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    Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (Persian: فرودگاه بین‌المللی امام خمینی‎‎) (IATA: IKA, ICAO: OIIE), also known as Tehran-IKIA or IKIA, is the main international airport of Iran, located 30 kilometres (19 mi) southwest of the city of Tehran, near the localities of Robat Karim and Eslamshahr, on a 13,500-hectare (135 km2) site. It was intended to replace Mehrabad International Airport, which is in the west of the city. The airport was originally named Ahmadabad but was later renamed to Imam Khomeini International Airport.

    The airport, operated by the Iran Airports Company, is the home base of Iran Air, Meraj Airlines, Mahan Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Qeshm Airlines, Taban Air, and Zagros Airlines. As of June 2016, Imam Khomeini International Airport serves 49 passenger airlines, 7 charter airlines and 6 cargo airlines operating over 850 of weekly flights connecting Tehran to cities in over 40 countries and territories worldwide.


    • Scenery made with Gmax for better performance All main buildings( terminal, control tower, cargo and military hangars and more)
    • Fully detail jetways and bridge to concourse.
    • Photo real texture
    • Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights.
    • Static local ground service equipment, cars and planes;
    • Static jetways
    • Custom Gmax ground texture from satellite photos will make you feel like being in the real airport.
    • Surrounding area including military hangar , Fuel tank facility VIP Terminal , Main terminal , Cargo bay ,etc.

    Visibility of Objects

    To optimise the framerate we had to reduce the visibility of some objects at the airport of OIIE as there are simply too many of them. This should not affect you while you are in the cockpit-view. Sometimes - depending upon the angle - as you come closer, a building or airplane appears very suddenly. This is normal and is done so to increase


    Similar to any Flight Simulator (FS) Addons, this product may have issues that are either default or developer-related. Issues that are MS-related, whether documented or undocumented are many, but we can only speak for our product. Although there are no micro-stutters or huge lag in fps as tested, it is advisable to lower Effects within P3D Display Settings to High 2x. and set Autogen down to respectable levels for fluidity.

    These are recommended for lower to medium-end systems, however the scenery is meant for sliders maxed at 100% peak for those computers who can afford the high level scenery design.

    No technical issues were encountered during various beta tests, whether hardware or software- related. Instructions for installation of software are straightforward; however, venturing outside bounds of recommended installation and use is at sole discretion of End-User.

    Furthermore, we will not be held responsible if files are altered within software for any reason associated with End-User taste or choice.

    The product is Non-refundable for these and various other reasons.


    Prepar3D V4

    Windows 8 or 10 (recommended)
    Core i7 2.53 Ghz RAM 2GB, Graphic card 512 Mb to 1G.


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    Finger weg! Dieser Airport funktioniert nicht im P3D v5 Das Mesh passt überhaupt nicht. Das AFCAD hat massive Fehler. Falsche NAVAIDS und Frequenzen. Airport Positionen sind nicht oder falsch angegeben. Der Photoreale Boden ist einfach nur grausam.


    I was really looking forward to a decent Tehran airport scenery as it is very much missing from the world of P3D. So when I noticed that Armi Project finally released it for P3D V4 I bought it without hesitation. It is not an expensive product and I knew it is not going to beat Flightbeam Studios or Justsim / Digital Design but let me be honest, I expected better than what it actually is. Price tag or not, the quality is substandard. First of all, the lack of SODE - but at least default - jetways is definitely -1 star. Although I knew well at the time of purchase that it does not have these features, I truly expected them to be added post-release. Months later, nothing has changed. The quality of the surrounding photo scenery is painful. Very, very ugly. If at least one could deactivate it, but it is unfortunately not possible. Then the massive exclusion zone around the airport, lacking any objects, hurts too - no autogen, no custom objects, no nothing, only that awful low resolution photo terrain without anything on it, apart from the immediate area of the airport that has some here and there. The "blending" into the rest of the world is terrible, the whole area stands out sharply, no blending or gradual transition whatsoever. Not even with the default terrain, let alone ORBX Global textures... As for the existing 3D objects - they look fine, the terminal is alright too and its textures - although not great - acceptable. This product could achieve a much better rating if some sort of moving jetways and proper photoscenery - that blends well into the rest of the region - would be included, without removing the surrounding autogen completely. If all these were addressed, I could easily rate it at least three but probably four stars. I am sad that the only Tehran scenery got nothing better than this. I am hoping that it will eventually be improved on, to some degree. At least a proper transition into the surrounding ORBX Global and / or default landlcass, better photoscenery (or no photoscenery at all) and sorting out the exclusion around the airport because it is so barren righ now. The phototerrain depicts houses and trees and other stuff but there is no 3D object placed at all. The whole thing is sparse, empty lacking any details. I do not recommend this product as it currently stands.


    This is an amazing highly detailed airport. The modelling is fantastic. The only downsides are the photorealistic textures, which are very blurry and prevent autogen, and the lack of SODE jetways and Dynamic Lighting, which hopefully can be added in a future update. Despite that, I highly recommend this airport!


    I bought this scenery, because I was missing some good airports in the ME for short hauls. I got OTHH (Taxe2Gate) and OMDB (Flytampa). This is a nice addon for the price FPS friendly. I can't follow the comments on the surrounding photoreal sceneries as being that bad. Perfect for B737 and A320/21 trips but also start off for longer flights. Downside is the UTlive does not inject any traffic into it, simply because the airport like Doha is not on their radar at the moment. But good developer for the price can't beat it. I will be looking out for other sceneries from ARMI for p3d.


    The airport is not bad and for the price it would be a good deal. But unfortunately the surrounding photoscenery ruins it all. It's not even possible to just deactivate it as some kind of strange technique seems to be used. I hope that can be fixed someday.


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