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    The T-28B/C is an addon aircraft for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X with either Service Pack 2 or Acceleration.

    The T-28 was initially created as a two seat trainer for the US Air Force with the first aircraft flying in 1949. The aircraft had a short production run with the last new T-28 delivered in 1958. The original A model had a miserly 800 horsepower, 7 cylinder radial engine and a two bladed prop. The Navy became interested in the aircraft and ordered 491 B models which had the considerably more powerful 1425 horsepower Wright Cyclone R-1820-86 9 cylinder engine. The C model followed a few years later and this was modified with a tail hook for carrier operation. A shorter prop was installed on the C to prevent prop strike. Some of the original A models were modified with a larger engine and became the D model. These D models saw combat in various regions around the world.

    This package includes the T-28B model as well as the tailhook equipped T-28C model. Also available as a separate package is the T-28D model.

    Version 3.3 update adds the following:

    • Prepar3D v5 compatibility with PBR textures
    • Key commands assignable for nearly every cockpit control and switch
    • Higher detail night cockpit lighting
    • General bug fixes


    • Native FSX model
    • Includes T-28B and T-28C (tailhook equipped carrier version)
    • Incredibly detailed models with full animations and completely clickable virtual cockpit
    • Silky smooth 3D gauges
    • Weapons systems (in ATTACK model) with launchable guns, rockets and bombs
    • Three different models available for each version. DUAL model contains front and rear cockpits. SOLO model contains front cockpit only for better framerates. ATTACK model is the same as the SOLO model but with six weapons stations, armament panel and gun sight.
    • Custom sound system for more accurate engine sounds and more user control. The user can choose to blend exterior sounds with the interior sounds
    • Lovely 3D style landing lights
    • Fully adjustable interior panel lighting with individually switchable lights and intensity
    • Original period radio sets (modern transponder and autopilot available as 2D popups only)
    • 8 liveries
    • Genuine thumping radial engine sounds
    • Open canopy wind noise
    • Individual sounds for switches knobs etc.
    • Custom engine start routine for realistic engine starts (auto start also available)
    • Two-speed supercharger correctly modelled
    • Animations for wheel chocks and pitot covers
    • Animated pilot and copilot models which can be displayed or hidden
    • Virtual cockpit rain, icing and fogging effects
    • Exterior model structural icing effects
    • Realistic Prop Torque Effect for better flight dynamics
    • Wear and Tear modelling to simulate engine damage
    • In game Animation Manager for setting program preferences, weights, fuel and checklists
    • Demo version available to check performance on your system (visit www.antsairplanes.com) 


    Microsoft's Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or FSX Gold, FSX:Steam Edition or Prepar3D v1 to v5
    Windows XP SP3, Vista or higher
    8GB RAM recommended
    Approx 700 MB free hard drive space


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    outstanding planes. only complaint is that the landing lights do NOT light up the ground at all and I have it set to do that in my FSX settings. otherwise just a truly remarkable collection.
    I bought this plane from another site but I hope Simmarket accept this review because this masterpiece deserves more attention than it seems to be getting. A2A quality at half the price. See Paul Teixeira's informed and detailed review of the Trojan T28D version here on Simmarket...he says it much better than I could.
    Like everything this developer has released, this is an outstanding product. It is incredibly immersive and takes you back to an era of thundering, shaking, rattling radial engine planes. It's fun to fly and because it was a trainer, it's quite forgiving, but it's still a challenge, especially if you take the time to learn the proper procedures. Everything about it is stunning and although it's no longer a new product, it's right up there with the best you can buy today. I love this airplane and you will too...


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