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    Aviator is a web-based add-on for X-plane. It allows X-Plane pilots to use a secondary monitor, additional computer, Android tablet, iPad or any device with a compatible web browser to access to a set of screens and panels to control your flight instruments, controls, moving map, weather, views, route management, fuel and much more available functions. Windows, Mac and Linux (see requirement section).

    Standard features

    • Instruments: Autopilot, throttle, elevator trim, flaps, landing gear, spoiler develop, brakes, thrust reverse activation, rudder and aileron trim, indicators, artificial horizon, heading, altimeter and vertical speed
    • Lighting switches and other standard actuators
    • Radio panel
    • Compact fuel panel and moving map
    • Standard weather control

    Special features

    • Full moving map with extended features
    • Support for multiple map source servers
    • Multi-paged switch panel definition and dataref customization
    • Start new fly using favorite plane list and favorite positions
    • List of all available aircraft in X-Plane aircraft folder with search and load functions
    • Store favorite positions to start new flights where you want
    • Airport database, search and filter, map location and full airport information
    • Manage your flight plan database and routes.
    • Control your route, watch distances and set your altitude, heading and more
    • Follow your route and waypoint with interactive pop-ups in the map tab
    • Define your own views for each plane and set your field of view
    • Set your predefined views and X-Plane ones interactively during the flight
    • Full featured fuel panel tab
    • Store your favorite weather presets and activate them on the fly
    • Automatic autopilot functions and frequencies auto-tuning from Map and other screens
    • Music tab, listen your favorites online radio stations and MP3 files inflight
    • Integration with PassengersFX (PFX2020) Plugin



    X-Plane 11+ (Fully supported)


    Application upgraded to Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 

    Standard X-Plane 11 requirements apply

    CPU: Intel Core i5 or i7 (recommended) CPU with 2 or more cores, or AMD equivalent

    64-bit Windows, Mac or Linux supporting Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 Runtime (see Microsoft specs for this runtime package)

    8Gb RAM Minimum. 16Gb+ RAM recommended

    Free disk space: 500Mb

    Web Client:

    Additional dedicated monitor is recommended but not required. External computer, Android tablet or iPad

    Aviator can be executed on any up-to-date web browser with JavaScript and WebSockets support

    Latest versions of Google Chrome on PC or Android and Safari on iOS is recommended

    Support for WebSockets RFC 6455 standard


    Gatekeeper in macOS is now stricter than ever!

    Aviator Pro is working very well in Mac environment, although the installation is very tricky, especially in Mojave and Catalina versions. The security is now stricter than ever and the Gatekeeper in macOS ask users to confirm security check each and every installed file in Aviator, for that reason the installation can be tedious, you will have to have a lot of patience! But after the installation is done, I'm 100% sure you will enjoy Aviator a lot.

    Current version: (last updated Jan 20 2020)



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    I find it to be very good, i use it with Rotate MD80, and Toliss A321, im going to use this on a second screen either beside my 43 inch or above.


    You are better be an very good enable analystic programmer on computer to install this product.

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