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    In Bangkok, there are two airports.  The old one is Don Mung Airport (VTBD) and the new one is Suvarnabhumi Airport (VTBS)

    The name “Suvarnabhumi” means “The golden land” or the land of abundance. Suvarnabhumi back to the Budda Era means the southeast Asia. This name was given by the King Bhumiphol (King Rama IX) to the new airport that replaces Don Maung Airport.  This is the gateway to Thailand. The airport project was first established in 1973. Finally after years of waiting, it was officially open in 29th September 2006. Murphy/Jahn Architects designed this airport with glass walls, metal frames and canvas. The airport has 2 parallel runways. It has a total of 120 parking bays (51 with contact gates and 69 remote gates). 
    This airport is not available  in default FSX because it was opened after the release of the game.  This scenery is just for FSX Acceleration and Prepare3D only.  This scenery is brand new and made with the recent knowledge of scenery making to optimize the frame rate to be as good as possible.


    • Main terminal and concourses was made in detail including 3d metal frames. All the parts has been design to make frame rate better than any other previously released versions of this airport. There is no interior structures in this version. Unnecessary details were discarded to make frame rate at its best.  Yet, the outside details that you can see from the aircraft you flying are magnificent.
    • Jetways were made in detail but only static ones are provided. 
    • Photoscenery was used for the whole area of the airport.  Unfortunately, the maximum resolution of satellite image in this region is about 60 cm/pixel.
    • Custom made lines, taxiway and runway.  Those are made with fully optimized texture.  Frame rate is much better than previous version.
    • FSX style surfaces cover on asphalt runway and taxiway.  Rain effect and some light reflection are visible.
    • Real 3D grass changes its color through the season.
    • Custom made 3d taxiway edge lights with new technique.  Less impact on frame rate from almost 4000 lights.  Light splash for the entire light poles, illuminate the entire airport with realistic night light.
    • Real 3D ALSF-2 landing light system.
    • Runway guard lights to all runway holding points.
    • Visual Guide Docking System provide guide when parking to the contact gate.
    • Animated Thai Maintenance Hangar doors.  You can open them by dial Nav2 to 112.00.
    • Real 3d cars in the parking lot.  The models are custom made and available in Thailand.
    • Service vehicles in FSX have some good features but we cannot change the livery for only one airport.  We have made some animated vehicles for this airport of which are Thai Airways livery.  However, today technology is still not possible to make this vehicle recognize your aircraft and wait for you.  They will continue running on their path without crash.
    • Surrounding area including Thanacity Golf Course, King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Logistic Center, Airport link station and Burapha Vitae Expressway.
    • Charts are not included but you can get the real thing from http://www.aerothai.co.th
    • AES supported from AES V2.30.x

    Additional Download
    Since this airport is not available in FSX, so there is no AI by default.  You need to download AI for this airport.  Or redirect the AI you have to this airport.
    Download is available from your customer account.

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration or Gold Edition)
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (recommended)
    Dual Core 2.53 Ghz RAM 2GB, Graphic card 512 Mb to 1G.


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    Great scenery! Did have some glitches, lights were too bright, and the frame rates were a rollercoaster very choppy. Also one thing that can't be fixed even with the directx 10 fixer was the roadway lights going towards the airport. They have a black patch where the light shines at night in the day time. Support didn't answer emails but I was able to find them on facebook and helped me out on there. After everything it was flawless. Only major issue is no AI traffic. But that's to be expected since AI traffic can only exist on airports that come with fsx/fsx:se originally. So if you upgrade an airport such as Mexico City that airport already existed in fsx originally so you will get AI traffic in the upgraded version.


    Im totally disappointed. Its a nice scenery, but useless without Ai Traffic. I tried the UT Live, but there are only two, sometimes three planes at the airport. Not enough on a hub like VTBS. I also tried the AI Installer, but nothing happened. I tried to get support of A_A Sceneries, but nobody answered. Safe the money for another scenery.
    The scenery from my eyes and i think i sum it up perfectly if i do say so myself are the following. The terminal modeling and ramp areas are very very good but thats it! So what you have is a half baked package because all the following areas let it down massively and is why i have not bought this or class it as a serious payware product. The base image is washed out and blurry, the road textures and highways are poorly textured and aligned, a lack in texture baking in many areas, too many flat open spaces that could have been filled with autogen and trees, i also think if your going to include the greater area outside the airport which seems to be the case here you really have to commit to it and it looks lazy here and depends too much on the base image which as i said is washed out and grainy. Car parks and finer details are lacking and in now way is this a HD style product. Also in regards to AI traffic, you wont get AI traffic if your using older AI flightplans as P3D doesnt have VTBS included. The sim database is older than VTBS in real life just like OTHH in Doha so most traffic AI wise will fly to the previous airport which is represented in the sim; that being VTBD in Bangkok (now operates domestics flights only). You will need to edit AI flightplan data to change airlines from flying into VTBD and get them to fly into VTBS which isnt a quick fix; alot of airlines fly to VTBS!


    Update earlier review about the stutter issue when approaching RW19..support responded within reasonable timeframe and provided remedy and stutter issue is resolved by removing one photoscenery file of buildings. Airport and terrains still look great and less the irritating micro stutter issue.


    Sceneries are gorgeous.. but experience bad micro stutters every time on approach right down to landing. Night being worst than day especially view from wing. Suspect some of the custom buildings or texture leading to the airport causes the stuttering..


    Fantastic detail and perfect frames, one of the best airport addons I have, and I have a lot. This sits up there in the big leagues with any FLyTampa or Aerosoft product available today.


    great scenery.but had a problem with my a/c sinking into the rwys. and strange behavior when on taxiways.i solved the problem by disabling my traffic pro 6.it seems ai traffic addons cause confict with this scenery.all good now Derek ball


    Excellent scenery. Frame rates do take somewhat a hit and I have a very powerful machine. But detail is very nice. Great job, love flying into VTBS.


    One of the best scenery! A_A Sceneries have really out some time into this. Extraordinary!


    Great scenery, very detailed but very hard of FPS.

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