EUR 24.95
If you previously purchased BIJAN HABASHI - FALL SEASON + TREE LOD FIX - MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - FALL SEASON MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - FALL/SPRING MULTI SEASON + TREE LOD - MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - SEASONS - SPRING NORTH, FALL SOUTH - MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - SPRING SEASON FOR MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - SPRING/FALL SEASON + TREE LOD FIX - MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - SUMMER SEASON V6.16 - MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - SUMMER/WINTER MULTI SEASON - MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - TREES LOD FIX + SUMMER SEASON MSFS or BIJAN HABASHI - WINTER SEASON + TREE LOD FIX - MSFS at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 18.95 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!

If you previously purchased BIJAN HABASHI - SEASONS - SPRING NORTH, FALL SOUTH - MSFS at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 18.95 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN!

Four Season Pack - an ongoing project and always improving.

What does “4 season pack” include?

  1. Automatic season installer and auto season changer.
  2. Over 70 new multi ecosystems featuring over 45 trees, shrubs and bushes which are placed in the world based on native vegetation.
  3. Spring flower blossoms in all cities.
  4. Flower fields for spring season in many parts of the world, UK, Africa, Asia, Europe, USA
  5. New tree distribution by elevation.
  6. Works great with photogrammetry trees, including new WU8 (Australia)
  7. Photogrammetry trees removal from cities (ongoing project)
  8. Experimental "Terrain Mask" for fall and winter seasons that covers 48 countries. (see readme.txt) 
  9. New snow mask so roads and runways can be cleared of snow in winter snow.
  10. Four multi seasons. Changes seasons on the opposite side of the hemisphere.
  11. Real tree model of Joshua trees in Joshua National Park - (24800 Joshua trees).
  12. New 3d tree (Pinus Sylvestris) (5000 in Norway)
  13. New Blood Dragon trees in Socotra Island, Yemen  (3000 Trees)
  14. Famous Hills in China by Li River
  15. Rocky cliff islands.
  16. 3d winter trees in small patches in specific areas only.
  17. 3d Plumeria trees in Honolulu, Hawaii
  18. 17,000 Rhododendron 3d trees in mountain of Nepal in Sagarmatha National Park
  19. Baobab 3d trees in Madagascar
  20. Wildflowers and flower farms in Amsterdam and Africa, and UK for spring season.
  21. Covers the whole earth.
  22. True to life size trees
  23. Cleared trees in 100's of runways.
  24. Barely have any impact on performance.
  25. Easy install in community folder.
  26. Over 60 different shapes and species of trees and bushes. You will discover more variety of trees in most places. You will now find various sizes and colors of palm trees in tropical areas. Trees have been added to many areas based on native trees. Many conifer trees that were placed in wrong areas have been removed and replaced with deciduous trees. Many of the very tall trees have been replaced with shorter ones.
  27. Every season changes colors depending on region. conifers in north Canada or Alaska and other colder areas will remain green no matter what season you choose.
    Tropical areas will stay green all year long.  
  28. All trees now have normal and natural size, depending on region. Some trees have been enlarged (mostly within cities to match real life trees.  Some trees have been reduced in other places. This is done based on research and studying images from Google and Bing data. You will notice denser vegetation in most areas.



Here are list of feature that are ONLY available with 4 season pack:

  1. Spring flower blossoms in all cities.
  2. Flower fields in many parts of the world, UK, Africa, Asia, Europe, USA
  3. More vareity of trees and colors in each season.
  4. Gradual transition of trees in different elevations.
  5. Customized trees in upper UK and Scottland areas - Removed/reduced all vegetation from higher elevations.
  6. Photogrammetry trees removal from cities (ongoing project)
  7. Terrain Mask
  8. Snow mask so roads and runways can be cleared of snow in winter.  
  9. Multi ecosystem in the same area which is only doable with SDK, resulting in a variety of trees in the same area and creating lush forests, smooth transition.
  10. 60 fall color sets with much more variety of colors instead of 3 preset ones.
  11. Live correction of fall tree colors by using live cam available in several countries.
  12. 3d leafless winter trees in several cities
  13. 3d Joshua trees in Joshua National Park
  14. 3d Pinus Sylvestris trees
  15. 3d Blood Dragon trees
  16. 3d Plumeria trees in Honolulu, Hawaii
  17. 3d Rhododendron trees
  18. 3d baobab trees
  19. 3d bamboo trees
  20. 3d banana trees
  21. Florida Mangrove trees
  22. Black Forest in Germany
  23. Black Forest in Colorado
  24. Custom fall trees in the Rocky Mountains.
  25. Customized fall season in Florida to remove fall colored trees. 
  26. Famous Hills in China by Li River
  27. Rocky cliff islands and in China
  28. Manually corrected vegetation in 1000's regions which cannot be fixed by only using biomes. 
  29. Cleared trees in 100's of runways.
  30. Accepting changes by user's request.
  31. Adding exclusions to work with 3rd party airports.
  32. Instant support and frequent updates


Spring Season mod will change trees and shrubs to shades of beautiful spring colors within cities only. Forest and areas outside cities will have bright spring green colors only.  You will find colorful trees such as cherry blossom, jacaranda, wisteria, etc. There are pink, purple, white, yellow colored trees. 

All trees and shrubs now have beautiful shades of green and different sizes.
Added a variety of tree types to each region.
Added missing palm trees in some tropical areas.
Added cactus to some of the desert areas.

This mod will convert trees all over the world into fall season colors. Tropical areas will have less fall colors since they stay mostly green all year round.
This is a must have to bring the beauty of fall season into this amazing sim. All trees and shrubs have now beautiful brown, green, orange, yellow and red colors, depending on region.

Winter Mod changes most trees to multiple brown and gray colors. (except conifer trees) Brown/gray trees look much more natural in winter and with snow instead of green trees with snow.
Most other trees and shrubs now have brown and pale green colors, depending on region.

Winter season does not automatically place snow in scenes. If you want to see snow, you will have to add snow manually in the weather setting or fly in an area in live weather to see snow. Bare winter trees are only placed in specific spots.

Four new in between seasons

Four new in between seasons for smoother transition between seasons:

Late Winter - Early Spring' - opposite season in the southern hemisphere. Mixed winter and spring colors trees. Spring trees don't have any blossoms in this set.

Late Fall - Early Winter  - opposite season in the southern hemisphere.More vivid and brighter fall colors mixed with brown winter trees.

Late Summer - Early Fall  - opposite season in the southern hemisphere.Green summer trees mixed with yellow/orange fall colors.

Late Spring - Early Summer  - opposite season in the southern hemisphere. Mix of spring color trees with summer green trees.


To get notification update visit:  and check the box "product updates"

Season Update V7.2
Feb. 8th, 2022

Reduced some of the large trees in Australia which was caused by World Update 8 (Australia)
Other minor enhancements.

Season Update V7.1
January 29th, 2022

  • New installer app with new features and easy navigation and enhanced auto season. You don't need Java to install this new app.  Installation tutorial:
  • Los Angeles photogrammetry trees reduced in Santa Monica mountains, Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park, Burbank, Glendale, around LAX, most parks and beaches.
  • China hills missing texture fixed.
  • Removed trees near runways: LOAV and KIWA.
  • Minor fixes and improvements; including Scandinavia and tree in Texas.


