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    The T-28D is an addon aircraft for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X with either Service Pack 2 or Acceleration.

    The T-28 was initially created as a two seat trainer for the US Air Force with the first aircraft flying in 1949. The aircraft had a short production run with the last new T-28 delivered in 1958. The original A model had a miserly 800 horsepower, 7 cylinder radial engine and a two bladed prop. The Navy became interested in the aircraft and ordered 491 B models which had the considerably more powerful 1425 horsepower Wright Cyclone R-1820-86 9 cylinder engine. The C model followed a few years later and this was modified with a tail hook for carrier operation. A shorter prop was installed on the C to prevent prop strike. Some of the original A models were modified with a larger engine and became the D model. These D models saw combat in various regions around the world.

    This aircraft is based upon the T-28D “Huff ‘n’ Puff” from Warbird Aviation at Archerfield. The aircraft has a 1,425 horsepower 9 cylinder Wright Cyclone radial engine with typical cruise speeds from 180 to 200 kts. Climb rates can approach 4000 fpm.

    Also available as a separate package is the T-28B/C as flown by the US Navy.

    Version 3.3 update adds the following:

    • Prepar3D v5 compatibility with PBR textures
    • Key commands assignable to nearly all controls and switches
    • Higher detailed night cockpit lighting
    • General bug fixes


    • Native FSX model
    • Incredibly detailed model with full animations and completely clickable virtual cockpit
    • Silky smooth 3D gauges
    • Weapons systems (in ATTACK model) with launchable guns, rockets and bombs
    • VRS TacPack compatibility for the Attack model
    • Three different models. DUAL model contains front and rear cockpits. SOLO model contains front cockpit only for better framerates. ATTACK model is the same as the SOLO model but with six weapons stations, armament panel and gun sight.
    • New custom sound system for more accurate engine sounds and more user control. The user can choose to blend exterior sounds with the interior sounds
    • Lovely 3D style landing lights
    • Fully adjustable interior panel lighting with individually switchable lights and intensity
    • Original period radio sets (modern transponder and autopilot available as 2D popups only)
    • 10 liveries
    • Genuine thumping radial engine sounds
    • Open canopy wind noise
    • Individual sounds for switches knobs etc.
    • Custom engine start routine for realistic engine starts (auto start also available)
    • Two-speed supercharger correctly modelled
    • Animations for wheel chocks and pitot covers
    • Animated pilot and copilot models which can be displayed or hidden
    • Virtual cockpit rain, icing and fogging effects
    • Exterior model structural icing effects
    • Realistic Prop Torque Effect for better flight dynamics
    • Wear and Tear modelling to simulate engine damage
    • In game Animation Manager for setting program preferences, weights, fuel and checklists
    • Demo version available to check performance on your system (visit www.antsairplanes.com) 


    Microsoft's Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or FSX Gold, FSX:Steam Edition or Prepar3D v1 to v5. 
    Windows XP SP3, Vista or higher
    8GB RAM recommended
    Approx 770 MB free hard drive space


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    Incredible! Ants makes some of the best planes around and at really low prices. Every aspect and detail is carefully developed to make for some great flying. The sounds are amazing too! You can really feel the pounding of the engine and it fosters an even greater immersive experience. Of course visually its all stunning. The Flight model sets it apart from most every day planes. I have their T28B&C as well as their Tiger Moth and Winjeel, all just as high quality as you can get. Running on FSX SE, Win 10, 3.2ghz i7 16GB Ram, UHD 630 Integrated graphics with medium high graphics settings. Performs great even when flying into add on HD scenery areas.


    INCREDIBLE value. Unbelievable that any sim airplane up to current tech and graphics standards is available for such a price! I'm amazed. As an FAA-licensed private pilot with over 2,000 logged hours in real airplanes, two of which I owned for over 20 years, I have some perspective on what light aircraft flying's about, and what makes a good simulation. What's not to like about 1,425HP? And the round-engine radial engine sounds are really satisfying to anyone accustomed to typical Lycoming or Continental engines. All this, along with the ability to combine inside cockpit sounds with outside sounds, opening the canopy in flight, is really immersive and cool. Highly recommended.


    Using this in P3D 4.5. I've always loved Ant's OZ scenery which I still manage for the most part to incorporate in P3D with a bit of tweaking. His Moth has been fabulous to fly so I was happy to part with some $$$ to support him with the payware T28. Just flew from Otis Mass. to ORBX New Haven. A flight of some 100 NM. This aircraft is really alive. Cockpit and exterior are exquisite. I cruised at around 200 knots and 5000 ft. Approach was great as this kinda big kite bobbed and weaved as I slipped in on final. This will be my new go-to on short GA flights where I want to make good time. Highly recommend this as a purchase......warbird supremo.


