - Includes tricycle wheeled Eaglet plus the Seasky floats model
    - Custom made radios, 296 GPS and autopilots
    - Bump and specular mapped textures
    - Two different panel setups, EFIS glass cockpit and normal analog gauge cockpit
    - Support for the Flight1 GTN 630 and 750 GPS gauges (require separate purchase)
    - Custom landing light effect
    - Virtual cockpit rain effects
    - Realistic prop torque effect
    - 7 real world repaints plus 4 with user adjustable registration numbers
    - Genuine engine souds
    - Hot swappable RPM (engine/prop rpm) and airspeed (knots/kmh) gauges
    - New Animation Manager/Flight Manual
    - Interactive checklists
    - Emergency procedures programmed failures
    - Engine wear programming
    - Tiedowns, wheel chocks and pitot covers
    - Animated pilot and passenger
    - Pilot head individually switchable in VC
    - Adjustable window transparency
    - Demo version available so you can try before you buy


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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or Gold
    Microsoft Flight Simulator:Steam Edition
    Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1-4
    390MB of free hard drive space


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    One word- AMAZING! If A2A has set the standard for GA planes, then this definitely matched that standard. Amazing visuals inside out. Amazing flight model, amazing systems, Flight 1 GTN compability etc. I could go all day about what is amazing in this aircraft and in the end I would not have missed any part of this amazing addon. Basically you get A2A like Tecnam for very reasonable price. 10/10 I also recommend any other aircraft from this wonderful developer.


    Great airplane, have flown the P92 Super Echo in real life and I can really find myself in the Eaglet LSA. Some things are very similar to the Super Echo. Love how there is flight manual to get you up to speed with the systems and instruments like the AP. FPS wise very good as well. solid 50FPS in the cockpit and 60 in the outside few. (Bare in mind, this might be different on your PC or laptop). Would really recommend this to anyone who is learning GA flying or who just likes it in general. Really an unknown diamond in the FSX/P3D world.

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