Season Update V7.00
January 17th, 2022

  • New software to automatically install seasons, terrain masks and other mods listed in the software.It also features an "Auto season" feature which selects and installs the current season and will change to next season every 45 days since there are 8 seasons now.  Installation tutorial
  • Four new in between seasons for smoother transition between seasons:
  • Late Winter - Early Spring'' - opposite season in the southern hemisphere. Mixed winter and spring colors trees. Spring trees don't have any blossoms in this set.
  • Late Fall - Early Winter"  - opposite season in the southern hemisphere.More vivid and brighter fall colors mixed with brown winter trees.
  • Late Summer - Early Fall"  - opposite season in the southern hemisphere.Green summer trees mixed with yellow/orange fall colors.
  • Late Spring - Early Summer"  - opposite season in the southern hemisphere. Mix of spring color trees with summer green trees.
  • Southern Florida updates. Updated trees and added 3d models of new dead trees, trees with moss hanging, mangrove trees, cattail grass, tall grass, water lilies in parts of the areas.. Can be searched in POI within sim. Search for "everglades".  (WARNING: Due to high amount of 3d tree models and grass in Everglades, FPS will drop - This is why only specific areas are filled with 3d trees and grass) 
  • Water Mask in Kauai, Hawaii. By Lihue airport. Water mask will now be part of 4 season pack. Every update, there will be a new water mask.
  • 3d tree folder is now part of seasons folders. There is no longer a separate folder for 3d trees. You can delete the existing 3d tree folder.
  • New model asset folder has been added which should be installed from the new app or manually.
  • Replaced photogrammetry trees with 3d bare winter trees  around Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • Added updated fall trees in alps (see POI)
  • Enhanced winter colors in Rio, Brazil 
  • Removed white frozen trees in Alaska
  • Removed tall trees from near runway 01 in TDCF
  • Reduced winter tree colors in parts of mid California
  • Removed palms from Tasmanian in summer season.


Season Update V6.7
December 26th, 2021

  • Reduced Photogrammetry trees in Chicago
  • Reduced Photogrammetry trees in Portsmouth, UK
  • Custom fall season colors in Chicago
  • Custom fall season colors in Stockholm
  • 5000 leafless 3d winter trees added in parts of Stockholm and by airports.
  • Custom fall season colors in Oslo
  • Custom fall season colors in Copenhagen
  • Fixed Black Forest outer edges in Germany.
  • England and Scotland tree elevation data updated. Higher elevations have no trees or only small bushes. Covers entire England and Scotland.
  • Added 100's of pine plantations in the UK.
  • Winter tree colors updated.
  • Added new updated Heather flowers in the UK. Search in POI.
  • Added new updated Yellow Gorse Bushes in the UK that stretches about 200 miles on the west coast.  Search in POI. (you can now delete the entire Gorse bush folder as this is now part of spring, summer and fall season since they bloom from end of Jan. to Nov.
  • Ice covered, frozen trees added in the lower part of Alaska.
  • Other minor corrections.


Season Update V6.61
December 12th, 2021

Seasons: Minor fixes in colors and 3d trees.

Terrain Mask Version 1.64
Increased internal mask opacity so roads and runways can stay clear of snow in winter (even with heavy snow by using value 100 in terrain mask), in these expanded areas: Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia, Japan, UK, and Mid to East part of USA. 


Season Update V6.6
December 8th, 2021

  • Reduced purplish color cast from winter trees caused by recent SU7 updates.
  • Updated trees in parts of Thailand and Cambodia
  • Updated/fixed 3d winter trees in UK
  • Removed trees close to following runways: LEAX, SKBO, LFML, EDDM
  • Updated terrain mask that could prevent content manager from loading.


Season Update V6.5
December 2nd, 2021

Added 3d winter trees around following airports:

  • Shoreham UK
  • Heathrow UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Glasgow  UK
  • Manchester, UK
  • Exeter, UK
  • Bristol, UK

Restored water mask for Rum Cay Island 23.68065931869176, -74.84596960313267

Removed trees near runways in following airports:  EKBI, EDDM, EDMA, LFSB, EKCH

Trees around Nuremberg Castle updated.

Canary islands updated. (Trees based on elevation data)

Added "Black Forest" in Colorado - Evergreen pine trees.

Updated winter trees colors in many locations.

Reduced photogrammetry trees in following cities:  (mostly in parks and open areas)

  • Tokyo
  • Las Vegas (including Las Vegas Blvd.)
  • Warner Robins, Georgia
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Montgomery, Alabama

Reduced fall colors in Texas areas (matched colors based on city cam)

Reduced palm trees in Ecuador and other parts of tropicals.

Reduced density of some of the palm tree fields in tropical areas.

Northern Andean páramo trees updated

Tamaulipan mezquital tree updated

Terrain mask 1.63 update:

Extended mask to parts of the west USA.
Added a new grey mask color which makes all runways and roads greyish instead of brown. Due to requests, brown color is still accessible for those who prefer brown color.

If you wish for runways and roads to be visible during heavy snow or live weather with snow, use 98%, 99% or 100% value in xml file. (instruction included). This will assure all runways and roads are always visible in any snowy condition.

Fixed a conflict that caused content manager to disappear in MSFS.
Fixed a conflict that caused road traffic to disappear in few parts of the world.


Update V6.4
November 21st, 2021

  1. Fixed a name conflict with Asobo's SU7 update which caused some pink colors to appear in some airports. (Must update 3d tree folder)
  2. Reduced photogrammetry trees in Vienna, Austria
  3. Reduced photogrammetry trees in Frankfurt, Germany
  4. Reduced photogrammetry trees in Leipzig, Germany
  5. Reduced photogrammetry trees in Zurich, Switzerland
  6. Removed trees near runway 07L/25R in EDDF (Frankfurt)
  7. Enhanced fall colors in parts of Germany, France, Czechia, Austria and Switzerland. (within cities only)


Update V6.3
November 18th, 2021

1- New York

  • Removed photogrammetry trees along coasts and rivers (~240 miles)
  • Removed all trees from bridges, railroads, highways, ships, cargo containers, etc.
  • Removed photogrammetry trees from all parks and golf courses and few city blocks.
  • Removed/cleaned some of the broken debris and boats along shores and added real 3d boats. (to see all of 3d boats you must have "Island, sunken boats" installed) Note: Not all photogrammetry trees are removed.
  • You may be lucky to see 100's of seagulls flying around.

2- San Francisco

  • Removed photogrammetry trees along coasts, parks and places that were most visible.
  • Removed trees from bridges, ships, cargo containers, etc.

3- Nuremberg, Germany
Removed photogrammetry trees from parks and along rivers and some city blocks.

4- Updated flowers in Valley of flowers, India

5- Updated fall trees in south France

Other minor fixes.




Update V6.20
November 11th, 2021

  1. Removed about 95% of all photogrammetry trees in Naples, Italy.
  2. Removed/cleaned some of the photogrammetry trees in Vancouver, Canada
  3. Vancouver fall season updated in surrounding hills.
  4. Enhanced fall season for all Colorado National Parks.
  5. Updates fall season trees in Iowa, parts of Kansas, and Missouri. 
  6. Trees removed from KHOU  airport.
  7. Trees removed from EDLV airport.
  8. Bora Bora - removed sunken hut satellite images from water and added few boats.
  9. Enhanced spring color trees in most cities.



