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    One of the most famous and distinctive jet trainer to ever have been used by the French Air Force, and today a real aerobatics companion appearing in airshows all around the world.

    Based on the CM.170 Magister featuring Marboré II engines, our aicraft has been built from the ground-up exclusively for MSFS 2020.

    A very neat work allowed us to propose this detailed 3D model, one step above what you will commonly find in the game. A special attention was given to aircraft systems, and you will find custom behaviours for electrical, hydraulic, fuel and oxygen systems, amongst other things.

    The CM.170 Magister is a two-seat, twin-engine military jet trainer produced by French aviation company Fouga. The Magister took its first flight on July 23, 1952 and entered service in 1956. A total of 929 of the aircraft were built, and they served the militaries over a dozen countries, notably those of France, Germany, and Israel. While the Magister was employed primarily for pilot training, some were used in ground attack roles through the years, notably during the Six-Day War and in the Congo Crisis.

    The CM.170 features tandem seating, a main wing with tip tanks that has a span of 39 feet, 10 inches, and a V-tail empennage. Two Turbomeca Marboré IIA turbojets power the Magister, producing up to 880 pounds of thrust each. The jet has a maximum speed of 444 miles per hour, a range of 750 miles, and a ceiling of 36,000 feet above sea level.

    With an endurance of up to 2 hours and 40 minutes, pilots have opportunity after opportunity to learn, hone, and perfect their aviation skills in the Fouga CM.170 Magister. Sporty, fun, but also forgiving, this is a responsive craft offering versatility through a range of flight types, from leisurely sightseeing to aggressive aerobatics.

    - Highly detailed 3D model
    - 4k pixels PBR textures
    - 8 liveries, including historical French Aerobatic Patrol
    - Accurate flight dynamics based on connoisseurs feedback
    - Custom EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) to manage aircraft settings
    - High definition audio
    - Custom hydraulic system with simulated emergency circuit
    - Custom fuel system with fuel dumping capabilities
    - Custom oxygen circuit
    - Custom interior and exterior lighting
    - Smoke system including several colors
    - Various weapons can be displayed
    - VR compatible
    - MSFS checklists containing all procedures
    - Operational copilot cockpit area
    - AI compatible
    - Comprehensive flight manual downloadable on our website
    - Paintkit to download on our website


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    Great sounds, handling and detail. feels real life


    A very high quality addon. The turbine sound and flight model are great! On top of that AzurPoly is doing a good job on addressing the minor issues and adding goodies along with updates like gps map and autopilot in the EFB. If you like these trainer aircrafts I suggest to have a look at AzuPoly's TB-30, like with this Fouga you won't regret it.


    Absolutly love it. What a amazing aircraft the sound and the graphics are superb :)


    Magnifique job de la part de Azurpoly ! Extérieur et intérieur, comportement en vol (depuis le décollage jusqu'à l'atterrissage...) Bravo ! Quant aux sons, avec un cockpit cold&dark, quel plaisir incroyable de démarrer les deux turbines Marboré VI .... rien que pour cela ! BRAVO ! 5* méritées !
    Il serait bien que l'avion soit estampillé comme partiellement compatible Vr puisqu'il n'est pas possible de manipuler le manche avec les contrôleurs VR. En espérant que le développeur finisse rapidement le travail de ce côte là, je lui suggère de se rapprocher du Spitfire qui était l'un des premiers avions sur le market place et qui prenait déjà très bien en charge cette possibilité. Vivement une mise ajour.


    Very immersive add on for MSFS Very nice to have the classic feel in this sim


    Excellent product, the sound set is fantastic, the flight model seems believable, and the developer regularly updates and adds features. Highly recommended.


    Very nice simulation of the CM.170 Magister. Turbine sound is great as is the flight model. Take offs, aerobatics and landings are a breeze. Textures are very good and panel lights are very well done. Onboard oxygen system is simulated too. The version 1.1 has an improved EFB with a gps map and com/nav status, fine tuned turbine power and fuel consumption. A great addon, you can't go wrong.
    Une des meilleures modélisations pour MSFS, bravo AZURPOLY ! Depuis le mise à jour, le réalisme notamment dans les phases de décollage et d'atterrissage est saisissant, le comportement est à quelques millimètres du vrai. Merci et continuez pour faire de cet appareil légendaire un joyau incontournable. Bons vols les amis. Thierry / LFLT


    This plane is a little gem. A friend of mine recommended it to be. I had already been using a very nice freeware version of the Fouga Magister so I was initially reluctant to spend money on a second one. But after my buddy pestered me for several days I pulled the trigger. To make it short: Azurpoly produced an extremely detailed, beautifully textured 3D model that doesn't have to hide from the likes of JustFlight, Carenado and Asobo. The sounds also feel quite good to me (never listened to an actual Magister) and the plane is a real joy to fly. While some MSFS aircraft have a very generic feel to them, this one has a few quirks and it has character. Can't put my finger on it, but it just feels right. In this price range you will find few aircraft with this level of quality. Actually there are many many planes out there which are significantly inferior and cost more money. So if you're looking for an old fashioned 1950s IFR capable subsonic jet trainer search no further.


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