    Einfach nur klasse !!! Da zeigt einer der Unbekannten (mir jedenfalls) den Großen der Branche wie's geht. Für unter zwanzig Euro !? Ich habe am FSX selten so viel Spaß gehabt. Hier stimmt wirklich Alles: Tolles Aussenmodell, schöne Details, überzeugendes Handling, liebevolle Animationen Fahrwerk/Klappen/Cockpit. Rundum-Dreh-Leuchten animiert ! Der Sound macht dem Sternmotor alle Ehre ! Besonders hervorzuheben ist die Aussenbeleuchtung. Und das funktioniert auch sogar perfekt unter DX10, für mich ein Traum ! Sehr empfehlenswert ! Nach der Abacus-Welle endlich mal wieder ein gelungenes Airplane ;-) . Wolfgang


    OK, let’s start by saying “I don’t do reviews”. I think this is only my 2nd in the past 10 years, and the 1st one was inspired for a bad reason…”add on was so bad I felt totally ripped off.” But, I am happy to announce this is for the complete opposite reason….”I am completely blown away with this add-on”. I own a lot of add-ons, and these days most of them are good, but I expect them to be good based on the money I pay for them, especially when there are often very nice freeware offerings of high-quality. But this aircraft impressed me in two ways…outstanding quality for an unbelievable price.. I have no experience with the developer ANTS, nor have I read much about “Ants”, so I did not expect much. I gave it a 2nd look b/c the T-28 is one of my favorite aircraft and it is often ignored when it comes to things like this, such as sim aircraft and decent scale models. Everyone wants to make another P-51, or B737. SO just the fact that it is a T-28 got my attention. But how good could it be for under $20 bucks? Well the answer is surprisingly good in every way, better then good. The VC is awesome in everyway….perfect textures and level of functioning is above average. Everything works and sounds as it should. The overall sound inside and out is awesome. Love that big radial sound, especially the sound at altitude, cruise setting, from external spot shot. Wow, gave me goose bumps. Is it perfect? Well NO but what is..its a sim. My favorite livery of this aircraft has always been the Navy training orange/white theme, but once I got a look at one of the USAF polished aluminum liveries there is no turning back…out of this world. I have spent thousands on add-ons…purchase several per week for several years but I need to say that the textures as seen from inside the “pit” looking out over the wing is the best I’ve seen. It is perfect the way they simulated the high sheen of aircraft enamel and polished aluminum stretched over the stringers and wing structures. All the dimples…awesome. The flying experience is as good as it gets from a total immersion perspective, look, feel, sound….totally swept away. I can actually smell the oily steel of this military warbird..not kidding. And it flies like a dream, with a nice challenging take-off experience common with high HP, high torque military war birds of this error. I have not flown a T-28 but I’m a pilot and have flown a North American SNJ (AT-6), and it has a similar feel…very different from a Piper or Cessna 172. This add-on captures that feel with the torque pull, and wing dip on take-off if not totally on top of it and prepared. Trimming is very important. The landing feels authentic and you get this nice little stall buffet if your close to stall speed as the heavy duty gear hits the concrete. Really nice. It also has all those typical bells and whistles, and much more…nice package of extras. If I was to find fault in any of the flight model features I would say “It’s a lot hotter then ever expected in the performance department”, but then again I have heard this aircraft was a great trainer b/c if the neophyte aviator got into trouble all he would need to do is push the throttle to the firewall and this ship will climb its way out of anything..and yes, as advertised 4000 fpm climbs are the norm with this bird…really, really hot on take-off climb…maybe a little to good, but I could be wrong. I reach T/O speed so quickly that I often over rotate, as I completely miss the posted V1 and VR speeds and need to come out of full military power early if I want to keep it in the pattern. So in summary after spending thousands’ of dollars over the past 3 to 5 years on FSX add-ons, I have to give this one a very very big thumbs up in every way…actually better then advertised. Keep it up “ANTS”…don’t let this one get to your head. What else is in store..would love to see an F-4 Phantom…most prolific modern aircraft and not a single quality add-on available…hint, hint. If you like this sort of aircraft I would say it’s the best bang for the buck on the market with no corners cut for price. JJETMEC


    I have almost all commercial aircraft..Started simming in1990. Let my license lapse so no trips to the field.Korean war flight deck airdale for Fighter squadron 63. Well acquainted with Navy version. this bird is outstanding. Visuals are like photos and it flys like a Bird. BUY IT!!!!

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