О разработчике

We chose the name to try to identify and evoke the era of aircraft we’re interested in developing. The era of Big Radials in our mind is from WW2 to the Cold War. From Tomahawks and Corsairs, to Caribou and Expeditors, to Mitchells and Mallards, all exceptional aircraft of their era.

We believe that aircraft in a Flight Simulation should engender an emotional response in the pilot; joy, nostalgia, exhilaration. Through this media we have the ability to experience things we might otherwise not in the real world. It can also lead us to chasing those dreams further.

We aim for all Big Radials aircraft to be accurate in design, sound and layout, allow you to jump in and just #FlyTheDamnPlane as well as maybe teach you something about the aircraft and its history through documentation or any accompanying Bush Trips or Missions.

The term “Study Level” has become such a buzz word and IMHO a detriment to enjoying an aircraft. Our aircraft aim to be enjoyable as well as allowing you to follow complete procedures from start to finish without needing a twelve week conversion course.

We are inspired by developers like SoulMade Simulations (DHC-2 Beaver for X-Plane), The Digital Dakota Team (Manfred Jahn C-47 for FSX/P3D), Milton Shupe (and his many collaborators), DC Designs and IRIS Simulations.