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    This is a try-before-buy product. You can download the file here: 


    EditVoicepack allows you to enhance the ATC speech engine included in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® simulation software.
    With EditVoicepack your flight simulator ATC will be able to:
    1. Use standard ICAO phrases.
    The ATC phrases included with your flight simulator is primarily based on FAA terminology used in the United States which differs quite noticeable from the ICAO standards used in most countries around the world.
    2. Speak faster
    EditVoicepack lets you adjust how fast the flight simulator ATC speaks providing a more realistic experience around congested international airports. Speaking faster also allows ATC to direct traffic more efficiently and you will find it easier to communicate with ATC.
    3. Know more airline callsigns.
    There are thousands of airlines and other flight operators in the world having a callsign assigned. Your flight simulator ATC only includes a few hundreds. EditVoicepack adds more than four thousand additional callsigns and also allows you to create your own.
    4. Know more aircraft types.
    The flight simulator ATC can only say the name of a few aircraft types. EditVoicepack adds additional aircraft manufactures and types.
    5. Know more airport names.
    Your flight simulator contains more than ten thousand airports and airfields. ATC can only say the name of a small fraction of them. EditVoicepack adds some of the smaller airports and allows you to add more on your own.


    One or more of the following Flight Simulators:
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
    Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v2
    Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v3
    Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4

    One of the following operating systems:
    Windows 7 SP1
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 10

    Newer operating systems might be working as well. Visit
    http://editvoicepack.com for updated information.



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    Great addition to flight sim.Love the voices of male and female controlers A must have for flight simulator.Had relasme


    Great first impressions You can tell that years of development went into this mod. First impressions are fantastic! You get the winds at the same time you get your take-off clearance from the tower! more controller voices! You can choose between FAA and ICAO terminology! Controllers say 'bye' to you as you go from one frequency to the next! Modern callsigns! Airports with correct/updated names! (no more G_O_B_D you get the real name with this) Controller voices can be speeded up and manipulated individually (some default voices speak quicker than others, so this tool lets you manipulate voices to your hearts desire) I stick with values between 20-25% faster which sounds more natural. The installer is easy to use!


    Essential part of any FS / Prepar3d setup, and excellent value


    I have been running this utility since my FSX days. Its a must, sorting out Callsigns and improving on the phraseology is great. Only ever had one problem with it and had it sorted by devloper within 24 hours. The Update for V5 was really fast. Highly recommendable


    Great utility for improving ATC. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how the to build "phrases", by combining parts of existing ones, but once it clicked, it's easy and it's great to have your own airline featured in the ATC chatter. Lars supports the program very well and it's has been well thought out.


    Nice Demo. I raelly like it. Thanks for that nice tool.


    After using some of the other ATC programs out there I stumbled across this. It defiantly improves the default, which in my opinion, "sounds better than any of the others". The first time I installed it I was able to create our VA "Worldwide Virtual Airlines" and now have the controllers correctly communicate with me when I am in a VA jet as "Worldwide XXX. Cool!!!


    Super pleased with this product. It has allowed me to change phrasing for the smaller airports, so that instead of 06C, FSX will now say "Schaumburg", etc. Also though the community feature, it adds a bunch of new airport and airline call signs. Yes, there is a freeware version, but why?


    This is a great little program for correcting airline call signs meaning that there is no longer a need to adjust them via the aircraft.cfg file (a process that rarely works anyway). It also enhances the realism to the voice exchange with ATC. However, it does not change the voice accents of the flight crews. It works well with FSX:Steam.


    An absolutely excellent program! My main use for it is to speed-up ATC. You can fully adjust the rate at which ATC speaks as I find the default speed way too slow. The price is very reasonable and I’ve had no problems whatsoever using it. I highly recommend it!

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