How to become a Vendor


Dear Vendor (Developer, Author, Publisher, Manufacturer)

What is simMarket ?

  • A central place for hobbyists and professionals to register and purchase software, hardware and media.
  • A central place for Authors, Developers, Publishers and Manufacturers to sell their products by using the simFlight Networks market potential in a truly free environment,
  • A non-risk affair for Vendors as we work under the principle: no sale=no cost.
  • High revenue to Vendors through our low fee policy !

What it costs ?

Zilch !
yes, you read right..... because as long as there are no sales it will cost you nothing... this is our standard policy.

Once a sale has been made we will deduct the agreed commission from the total amount and return the rest to you (on a monthly cyclus). That's all !

Our commission rates are the lowest on the market and we are flexible, dare us!

Click to see our Commission Plans!

Why simMarket ?

  • well.... -modesty off- simply because we are the Best! -modesty back on- grin :-)
  • but seriously now: simMarket is backed up by the largest Flight Simulation Network, the simFlight Network, with an array of flight sim related news websites covering the world with region specific language and communities.
  • When you place your product at simMarket you are presenting your product to tens of thousands of already registered customers that are specifically interested in aviation related products.
  • When you place your product at simMarket, we will automatically advertise your product on all simFlight Network sites and forums.
  • Furthermore we advertise your product in our irregular newsletter wich reaches now over 40.000 users, and we will even announce your products availabilty on our news services!
  • Still doubts? No problem... please feel free to ask for references at any of our many already represented authors, developers and publishers!

How it works

How to start selling your product at simMarket:

  • You will create your Vendors Account and Control Panel here:

    Click to create your vendor account!

  • You will receive a confirmation E-Mail with further instructions on how to upload your products via our file manager

What happens then ?

  • First of all, it's good idea to read or manual for vendors. You can download it here. https://online.simmarket.com/simMarket_VendorPortal_Manual.pdf
  • Create your first product: upload your product details, screenshots, files and set prices.
  • Our team will check it and if all good we start sales immediately or from the date what you want.
  • At the beginning of each month we issue your sales report for the past month. You will receive an email advising you that a new sales report has been issued and a with link to your Control Panel to access it
  • We will then transfer your revenues to you by Paypal or bank transfer anywhere in the world (bank charges are split between you and simMarket if we have your IBAN/BIC information only).

Product Support

  • We offer all sales related support to your/our customers via our Trouble Ticket System.
  • You in turn offer the technical support for your products yourself.

ATTENTION: Please read this:

DISCLAIMER: simFlight GmbH and the simMarket store will not be made liable or responsible for misuse of code, copyright infringements and issues occurring with the programs offered at its premises. simflight GmbH and the simMarket store solely markets the products in behalf of the respective author, developer, publisher or manufacturer who are solely responsible and liable for their products.

Send all correspondance to: team@simmarket.com

Miguel Blaufuks
CEO - simFlight GmbH