Update V6.19
November 4th, 2021

  1. Fixed the conflict issue with FlyTampa Athens airport.
  2. Updated trees in some part of Colorado
  3. Updated trees in Greek Islands
  4. Updated trees in Ethiopian desert.
  5. Added POI for Pinus Sylvestris trees in Skuleskogen National Park in Sweden

Terrain Mask update V1.5

1- Option to change opacity of mask in xml text file.
2- This update should reduce tile popping that few are experiencing.
3- Removed terrain masks from some parts of the Greek islands and Athens and west of the USA to modify.
4- See "knows issues.txt" so you are aware of the current issues.


Update V6.18
November 1st, 2021

Fall colors in UK are now less vibrant.
All trees in higher elevation in UK have been replaced with smaller bushes.
Most winter tree colors updated.
Added more fall trees in mid USA states and parts of Canada.
Removed trees close to runways in Athens.
Removed few tree on Bremen airport (EDDW)
Removed few wrong trees Tahiti island.
Removed excess palm trees in few cities in north CA.
Fixed wrong colors showing in few parts of Brazil and China.
POI list updated

Terrain Mask Version 1.4
1- Changed opacity in some locations. 
2- Terrain Mask now covers mid to west USA, Canada, Alaska, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, west of Russia.
4- Some masks in West USA were removed to enhance and will be applied in the next update.
5- Reduced tiles from 512x512 to 32x32 to reduce tiling popping.


Season version V6.17
October 23th, 2021

1- Removed bright eucalyptus trees from southern hemisphere.
2- Excess palm trees from parts of Florida removed.
3- Updated Fall season trees in parts of North East USA.


Update V6.16
October 19th, 2021

Terrain colors adjusted for Fall/Winter season for Entire USA, Europe, and Japan. (see coverage map Terrain mask map coverage1.jpg and Terrain mask map coverage2.jpg - More areas will be added in following updates)
Note: This is an experimental feature. This changes terrain colors to brownish tones and less saturated greens so it blends well with trees in fall or winter seasons. It also changes textures for roads and runways. This is why it is in a separate folder in case you want to remove it.
POI added for most 3d trees.
Updated entire Japan biomes.
Updated trees in Northwestern Himalayan mountains and cities.
Updated summer trees in Sierra Nevada forests.
Updated trees in Nansei Island.
Updated fall colors in upper florida.
Bamboo trees updated.
Elevation tree line fix for Striding Edge, uk (more areas will be updated in following updates)


Update V6.15
October 8th, 2021

  1. Tasmania spring season colors fixed.
  2. Japan fall season issues fixed. 
  3. Updated Southern California fall season colors and bush sizes.
  4. Removed palm trees from the end of runway in Bugalaga.
  5. Palm tree size reduced in some areas.
  6. Removed the trees in front of Rwy 28R LOWK Klagenfurt
  7. Fixed tree issues in LFLJ airport in all seasons
  8. Changed trees to bushes in Heligoland island
  9. Other minor fixes and enhancements.


Update V6.14
September 24th, 2021

1- Enhanced fall season for Aspen, Colorado 
Yellow, orange and brown pines trees, yellow birch trees and other colorful trees added in the area

2- Enhanced fall season for Alps
Small patches of yellow and brown pines as well as mixe of pine trees added throughout the whole alps mountains.

3- Fixed fall season colors in Managua city.

4- Minor fixes and enhancements.



Update V6.13
September 12th, 2021

Many cities in Siberia and Russia updated in all seasons
Lebanon trees update.
California mountain trees update.


Update V6.12
September 11th, 2021

Fall color enhancement in most part of the world.
Adjusted fall season trees in Switzerland.
Removed tall trees from Heligoland, Germany
Updated trees in Northern African cities.


Update V6.11
September 8th, 2021

Enhanced fall season created for Toronto and Los Angeles.
Removed excess palm trees from Everglades, Florida and some part of Sri Lanka
New York central park winter season update.


Update V6.10
August 29th, 2021

Enhanced Fall cities: Paris, London, Ottawa
Enhanced spring season in Osaka, Japan. (POI added)
St Barch island update. (summer season)
LGSK - reduced tree heights.
WMKK (placed palm tree plantations around the airport)
Added few palm trees in Jeju Island within the city.
Cairo city and Nile river area vegetation update.


Update V6.09 
August 22th, 2021

Enhanced Fall Season for Washington DC, USA and Berlin, Germany.
Added missing trees on mountains around KEB airport.
Tahiti Island Update.
Pink/purple colors around airports were fixed in the previous version.

Update V6.08 
August 20th, 2021

Pine tree colors correction.
Updated bushes in North China and Mongolia.


Update V6.07 
August 17th, 2021

Fixed pink colors around airports.


Update V6.06 
August 10th, 2021

1- Updated  trees in Sedona, Arizona
2- Updated Northern Pacific Alaskan coastal forests 
3- Updated  trees in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia 
4- Added ~5,000 pinus sylvestris in Norway:
GPS: 59.098337461301305, 9.713335649241145
5- Removed trees from Bealach na Bà and Darmoor, UK
6- Remove some photogrammetry trees in Long beach port, CA
7- Japan fix in progress - partially covered missing trees in parts of forest for fall season. More fix in next update.
8- Added Burgundy Prunus trees in cities for summer season.
9- Fixed issues with Eucalyptus trees.
10- Yosemite Valley Fall season update.
11- Updated Sardinia islands for all 4 seasons.
12- Saint Barth island update
13- Pine tree colors update in fall season for the entire world.



Update V6.05 (SU5)
August 5th, 2021

Added missing pine trees in Otter Mountains in canada
Hawaii jungles enhanced.
Fixed pine trees in New Jersey area
Fixed/Removed eucalyptus trees and few part of world.
Other minor enhancements.


Update V6.04 (SU5 Compatible)
August 1st., 2021

Compatibility with Sim Update 5. Older season version will not work with sim update 5.
Kauai, Hawaii jungles enhanced. New size and color variation.
Added Pinus Sylvestris trees in Skuleskogen National Park in Sweden.
Manila airport trees restored.
Singapore airport trees restored..
Palm trees on Santa Monica and Venice beaches (Los Angeles) restored.
Amsterdam spring trees restored.
New York Central Park winter trees for fall and winter season.


Update V6.00 (SU5)
July 27th, 2021

Compatibility with Sim Update 5. Older season version will not work with sim update 5.
Some of the tree size in every city in the world is reduced to work better with photogrammetry mode on.
Added color variety to trees and shrubs.
3000 Dragon blood trees added in Socotra Island, Yemen. (in the mountains between Hadiboh toward south.
Bora Bora update. Now all huts are complete on the island.
New Zealand - Updated trees in south east regions.
New Zealand - Custom fall season colors for Nelson city and ArrowTown.
Removed trees from ships and bridges in USS Lexington, TX
Removed trees from ships in San Diego ports.
Update giant redwood trees in Yosemite. GPS: 36.45199953879019, -118.6120654751701
Innsbruck, LOWI winter trees are now part of winter season in the same folder.


