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    This version of Vagar Airport Reloaded is for the classic Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, also known as FS9.
    Difficult approaches and dangerous approaches is just one of many reasons to get this great scenery.
    In a National Geographic documentary Vagar Airport was rated among the worlds top 20 most difficult and dangerous airports, but nothing a good pilot can't handle.

    Do you want to practising instrument approaches with low-visibility, or how about turbulent wind conditions?
    What ever your piot blood is like Vagar Airport is sure to have that something special just for you.

    Airplanes such as Airbus A319 to A321 can land at this airport, and Boeing 737 series.
    The runway is one huge challenge with its only 1799 meters runway.

    The scenery has been made with much love towards this airport and flight simulation in general.
    This is soemthing that we here at Azurafiles are sure you will notice.

    The FS9 version has similar features as the FSX and P3D version.

    V-Aviation said this for the FSX version.

    ''Overall, Simon has done a very nice job indeed getting Vagar looking good. With 3D modeled buttons and photo real textures being showcased Vagar is certainly a contender for one of your new favorite airports''

    Product Features.

    Textures made from real onside photos
    Photoreal HD textures
    Accurate stunning 3D models
    Good frame rates even on medium systems
    Accurate custom ground with custom ground textures
    Accurate made buildings
    3D security cameras in front of the terminal
    3D switches on the gate

    Make sure you add this great scenery product to your collection today.
    Iceland, Greenland, United Kingdom, Denmark and other countries are only a short flight away.

    Installation Info:

    This product is equipped with an automatic installer and requires a unique serial key.
    Please uninstall all versions of similar airports you may have installed, prior to installing this product.

    Compatibility Info:

    This product is compatible with popular payware add-ons.
    We are not able to guarantee a compatibility with all freeware add-ons out there.
    If there are a few issues, either remove that freeware addon. or visit our support forum.

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    FS9 (FS2004)
    2 GB Ram - Minimum
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Diskspace of 473 MB
    Download size: 166 MB
    256 MB graphic card - Minimum
    1 GB or better graphic card - recomended
    2.0 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or higher recommended)


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