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    The 1011 Captain Base Pack is the 1011 Captain family key product which delivers interior, systems and sounds to Freighter Expansion model.

    FSX/FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D versions are available

    Exterior Model

    Highly detailed and accurate digital replica of L-1011-1 aircraft.

    Key Features:

    • Captain Sim quality and realism
    • 4X** high resolution textures of 11 popular liveries
    • Animation control panel
    • Transparent 3D windows
    • Passengers
    • Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)
    • Wing flex
    • Wing vortices
    • Self-shade
    • Pre-saved views
    • Repaint Kit (coming soon)
    • DirectX 9/10 compatible
    • FPS friendly
    • Hundreds of realistic animations


    - British Airways G-BBAH
    - Trans World Airlines N81026/31026
    - Delta Air Lines N721DA
    - Cathay Pacific Airways VR-HOD
    - Eastern Air Lines N335EA
    - Air Canada 80-s C-FTNL/512
    - Air Canada 90-s C-FTNL/512
    - All Nippon Airways JA8522
    - LTU D-AERE
    - Air Transat C-FTNL
    - Saudia Airlines HZ-AHF


    - Aft cargo door
    - Engine reversers (L-R)
    - Aft cargo door
    - Wing slats (4 sections)
    - Passenger doors (4)
    - Forward cargo door
    - Engine intake covers (2)
    - Engine cowling
    - Engine cowlings (L-R)
    - Wheel chocks (6)
    - Plugs (4)
    - Compressor blades
    - Pilots (visible-invisible)
    - Service access doors
    - Escape slides (8)
    - Engine reverser
    - Right outflow valve
    - Left outflow valves (2)
    - Outboard ailerons (2)
    - Inboard ailerons (2)
    - Nose wheel steering
    - Nose landing gear
    - Landing gear doors (10)
    - Landing gears (2)
    - Spoilers (8 sections)
    - Wing flaps (4 sections)
    - Service doors (8)
    - Elevators (2)
    - Rudder
    - Emergency exit
    - Radome
    - Radar antenna
    - Stewardess
    - Stabilizer

    Plus 49 free liveries and growing

    ** - 4X means the textures are in four times higher resolution than Captain Sim regular high resolution textures.

    Interior Model (VC)

    Key Features:

    • Highly detailed and functional Flight deck
    • Weather Radar (CS exclusive)
    • Extensive systems programming
    • Authentic sound set
    • Custom lighting control
    • Self-shade
    • Pre-saved views
    • DirectX 9/10 compatible
    • FPS friendly

    Several hundreds of custom animations:

    - Wipers (2)
    - Control wheels and columns (2)
    - Emergency exit
    - Seat arm rests (5)
    - Pedals (4)
    - Pilot's seats up-down adjustment (2)
    - Nose wheel tillers (2)
    - Pedals position adjustment handles (2) - Switches (180)
    - Guarded Switches (39)
    - Buttons (298)
    - Selectors (46)
    - Knobs (80)
    - Levers (9)


    • Weather Radar (CS exclusive)
    • C-IVA INS
    • Air Conditioning, Pressurization Systems
    • Autoflight
    • APU
    • Communication
    • Electrical System
    • Emergency Equipment
    • Fire Protection
    • Flight Controls
    • Flight Instruments/Clock
    • Fuel System
    • Hydrauics
    • Ice/Rain Protection
    • Landing Gear System
    • Navigation
    • Oxygen System
    • Pneumatics System
    • Protective Systems
    • Powerplant
    • Water/Waste System
    • Warning System

    See Flight Manual for details.

    Auch verfügbar


    • PC with 3.0 GHz equivalent or higher processor
    • 1 Gb of system RAM
    • 512 MB DirectX 9 or 10 compatible video card
    • 1.5 Gb of free space on the MS FS hard drive
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 / Vista / 7 / 8.1 *
    • Microsoft® Flight Simulator X + SP2 or Flight Simulator X Acceleration or FSX Steam Edition
    • Internet access for installation/re-installation (offline activation available)
    • Mouse w/scroll wheel and middle button

    * The product was developed and tested on Windows 8.1 OS. If you have no issues with FSX or Prepar3D on Windows 8.1 there will be no issues with our product as well.

    FSX version does not work on Prepar3D and vice versa.

    Please note, we are unable to support technical issues appeared on systems that do not conform to the minimum system requirements.


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    This may be almost 9 years old but it doesn’t show. As with nearly all CS products you get something special here with this L1011. The cockpit is beautifully modeled and packed with realistic textures. No cheap looking anything. Everything is modeled and systems are complete! This is not your every day start and fly plane. They managed to fully simulate the plane in great depth. You will not be able to jump in and CNTL E then fly. Nope. You will need to learn how to prepare and start the plane manually and it’s not exactly obvious. I spent two hours like an idiot trying to figure it out before I caved and watched a tutorial video. Miss one single step and no start. I love it! Realism galore here. Not only is learning the systems necessary but you will also need to fully understand aircraft load weights and balance in order to successfully land the beast. Of course you could just auto land as it has that capability, but that’s no fun. It has extremely realistic behaviors and feels so right. If you like a challenge and don’t mind a little reading or video watching you’ll be rewarded with a unique flight sim experience. It’s already one of my favorite airliners and while ahead of it’s time when built, it’s now a relic that revives the joy of early 80s flying. You just need to be ready to be not just the pilot, but also copilot and engineer all in one unlike modern airliners. I’d call this a thinking pilots plane.  I only wish there were a few more liveries in the download and some airstairs and a passenger cabin model, but you get so much as is at a price that’s still well worth paying.  A perfectly gorgeous bird that really sets itself apart from the pack. No serious complaints. Runs great on FSX SE Win10. 


    I have a few of captain sim aircrafts this one is very good so well done to the captain sim team on a fantastic aircraft love everything about it lots of detail so definitely 5star's for this fantastic aircraft very happy with this aircraft package ;) :)


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