Update: July 12th, 2021
Version 5.12

New 3d tree (Pinus Sylvestris) - Added 15 miles of this trees in Bolzano, Italy. (POI added - Search for Italy). Custom fall trees are added to the same area. (to be used with fall season to see fall trees) GPS: 46.51875109142693, 11.359686440007536

Added missing Tall trees in Fairways airport, Oregon.
Added more Cherry blossom clusters in Tokyo, Japan.
Added custom fall season colors in Montereal city, Canada.
Updated trees in parts of Eastern Canada and USA.

New file added faq.txt

New tree LOD with faster performance will be available by Asobo on July 27th.


Update: July 4th, 2021
Version 5.11

  • New Eucalyptus (Gum tree) with white trunk added in most of the world: USA, Europe, and more in Australia and New Zealand.
  • St Barth - Shortened trees close to runway
  • Saba Island - Increased density
  • Madeira Island - Replaced pine trees with deciduous.
  • Palm Spring, CA - Added palm trees
  • Italy - enhanced fall colors
  • Las Vegas - Reduced cactus trees.
  • Rio Grande Valley, Texas - Added palm trees.
  • Parts of Kentucky and West Virginia - Enhanced trees.
  • Fixed winter trees in southern hemisphere in cities.
  • Agriturismo Baccoleno, Asciano in Tuscany, Italy - Added Cypress tree along the road. GPS: 43.20342225730176, 11.583786000017136


Update: June 26, 2021
Version 5.1

Added 1000 plumeria trees (7 different colors) in parts of Honolulu, Hawaii. (from Int. airport toward downtown).

Added 17,000 Rhododendron (family of Azalea) in mountain of Nepal in Sagarmatha National Park
GPS: 28.507457,83.697780

Consolidate many of the folders into 3d folders.

Fixed the wrong color trees in south Jamaica.

Fixed trees in north of Kauai, Hawaii.


Update: June 16, 2021
Version 5.08

UK Yellow Gorse bushes are now in separate folder and can be removed or added in community folder. So if you don't want to see them, just remove it from community folder.

Joshua trees added in California: (24,820 Trees)

Shunan Bamboo Sea in China:  (17,500 Trees)

LOWI Airport winter trees. (11,000 leafless winter trees). The coverage of trees are about 2 x 5 miles (3.2 x 8 kilometers).
(To be used with Winter N. Summer S, Season only)

Vancouver Int. Airport Trees overlay.

MRSN, Costa Rica. Trees overlay.


Update: June 6, 2021
Version 5.07

  1. New Season: Winter North / Summer South
  2. Update on all trees.
  3. Bora Bora Island update - GPS: -16.49849754904331, -151.74165370643146
  4. Zhangjiajie hills - GPS: 29.316165649463287, 110.43470262640763
  5. Updates on CYQB airport and surrounding cities and mountains.
  6. Update on Long beach, Los Angeles port. - Removed trees from ships.



Update May 29, 2021
Version 5.06

  1. New Multi Season Fall North/Spring South Season with over 20 sets of fall colors in different locations.
  2. Manually Added 230 miles of completely new ecosystem in north and west of Nova Scotia (N.E. USA) The new areas have deciduous trees instead of conifers only . (fall season)
  3. Airport tree overlays to override other airport mods are now available in all seasons. (a separate bgl file)
  4. Black forest in Germany is now available in all seasons. (a separate bgl file)
  5. Added purple, pink, yellow flowers in Dartmoor National Park, UK.
  6. Complete redo of Sierra Nevada Forest.
  7. Removed all super tall pine trees around the world. They will be replaced with actual 3d trees.
  8. POI (point of interests):
  • 100 giant Redwood trees added in Sierra Nevada Forest. GPS: 36.609483,-118.917048
  • Added about 1000 famous hills in China, just north of Guilin city by the Li River. 
  • GPS: 25.472090074958356, 110.37745990843072
  • Added custom ecosystems in Mammoth lakes and El Capitan, Yosemite in California.
  • GPS: 37.568960,-118.968324
  • Added several cliff rock islands in Palau Penem Island (available in all seasons)
  • GPS: -0.5710936798044981, 130.27373171822512
  • Added several baobab trees in "Baobab Alley of Madagascar" (Spring/Fall season)
  • GPS: -20.250557531336383, 44.41896713284299


  • Part of the season trees were missing in Amsterdam and surrounding areas.
  • Removed palm trees in higher elevation in SE Asia.


Update May 16, 2021

New Multi Season Summer/Winter Season V5.00
1- Summer in northern hemisphere and Winter in southern hemisphere.
2- New 3d winter trees. (for multi season summer/winter season only). Sydney and Madagascar are the first regions to have these 3d trees. You can find these trees in Sydney by downtown, Opera house and airport and scattered throughout the city. There are about 260 of them in the city.
New trees will be a separate folder that you can place in your community folder.
3- New 3d Baobab trees in Madagascar. You can find these by the beach at Faux Cap city in the southern part of Madagascar.
4- Repaint of Grand Canyon National Park and Kaibab National Forest. This repaint covers 130 by 130 square miles. Video shows before and after. Left side is after.

Minor enhancement and fixes in other seasons.


Update 5.02  - Update for Multi Season for Spring/Fall

1- Added “Black Forest” in Germany (100x25 Sq. miles of pine trees) GPS: 48.34099004187883, 8.175976438972311
2- Added Heather flower fields in North York Moors National Park, UK (30x15 Sq. miles of flowers)
3- Palm trees in Santa Monica beach and Venice Beach and Sherman Way in San Fernando Valley. Palm trees along South Las Vegas Blvd in Las Vegas.
4- Lavender fields in France. GPS: 44.108013,5.399653
5- Flower fields in Castelluccio Di Norcia, Italy
6- Fix trees in Utah (St. George, Washington and Hurricane cities)
7- Update on Mount Aspiring and Mount Cook National Park New Zealand
8- SE Asia update (Thailand)
9- Override pine trees in Changi airport in Singapore (used by airport mod) to tropical trees.
10- Late Spring/Early Summer Season started.
11- New custom trees in development. Bamboo, Baobab, Birch, new leafless winter trees, etc.


Update 5.00  - Multi Season for Spring/Fall
Multi Season for Spring/Fall (Spring in northern hemisphere and Fall in southern hemisphere and tropics in equator.
(only spring/fall is done so far. Summer/Winter will be done by May 2021)

Please see this map to see where seasons are located: 
in Spring/fall mod.
New features:
New method of adding unlimited ecosystems in a single area. As an example,  even each street in a city can have different sets of trees or different colors.
Example: or this: ecosystems are being added  to all regions in the world and updates will be available weekly.

Colorful flower fields in Amsterdam, Netherland by the airport. (more will be added)

Cherry blossom clusters added in the following cities:Chicago, Saint Louise, Washington, New York, Paris, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Milano. (more cities will be added)(These are mostly placed around downtowns or rivers crossing cities or around lakes in cities or near famous landmarks.)   

Cluster of Fall trees added in Sydney, Cape Town. (more will be added)

Added cluster of flowers in Valley of Flowers National Park in India. (GPS: 30.728925363121213, 79.60534591574365)

Few flower fields of colourful crop of Rape Seed added in Thurbly, UK (more will be added)


Fixed Gustavia (trimmed some tall trees that blocked view from landing)
Caribbean shrublands - changed from tropical to dry shrubs land.
Only half of Madagascar island should have palm trees. Other half is not tropical.



Update 4.64:
Enhancements in Israel, Turkey, Greece.
Added yellow flowering gorse bushes in mid and upper part of UK and upper part of New zealand.
Updates in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Germany.


