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    This package contains BOTH airport sceneries: Buenos Aires, Argentina SAEZ and Caracas, Venezuela SVMI

    Description of  SVMI follows below

    Better know as Ezeiza, SAEZ is the international airport serving the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ezeiza is the gateway to this magnificent country and the whole southern part of the South American continent. With non-stop service to all major cities in South and North America and Europe as well as cities in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and South Africa, SAEZ is an exciting airport where wide-body, long-haul aircraft are the norm. Served by nearly all major airlines in the western world, SAEZ is busy and truly international. It is also home to Aerolineas Argentinas (the third largest airline in Latinoamerica) and LAN Argentina (a subsidiary of one of the fastest growing airlines in the world).

    SAEZ terminals have an unmistakable European flavor characteristic of the proud South American nation. On the brink of major re-development projects, SAEZ is also an airport bound to be the first 21st century airport in this part of the world. In the mean time, the new international arrivals and departure wing is a preamble to a bright future. We have rendered this impressive structure with a luxury of detail that can be experienced at two distinct levels to accommodate more modest computers. The rest of the terminal complex, the cargo terminal and the unusually located maintenance and general aviation facilities have also been portrayed in detail.

    Ideal for long-haul flights and challenging low visibility approaches (quite common in the Buenos Aires area), we invite you to explore Ezeiza like you have never done it before. Across the Andes to Santiago, toward the mountains of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, toward the southernmost airline-served airport in the world, across the Pacific to Australia, or across the Atlantic to Europe, Asia and Africa, SAEZ is likely to be your departure or destination point for many exciting and unique flying experiences.

    Scenery Features

    • Custom-made, optimized Gmax models of the two terminals, cargo facilities, maintenance and general aviation complex and many other buildings on the field
    • Custom-made high-resolution textures for all Gmax generated models including transparency and reflection effects in the FSX version
    • Custom-made, high-resolution ground textures adjusted to fit accurately the runways on their real-life locations
    • Accurate taxiway and ramp layout including detailed markings and signs
    • Basic, custom-made AI mapping file including realistic airline gates and parking spot locations.
    • Realistic ramp illumination effects, approach equipment and animated radar facilities.

    Note: As in most international airports in South America, gate assignments are variable and unpredictable. Consequently, no gate assignments other than those corresponding to Aerolineas Argentinas have been made. Parking spots have been fitted to accommodate default aircraft only. The parking spot locations will have to be moved to accommodate third-party add-on aircraft.

    SVMI or "Aeropuerto Internacional Simon Bolivar" serves the city of Caracas, Venezuela. Historically know as Maiquetia, SVMI has been in operation since the dawn of aviation when airlines like Pan Am pioneered commercial flights across the Caribbean Sea bound for South America. Its prime location on the northern coast of the South American continent made it the ideal first and last stop before the crossing thus earning the qualification of "Gateway" to South America and the Caribbean. SVMI has, at one time or another, offered service to all major cities in South America, the east coast of North America, the Caribbean and Europe. While having been much busier at other times, SVMI continues to be an important crossroad for intercontinental flight.

    SVMI was the home to Viasa (Venezolana Internacional de Aviacion, S.A.), one of the pioneering airlines in the South America - Europe passenger routes. It was also home to Aeropostal and the Pan Am affiliated Avensa (Aerovias Venezolanas S.A.), two of the oldest airlines in the world. The ongoing deterioration of the Venezuelan aviation industry resulted in the sad demise around the turn of the century of these airlines which are yet to be replaced by another worthy of such distinguished heritage. The lack of a major flag carrier has been compensated by service by numerous international airlines from all over the western hemisphere.

    Interestingly, SVMI is considered to be the DC9 enthusiast heaven. DC9s (on their -30 and -50 series versions) were once the backbone of the Avensa and Aeropostal fleets. Being strong and reliable, those same aircraft have been handed down from airline to airline and still constitute the bulk of SVMI's domestic and regional operations.

    SVMI is located in the only sizable portion of semi-flat land between the mountains surrounding the city of Caracas and the Caribbean Sea. Numerous development and renovation projects have resulted in the current terminal complex that includes a Domestic Terminal and an International Terminal. Those facilities have been in operation since the late 1970s. At opening, they boasted major works of art by local artists that include the floor of the passenger check-in hall in the international terminal and two enormous colored glass murals in the check-in hall of the domestic terminal. Both pieces have been preserved and can still be admired today. The most recent round of improvements still underway resulted in the expansion and complete renovation and modernization both inside and out of the international terminal. We have rendered both terminals as they exist today with luxury of detail.

    SVMI has two semi-parallel runways, 9/27 and 10/28, the former being the original runway that has been in operation for many decades. When runway 9/27 was the only runway, the approach to runway 9 (used 99% of the time due to the prevailing trade winds from the east) was considered one of the most dangerous approaches, especially at night or under low visibility conditions without the advantages of an ILS. We invite you to explore SVMI to find our the reason for such distinction. Runway 10/28 entered operation at the same time as the current terminals did, easing the challenges of the approach. Nonetheless, minor deviations from the proper approach course will continue to result in unscheduled, violent landings either on the side of a mountain or in the Caribbean Sea.

    Scenery Features

    • Custom-made optimized Gmax models of the two terminals, the traffic control tower, the auxiliary terminal, the maintenance facilities and the cargo terminal
    • Custom-made, high-resolution textures for all Gmax generated models including transparency and refection effects in the FSX version
    • Custom-adjusted terrain elevation at 30 meter resolution to better represent the geography surrounding the field and enable the accurate positioning of the runways and other airport facilities that were misplaced in both the FS2004 and FSX default sceneries. (This feature represents the introduction if a new skill acquired by our development team and now available to be applied in future FS2004 and FSX sceneries)
    • Custom-made high-resolution ground textures fitted to the runways at their correct location and displaying interesting mountain and coastal features
    • Accurate taxiway and ramp layout including detailed markings and signs
    • Basic, custom-made AI mapping file including realistic gate and parking spot locations
    • Realistic ramp illumination effects, approach equipment and animated radar facility

    Note: As is the case for most international airports in South America, airline gate assignments are variable and unpredictable. Consequently, no gate assignments have been made.

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    The price is very affordable and you get two airports. Its well made and there is no hit on framerate. Other sceneries for these airports are not as good at all. If you went to the airports IRL youll find these sceneries quite accurate. I give them 5 stars because of the price versus quality. Its not of Flytampa or Latinvfr quality though, but who expect.

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