Update 4.63:
Performance increase and expanded Tree LOD for Spring Season. See map below to see latest coverage:


Update 4.62:
Expanded Tree LOD map. See map below to see latest coverage:

Update 4.61:
Expanded Tree LOD map. See map below to see latest coverage:

Fixed a tree height introduced in last update (spring season)
Reduced trees with blossom in Canada.


Update 4.60:

1- New Tree LOD - Not only this will increase LOD but also performance.  
See the map here to see where it covers:

More updates coming daily to cover more areas. These LOD changes are applied for Spring seasons currently and will be applied to other seasonss after spring is done.

There is an estimated 3 to 5 miles Tree LOD increase.

2- Fixed repeating tree patterns in one of the trees. 


Update 4.5:
1- Updates in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Turkey, Fiji, Few places in SE Asia
2- Fixed a typo in Europe which resulted in red trees.


Update 4.4:
California Mountains update.
Catalina Island update.
Middle-east (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain)
Canary Islands updates.
Balearic Island update.
Bathurst Island, Australia update.
Added missing trees in part of Alaska 
Added more evergreen trees to cities in Australia.'

Update 4.3:
1- Optimization and performance. You may gain 1 or 2 FPS with this update.
2- Iceland update - Removed most of the trees and replaced them with grass and moss.
3- Updates on tropical regions of Africa, India and Sri Lanka
4- Fixed Spring colors in Colorado and mid USA region.
5- Minor fixes and enhancements.

Update 4.2:
1- Wildflower and new bushes with flowers added in Africa (Spring Season). See new map (in gallery) to find where these flowers are. Colors on the map indicate the flower colors. In the following updates, I will expand these to other areas. 

2- Yellow Larch trees added in Finland, Russia, Mongolian (Fall Season)

3- Minor adjustments to other seasons.

I made a discovery that Tree LOD is related to latitude. LOD works best if you fly close or in Equator and it gets worse as you fly toward South and North Poles.
Hopefully Asobo will fix the LOD soon.

These GPS coordinates may help you locate the flowers in Africa:

Lavender and orange:  

Orange flowers:

Lavender and yellow:



Update: 4.10
New winter trees.
Added burnt trees by 2 volcanoes in Hawaii
Added aftermath burnt trees in Brazil and Amazon wildfires in 2020
Spring colors reduced in many areas.
Removed a few tall palm trees blocking runways.
Density of trees reduced in Tanzania.
Density of trees reduced in some rural areas.
Fixed the balance of conifers and deciduous trees in Vancouver areas.


Update: 4.06 
Japan spring update. As requested by fans in Japan.
Added more Cherry Blossom, Jacaranda and pink blossom trees in Major cities in Japan.

Fixed trees in part of Florida Keys and TFFJ Airport in Caribbean island.

Update: 4.05
Added white & light pink blooming trees in small patches around some lakes & parks in following areas in California and Mexico:
Santa Barbara, San Diego, Moorpark, San Fernando Valley (Chatsworth Park, Balboa Park, Pierce College, Northridge parks, Granada Hills, Burbank), Santa Clarita, Hansen Lake, Riverside, Perris, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Delmar.

Chula Vista, Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, La Cruz Minera, Sonora Baja California, Lazaro gardenas.

I will add more of these trees to other selected areas.


Update 4.04

  1. Updates on Poles and Greenland.
  2. Minor fixes and enhancements in Colorado forest and Himalayan mountains.
  3. Fixed wrong color in one of the trees in Tennessee and Atlanta, USA

Update 4.02

1- Added several sizes of palm trees (Tiny, short, tall, super tall) to following areas:
Los Angeles,  San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Miami and other smaller cities in the same area and all tropical regions and islands.

2- Fixed winter trees in Egypt.

3- Minor enhancements and optimizations on all seasons.

4- Added "Sitka Spruce" super tall Pine Trees (300 ft (90 m) in very small patches, in the following areas:
* Redwood California
* Southeast Alaska
* Oregon
* West of Norway
* Queen Charlotte Islands
* Northern California coastal forests and Redwood forest
* North and West of Vancouver Islands

Sitka spruce is one of the few species documented to exceed 300 ft (90 m) in height. Its name is derived from the community of *Sitka* in southeast Alaska, where it is prevalent. Its range hugs the western coast of Canada and the US, continuing south into northernmost California.

This picture shows a few patches of these tall trees. (made them red just to show size comparison to surrounding area.

Actual color and size:


Actual photos:

As you may know, Asobo reduced Tree LOD in the last sim update.
I am asking everyone to go VOTE on this page to ask Asobo to bring back the old tree LOD:

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the new trees.


Update 4.01
New updated executable software is now available for download (see install.txt file)
Enhanced spring trees in Colorada forest.
Added more palm field in west of Bahamas.

Version 4.0 

1- New Spring blossom color in small parts of cities and around parks and lakes.
Blossom tree fields are currently availble in following areas only: East USA, Eastern Australia. More areas will be added in following updates.

2- Over 20 shades of greens for more realistic natural looking trees.

3- Palm field/forests added to the following areas in all single seasons: 
Hawaii, Sri Lanka, India, Saint Martin Island, bahamas, Saint Martin, all other Caribbean Islands, and other tropical counries and islands.
(this is different than the existing palm trees which are mixed with other trees.) 

4- Asia updates: (all single seasons)
North Korea, Japan, Himalayan forest, China (North East and East of China). Includes all cities.

6- Added Pine tree plantations in Cumbria uk. (fall)

7- Added Sierra national park giant trees. (Pinus Lambertiana AKA Sugar Pine). These trees can grow up to 200 Feet. Although it’s not exact trees due to sim limitation.

 Added patches of American larch that turns yellow in fall. Tamarack (Larix laricina), also known as American larch, is a very unique member of the pine family — one that loses its needles in fall. Only one other conifer shares this deciduous nature — the bald cypress.
These yellow pines can be spotted in following regions:
Arizona and Northern Rockies and Banff national park in Canada where they grow naturally.

8- California updates on mountains and desert areas.


Update 3.6
(single seasons; Spring, summer, fall, winter) 
Spring Season V4 will be available Mid March.
See video:

New features:
1- There are now 45 species/shapes of trees, shrubs and bushes in the seasons.
2- New giant pine trees in Sierra and Sequoia National forests. Example:
(this is currently being tested and will be updated)

1- Added missing pine trees in New England area (North East USA)
2- Reduced fall and winter colors in northern Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, South Alabama, and Mississippi
3- Reduced tree density in some part of Arizona.
4- Added several new bushes/flowers in tropical areas.
5- Tree size adjustment in Florida Keys.


Update 3.04

1- For those of you who are using Orbx Airport addon/mods, you may have seen different color trees around the airports. This is because Orbx, sometimes takes the trees from the opposite side of the earth which can be different season. To fix this, I have created 4 new SINGLE seasons called "Single_SeasonPack V.35" which is available as free download. If you don't use orbx, you can still use the multi seasons.
Single seasons means the whole planet (except tropical areas) will be one season. Tropicals will always remain green.

2- Added more cactus in Baja California desert and Gulf of California
3- Cactus colors fixed (from brown to green)
4- Added missing cactus in Las Vegas in winter season.
5- Added evergreen scots pine trees in rural areas in Europe.
6- Reduce the amount and sizes of bushes in Mojave desert, Baja California desert, Chihuahuan desert, Gulf of California xeric scrub, Sonoran desert bushes.
7- Removed some of the brown trees from Florida keys.
8- Added missing blossom trees in Chicago in spring season.
9- Replaced most deciduous trees with evergreen trees in southern and western France, and north of Spain.

Update 3.03 
Enhanced/fixed trees in:

1- Orinoco wetlands in South America
2- Trinidad and Tobago in South America
3- Manus Island
4- Banda sea islands
5- Beni savanna in Bolivia
6- Parts of Cuba
7- Trees around edge of the two major lakes in Dominican Republic
8- Seychelles forests
9- Trees in Paraguay
10- Some of the smaller islands in Caribbeans

Update 3.02
1- Mato Grosso regions in Brazil - replaced winter trees with tropical.
2- South France - Added conifers in mountains.
3- Corsica Island - More bushes and scrubs and less trees.
4- Season mods now show correctly in the game content manager with correct season name and version number.

Update 3.01
1- Fixed few islands in tropical areas that didn't have the correct colors trees.
2- Added missing trees with blossom and spring colors in parts of Washington south and north Carolina and Florida

Update 3.0

Some of these changes are based on your feedback. I appreciate your support and hope to continue to make these seasons better.

  1. New spring colors (worldwide) - (Less bright and mixed with summer colors)
  2. Changes  to summer colors and trees (worldwide)
  3.  Added variety of trees in tropical areas. 
  4. Improved trees in jungles and rainforests. Trees don't look like cotton candy from above (see new picture added) 
  5. 16 new sets of Fall colors which are spread out throughout cities in the USA and Europe. You may see different fall colors in different cities.
  6. Fall colors outside cities now have new colors to blend better with mountains and grass.  
  7. Fall colors close to the equator have early fall colors. (dull green and few yellow trees). The more you fly toward the north, you will notice more fall colors.
  8. Spring and summer: Replaced some of the overgrown trees with narrower/thinner trees that blocked roads within cities.
  9. Adjusted trees (color and size) in several areas in New York, South Australia, California, Asia, Mexico, Brazil.
  10. Matched to real life size in many places, based on Google Earth 3d viewer.
  11. Matched tropical colors and trees throughout all seasons since they stay the same all year long.
  12. Fix trees in Mojave desert cities (Phoenix, Tucson, etc) in Fall season.
  13. Fixed trees in Vienna, Austria and Hungary.

Update: 2.5
Removed brown trees from summer in part of the tropical jungle in amazon.

Update: 2.4
Reduced bright green spring colors, and trees with blossom from North/East of south america. 
Reduced palm trees in certain areas from North/East of south america. 

Update 2.3
Fixed trees in Spring season in Argentina and west of Amazon jungles.

Update 2.2
Fixed winter trees in part of south Africa.

Update 2.1
Added missing palm trees in part of Mexico.

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*Verified Product User*
I love this, thaiwanese islands and chinese mountains were everything I wanted for this sim, the only thing missing now are the venezuelian tapuis and waterfalls.

THe only problem I have is that the mountains in china are still missing textures in my sim (some of them are white), but the changelog states that this was fixed in january...
*Verified Product User*
Best product you can currently purchase for MSFS.
Thank you Bijan for this hard work and i HIGHLY recommend it above Rex's seasons (Tried both).
*Verified Product User*
Makes the scenery in the sim looks different and a lot more realistic! Really glad to have different scenes on seasons in MSFS. This is definitely worth it.
*Verified Product User*
I have always hated the rounded, mushroom and brocolli shaped trees of MSFS. They look especially ugly from top down. Now you have safed me with all these beautiful trees. Thank you so much, and please keep more true to life and region trees coming!
*Verified Product User*
I love Bijan's addons. His seasons pack is well worth the purchase and unlike the rival seasons pack this doesn't just alter tree colour, but adds in tons of new tree types, flora and biomes, as well as removes trees from unrealistic elevations. Bijan also prunes the ugly photogrammetry trees in Asobo PG cities and tidies up the airports eliminating unwanted trees and matching trees to the region. Finally, when it comes to developer responsiveness, nobody comes close.
The add on may look expensive, but it's a bargain for the global improvements that you get. I won't fly without this.
*Verified Product User*
Worth every penny! Thank you Bijan for an excellent mod.
*Verified Product User*
Fantastic, way better than default!
My only issue is that this seems to not work at all where photogrammetry is in Australia after WU7
*Verified Product User*
bijan makes an exeptional work. He is close to the Community and helps out. 5/5
Calvin Joomann
*Verified Product User*
This is amazing application with continuous regular update.It gives more realistic seasonal colour to MSFS 2020 to make it more like real.

For what it offers the price of this is bargain.
*Verified Product User*
Great product to use with MSFS, enhances the experiance
*Verified Product User*
Wonderful addon! Wont say more, since all have been said in previous reviews.
*Verified Product User*
Excellent product. I consider myself pretty fussy, but this really adds a new level of variation and reality. Light snow/winter flying in the UK is much like I see it in real life. Well done to the developer.
*Verified Product User*
Absolutely wonderful. Can't add much to what others have said. Easy install/change-out etc, haven't seen any performance hit and I wish I had bought it long before. It is worth every penny.
*Verified Product User*
Just buy this now. The difference it makes is superb. Once you fly with this installed you won't want to go back. Bijan has done an amazing job and the updates come very regularly and he is pretty quick to respond to requests for support. 10/10
*Verified Product User*
This is one of the best mods available for MSFS 2020!

In my opinion, Bijan is an amazing asset to the flight sim community. His work is rightfully recognized and I really want to say thank you to Bishan for all his dedication and hard work. His mods are of very high quality and he regularly offers help and advice to people after buying the add-on. I always use this add-on and manually change the seasons depending on where I am flying. It offers so much more atmosphere to my flights and I really appreciate it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
*Verified Product User*
This is the most super enhancement to the sim i have seen yet. Had it for sometime and absolutely love the immersion it brings. A must have
*Verified Product User*
I have this for about a month and can't recommend it enough. Some people say "seems a little pricey for some trees" but it is totally worth it. Makes the environment feel so much more real. Aside from that this guy is relentless on updating. Today is now the third update just in the short time I've had it and each one has been amazing. Best mod I've bought so far... best money spent.
*Verified Product User*
Awesome job Bijan! This gets even better from time to time.
*Verified Product User*
Amazing addon. Happy that i bouhght it.
And thanks for thee updates you deliver frequently.
*Verified Product User*
One of the best, if not the best, addons for the sim.
Before buying I was a little bit sceptical concerning FPS hit, if it looks too artifiacial.
But after installing it, which is a very easy procedue, I asked myself why I did not buy earlier.
It is an eyecatcher, updated often and with a really great support.
Thank you Bijan for this great addon :-)
*Verified Product User*
Just get your credit card out and buy it NOW! You won't regret it, looks amazing! One of the best addons I've bought going back to FSX...
*Verified Product User*
Excellent addon - highly recommended! Great detail and no hit on FPS.
*Verified Product User*
I purchased this product due to the enormous amount of 5 star reviews. I downloaded it and installed the Fall seasons and immediately was disappointed. Why might you add? Because I live in Tampa Florida and fall in Florida is very subtle. The leaves on the trees get slightly yellow but no bright reds. In the sim, the leaves were depicted as bright red. Now here is where the 5 star rating comes in. I contacted Bijan and in less than 24 hours he had an updated version emailed to me and it was spot on! He nailed it! The colors depicted in the sim were true to fall here in Florida. I was so impressed by both his level of customer service and just how much this packet does make the sim really come to life. Keep up the great work!!
*Verified Product User*
It's a great way to prettify the flight sim for sure.

I need to ding it one star for the occasionally messy release style, though. It's annoying having to keep up with the changing packaging approach. One release will have the tree graphics package rolled into the map season data, only to have them separated for a subsequent release. Or an individual season update arrives without proper version numbering in the file name... Please pick a style and stick with it for the sanity of your users. :)

That minor issue aside it's a terrific product. Worth the asking price for sure.
*Verified Product User*
Absoutly stunning makes the immersion second to none. All the projects Bijan has adds new layers to an already great sim and make it so much more real. Thanks. Go get this its a must
Alexandru Robert
*Verified Product User*
It really do deserve 5 stars, the changes are welcomed and the dev is really active. Thanks Bijan for this wonderful package
*Verified Product User*
I think this is the best mod ever made in terms of scenery. If you want top buy something to work on your sim, this is it. Nature just looks so much better. The Amount of updates the come out. Overall this is the first Mod you need to buy for MSFS.
*Verified Product User*
In all my years of working with software of any kind, I have never seen a more responsive, active, and talented developer. At this point, Asobo should hire Bijan and give him the keys to overhaul the entire terrain and photogrammetry system. I'll make this simple, this is a must have addon for MSFS, and should be an instabuy for anyone who uses the sim regularly. It's rare I find a developer so good and so on top of things that I just instantly buy anything they put out. So if you haven't already go check out his other new amazing expansion BIJAN HABASHI - PROJECT: ISLANDS, SUNKEN BOATS, HUTS, PG TREES - MSFS also on SimMarket.
*Verified Product User*
Very nice mod. Well done.
Bijan does a great job constantly improving and updating.
*Verified Product User*
If all the products in the world would be as good as this mod and every customer support service would be as fast and efficient as Bijan communications with his customers, we would be calling our world a heaven. Exceptional product from exeptional developer!
*Verified Product User*
Brings much more realism in a subtle way with more variety. I haven't noticed any performance issues to mention
*Verified Product User*
Wonderful, it's very nice ! Thank you ! I love look in my plane the cactus in the desert region.
*Verified Product User*
Great addition to MSFS.

I have one improvement suggestion thought. Your catalogue of products, which are variations of the same genre, is confusing for potential customers, and as they are all different version numbers it is confusing to upgrade. My suggestion is to have just one product - the 4 season pack and remove the others.
*Verified Product User*
The best payware for the sim so far. This is a developer who is in constant contact with the community. Support this great work.
*Verified Product User*
I have NEVER reviewed a product in all my years on simmarket. But I have to say, this developer popped up out of nowhere and has absolutely blown away my expectations. I cannot imagine doing a flight without this mod in my simulator. The amount of variety and beauty this adds is truly immeasurable. All I can say is this 100% deserves a 5-star review from the hard work that's gone into it to the continued development. It's a must-have!
*Verified Product User*
Absolutely amazing! Thank you for a wonderful add-on that brings so much color into the sim. It increases the immersion and beauty of flying to a whole new level. Wow seems to be my favorite response when flying. I highly recommend this add-on to all flight simmers, you won't be disappointed.
*Verified Product User*
Fantastic mod that increases the immersion of the MSFS 2020 world. Bijan is very responsive to any issues--a top notch developer. This is a MUST HAVE add on for MSFS2020. Jim H
*Verified Product User*
Only had this a few days but as a low and slow GA type it's a must have. I've only flown east coast US so far but the trees now have character and are kind of reminiscent of the seasonal trees in older MS sims. Coverage seems more natural and cosy for want of a better description. I look forward to flying in more of the different zones to check out the colors and hues.
*Verified Product User*
If you haven't bought this yet buy it! It transforms your entire flying experience. Amazing product, amazing developer.
*Verified Product User*
My favourite MSFS mod for low flying VFR. Amazing what the author of this has achieved.
*Verified Product User*
A masterpiece, look at his Valley of Flowers in India. Frequent updates and Bijan is very responsive to requests. Told me Giant Redwoods and Sitkas are in the pipeline.
Money well spent, highly recommended.
*Verified Product User*
This is absolutely worth every penny and more. Stunning improvement over the MSFS landscape.
*Verified Product User*
Wow.. This is just incredible, so much so it deserves more than 5stars. The immersion this brings to each and every flight is impeccable! The variety of trees and colours within the them brings a new dimension to each and every location, the inclusion of flowering trees and flower fields adds that sparkle of bright vividness in the locations they should be!
Not only is it probably the best addon that is NEEDED by everyone flying MSFS... the dev is active in the community taking on requests and implementing them when he can! Plus finding new ways to bring things we didn't even think possible! The involvement alone that is shown is more than enough reason on it's own to HIGHLY recommend this product..
I am beyond happy with this investment into an ever evolving, adapting product!!
A million thanks to you and your hard work and dedication to keep making this better and better... bringing more accuracy to the biomes of this diverse world we live on!!
*Verified Product User*
This is arguably the most value-for-money addon in all of MSFS at the moment. The dedication of the developer, who is continuously improving the product with weekly updates, is amazing. The feedback and support he/she provides is amazing. The product itself is amazing and it makes MSFS so much better. It's a must have addon at a super reasonable price and that's the end of it.
*Verified Product User*
This Addon is amazing, getting constantly updated and improved, truly amazing work worth every penny.
*Verified Product User*
A real game-changer for MSFS.
Great value for the price and updated more than regularly.
A big shout-out to Bijan!
*Verified Product User*
One of the most transformative mods out there. Constantly refined and updated by a dedicated and responsive dev. Excellence!
*Verified Product User*
This is an addon worth every penny. If you're not just in cockpit simulations but fly to admire the beauty of this planet, you need to see all seasons in their different colours and vegetation, particularly during spring. It's making it much more immersive when you look out of the window and see the same season in the flight. I also have to praise the developer, Bijan. I contacted him regarding the yellow flowering gorse bush particularly in Scotland but also throughout the whole of the UK. Within a few emails and 2 days, I received some photographs as suggestion what it could look like and I was amazed about his effort to give this a go in the next update. So, everyone who knows what I'm talking about, it looks amazing, I've had the pleasure to test it in Scotland. Look forward to the next update, it's worth it! Well done Bijan!
*Verified Product User*
Truly one of the best addons for MSFS, and it only gets better with each update.
*Verified Product User*
Without a doubt, Bijan's 4 Season Pack has become an absolutely essential part of my MSFS 2020 experience. This is one add-on I never intend to fly without. I spend most of my time in MSFS 2020 sight-seeing around the world's tropical places and this add-on provides very convincing landscapes, with coconut palms exactly where you might expect to find them, be that densely populating jungle hillsides in the Philippines, or realistically lining a dream-like crescent beach in Sri Lanka.

But, tropical or temperate, desert or mountains, wherever your travels take you around the world in MSFS 2020, this pack is going to make your visuals pop with amazing, accurate plant life.

For me, no question about it: money very well spent, and Bijan provides great customer support too!
*Verified Product User*
Very nice addon with frequent updates!

Please also update Iran! thank you!
*Verified Product User*
Game changing. Huge improvement in immersion. I am very pleased with the performance and look of this product.
*Verified Product User*
Great Add-On! Makes it much better.

Did I get this right though: If I want to change the season, I have to manually change the folders in the community folder?

Thank you!
*Verified Product User*
transform the sim with its life like tree placements/sizes
*Verified Product User*
You are really cool guys. It is amazing that the version was upgraded to 2.0-_4.2 after 4 months of purchase. This is a really recommended add-on
*Verified Product User*
This is an excellent addition to MSFS that has exceeded my expectations. Southern England's springtime is in full realistic colour now with pink and white blossom and light green spring foliage. Makes a big difference to the scenery.
*Verified Product User*
Fantastic work!!! The last updates fixed any minor issues i was having with trees and colors in the Caribbean.
*Verified Product User*
Fantastic product and constantly being improved upon. It more than likely addresses any issues you might have with the default trees. Asobo should halt any internal work being done on trees and work with Bijan Habashi.
*Verified Product User*
The dedication to updates from the developer is truly incredible and offers tremendous value to this purchase. And the visuals are top notch, it adds a subtle, additional layer of visual reality to an already amazingly realistic looking sim. Worth every penny.
*Verified Product User*
Great MSFS addon to bring seasons to the flight sim. Developer is open to update suggestions and provides excellent customer service.
*Verified Product User*



To be honest, I was very worried about buying this 500K plug-in for 120 RMB. This is also my first time shopping on simmarket.

But when I flew to Lukla, I had no doubts.

Waiting for V4! ! ! I also look forward to the author's re-optimization of China.
*Verified Product User*
This really adds depth to the sim. My only issue is with some of the colours in the Caribbean. Too much of a purplish colour in some areas (Trinidad) and some trees are too brown, but great overall trees, textures & LOD.
Luiz Eduardo
*Verified Product User*
Great work! It's a challenging task to address all seasons worldwide. So far the results are very satisfactory. The developer Bijan is very kind and promptly answered my requests and made adjustments to improve the scenery of the area where I live. If you love nature and want to improve the beautiful MSFS 2020 visual, this is your choice.
*Verified Product User*
Great product. Adds so much more realism to the simulation. More dense forests and tree draw distance. The summer trees look way more realistic and a less cartoonish than the default ones.
Also the support is outstanding, quick and very helpful. I absolutely recommend this addon.
*Verified Product User*
What a fantastic bit of software, absolutely love the different seasons and the trees going way out into the distance.
Brilliant, so glad I purchased this.
*Verified Product User*
I enjoy this pack and the other 2 new double season packs a lot!
More trees,more colours ,just a more real and beautiful experience
And if I ask him something, Bijan responds quick.

Well done Bijan ,I wont fly without anymore!
*Verified Product User*
I love the way the variation of trees and the LOD is very nice. The AP allows you to change the season but you can also use the linker ap. Excellent mod!
*Verified Product User*
The best way to get seasons in MSFS. Really a great work :

Simple to use, no performance hit and much mor realistic size for the trees with also LOD improvement and more trees variety, very noticeable in fall

Also good and quick support by mail

For me really worth the price
This work changes the world (of Flightsim 2020) literally. This is what I have missed when flying over the whole world. It makes everything even more realistic.If you like (realistic) colors this mod is a MUST! And it is very easy to handle even for amateurs, who do not want to think about searching a path and moving directories. I am glad, I have bought it.
*Verified Product User*
Bought this pack and installed the spring + fall update that came along with the download. The difference is quite substantial!
An excellent effort by Bijan who is also very helpful if you need further tweaks to the biomes where you usually fly. I asked him to change the density of trees in the area where I fly and within an hour I had a new version with me.
Let me try and break it up for those of you who need further information on this implementation:
The whole of earth is now divided into 3 types of environments; Summer in the Tropicals, Spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the south. It all works pretty fine, almost, but the tropical areas looked a bit too yellow for my liking. When I contacted Bijan, he was kind enough to explain how to tweak the files further to get the look I desired.
There are however some limitations to such a modification, I am presuming, due to the limitations of the SDK and Asobo's implementation itself. Getting the perfect vegetation types and colors for multiple regions might not yet be 100% possible, but it can get darn close with something like this!
Hats off Bijan, keep up the awesome work!
*Verified Product User*
This mod is worth its money. You get 4 wonderful looking seasons, a much broader variety of trees (forrest is looking much more realistic and we got more palmtrees in warmer regions). The seasons are global for the moment with more realistic (north spring/south fall) seasons up to come. For everyone who likes vfr flying this mod with its increased lod is a must have.

All in all I enjoy the sesional colors very much and the new variety in trees makes the whole sim more alive. That's why I rate this mod with 5 stars.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

How to install:

Just place ONLY ONE SEASON FOLDER (not all 4 folders) in your community folder.
To change season: If, for example, you have summer installed and you want to install winter, remove summer from community folder and replace it with winter folder.

Place "3D Trees - Bijan V**" in your community folder.
Place "Gorse bushes in UK" in community folder if you would like to see Gorse bushes in UK which are randomly placed.
Place one of the terrain mask folders (optional) in your community folder. (read known issues and read me files  in terrain mask folder)


Changing season is not controlled by the setting in the sim settings. 

Any requests or issues, please email me and I appreciate your support and reviews.

If you find any wrong type of trees in any area just send me a message and I will fix it.

Discord channel: or

Thank you

Customer Reviews
I love this, thaiwanese islands and chinese mountains were everything I wanted for this sim, the only thing missing now are the venezuelian tapuis and waterfalls. -
THe only problem I have is that the mountains in china are still missing textures in my sim (some of them are white), but the changelog states that this was fixed in january...
Best product you can currently purchase for MSFS. Thank you Bijan for this hard work and i HIGHLY recommend it above Rex's seasons (Tried both).
Makes the scenery in the sim looks different and a lot more realistic! Really glad to have different scenes on seasons in MSFS. This is definitely worth it.
I have always hated the rounded, mushroom and brocolli shaped trees of MSFS. They look especially ugly from top down. Now you have safed me with all these beautiful trees. Thank you so much, and please keep more true to life and region trees coming!
I love Bijan's addons. His seasons pack is well worth the purchase and unlike the rival seasons pack this doesn't just alter tree colour, but adds in tons of new tree types, flora and biomes, as well as removes trees from unrealistic elevations. Bijan also prunes the ugly photogrammetry trees in Asobo PG cities and tidies up the airports eliminating unwanted trees and matching trees to the region. Finally, when it comes to developer responsiveness, nobody comes close. The add on may look expensive, but it's a bargain for the global improvements that you get. I won't fly without this.
Worth every penny! Thank you Bijan for an excellent mod.
Fantastic, way better than default! My only issue is that this seems to not work at all where photogrammetry is in Australia after WU7
bijan makes an exeptional work. He is close to the Community and helps out. 5/5
Calvin Joomann
This is amazing application with continuous regular update.It gives more realistic seasonal colour to MSFS 2020 to make it more like real. For what it offers the price of this is bargain.
Great product to use with MSFS, enhances the experiance
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