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     The 707-300 is the base pack of the 707 Captain family, delivers flight deck interior and systems to all 707 expansion models

    Key Features:

    • Captain Sim visual quality and realism
    • DirectX 9/10 compatible


    Extensive Systems Programming including:

    • Weather Radar
    • Doppler Navigation System



    • Accurate replicas of the Boeing 707-320B and 707-320B Adv aircraft
    • Hundreds of realistic Animations
    • 4X** High resolution Textures of 13 popular liveries
    • Transparent 3d windows
    • Passengers
    • Animation Control Panel
    • Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)
    • Wing Flex
    • Wing Vortices
    • Self-shade
    • Pre-saved Views


    • Highly detailed and functional Flight Deck
    • Complete Passenger Cabin including galley and lavatories
    • Hundreds of accurate 3D Animations
    • 4X High resolution Textures
    • Custom Lighting Control
    • Self-shade
    • Pre-saved Views

    Misc Features:

    • Realistic Flight Model
    • Authentic Sound Set
    • ACE - Aircraft Configuration Editor
    • Crew voice messages
    • Failures support
    • Exclusive visual Effects
    • CIVA INS support
    • Extensive Manuals in 3 parts (hundreds of pages in total)
    • Presaved Flights
    • Repaint Kit


    Exterior Models

    Highly detailed and accurate digital replicas of Boeing 707-320B and Boeing 707-320B ADV aircraft.

    Key Features

    • 4X** High resolution Textures
    • Transparent 3d windows
    • Passengers
    • Animation Control Panel
    • Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)
    • Show/hide Pilots
    • Realistic Wing Flex
    • Wing Vortices
    • Self-shade
    • Pre-saved Views
    • Exterior Model Systems Programming
    • Exterior Model Animation Control Panel
    • Exclusive visual Effects
    • Repaint Kit

     Hundreds of realistic Animations:
    - Wheel Chocks (6)
    - Engine Intake Covers (4)
    - Engine Exhaust Covers (4)
    - Engine Cowling (8)
    - Compressor Fans (4)
    - Engine Reverser (4)
    - Pilots Windows (2)
    - Main Passenger Door
    - Escape Slide (2)
    - Stewardess
    - Flight Crew (3)
    - Emergency Exits (4)
    - Aft Passenger Door
    - Rear Service Door
    - Forward Service Door
    - Rear Cargo Door
    - Forward Cargo Door
    - Nose Wheel Steering
    - Plugs (4)
    - Wipers (2)
    - Elevator (2)
    - Ailerons (4)
    - Rudder
    - Spoilers (14 sections)
    - Wing Flaps (6 sections)
    - Wing Slats (8 sections)
    - Stabilizer
    - Elevator Trim
    - Ailerons Trim
    - Rudder Trim
    - Landing Ge(extension/retraction,
     wheel rotation,
    shocks animation etc) (3)
    - Landing Gear Doors (8)
    - Randome
    - Radar Antenna
    - Retractable Landing Lights (2)
    - Dump Chute (2)
    4X High resolution textures of 13 popular liveries:

    - Pan Am
    - British Midland
    - Olympic
    - Qantas
    - American Airlines
    - TWA
    - South African- Lufthansa
    - Air France
    - British Airways
    - Braniff
    - Continental
    - Equatoriana

    Interior Model

    Highly Detailed and functional Interior Model includes:
    • Flight Deck
    • Complete Passenger Cabin
    • Galley and Lavatories

    Extensive Systems Programming including:

    • Weather Radar
    • Doppler Navigation System
    • 4X** High resolution Textures
    • Self-shade
    • Custom Lighting Control
    • Pre-saved Views
    • Removable Yokes



    Hundreds of Animations:
    - Sun Shield (4)
    - Nose Steering Wheel
    - Windshield Handle (2) L-R
    - Pilot's Window (2) L-R
    - Pilot's Seat (fwd-bwd, up-down) (3) L-R
    - Arm Rest (6) L-R
    - Books (4)
    - Flightbag
    - Checklists (2)
    - Caps (2)
    - Seat Belts (6)
    - Wipers (2)
    - Oxygen Mask (4)
    - Overhead Handles
    - Control Wheel and Column (2)
    - Compass
    - Rudder Pedals (4)
    - Rudder Trim
    - Aileron Trim (2)
    - Rudder Pedals Adjustment Crank (2) L-R
    - Landing Gears Lever
    - Flaps Control Lever
    - Stab Trim Control Lever (2)
    - Engine Control Lever (4)
    - Engine Reverser Control Lever (4)
    - Parking Brakes Control Lever
    - Cabin Air Distribution Lever
    - Engine Fuel Cutoff Handle (4)
    - Engine Fire Shutoff Handle (4)
    - Switches (159)
    - Guarded Switches (33)
    - Buttons (16)
    - Fuses (10)
    - Selectors (53)
    - Knobs (38)
    - Flight Deck Door
    - Passenger/Service Doors (4)
    - Lavatory Doors (4)
    - Racks (4)
    - Blinds
    - Arm Rests
    - Passenger Seats
    - Seat Tables
    - Engine Reversers (4)
    - Wing Slats (8 sections)
    - Wing Flaps (6 sections)
    - Spoilers (14 sections)

    2D Panels

    In addition to highly detailed and functional Interior Model Flight Deck (VC) the following 2D Panels are included:

    • Weather Radar
    • Animations Control Panel
    • Simicons Panel
    • Doppler Navigation Map
    • Crew Messages Player
    • Autopilot Panel

    ** - 4X means the textures are in four! times higher resolution than Captain Sim regular High resolution textures.

    Minimum System Requirements:

    • PC with 2.0 GHz equivalent or higher processor
    • 1GB of system RAM
    • 256 MB DirectX 9 compatible video card
    • 500 Mb of free space on the MS FS hard drive
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7
    • Microsoft® Flight Simulator X SP2 or Flight Simulator X Acceleration.
    • Internet access (for installation/ re-installation)

    Please note, we are unable to support technical issues appeared on systems that do not conform to the minimum system requirements.


    FSX SP2/acceleration


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    This is an almost perfect replica of the classic 707. My biggest issues are with the cockpit night lighting Ewing too bright. Even with white dome off and red dome on it’s barely any different. Makes for some challenging night flying. The navigation computer doesn’t turn on at all so you cannot manually enter way points. Other than those, everything else is great. Both appearance inside and out are excellent and really are well done. The passenger cabin is detailed nicely as well. Complete with lavatories you can open the doors also.  The flight model seems right so far as one who’s never flown the real thing. I love this plane. 
    7/23/2016 One of the Best Aircraft made for FSX and its a hoot to fly love the Vintage old Steam Gauges and almost all the switches work and operate something this 707 model includes a Full Passenger Cabin, with working window shades and working passenger arm rests as well as the cockpit too ! In the cockpit above both Pilots the user can opt for the Eye brow Green Sun Glass or the clear glass by just clicking on the window to change it ! Lots of other gadgets to tinker with too inside the aircraft ! 100% Must have Vintage Jetliner to add to your collection ! Beyond 5 Stars its a 20 Stars !!!!!!!!


    Genuinely brilliant, excellent textures inside and out and tons of liveries available. Systems are modeled well but not overly complicated, easy enough to just load up a flight and be ready in a few seconds. All of Captain Sim's aircraft look great and this is one of the best, and performs well too - the framerate impact is minimal despite a fully modeled cabin complete with toilets and galley and I only get OOM errors with complex sceneries. Soundset is great too - a generally all-round great aircraft.
    Test of Boeing B707 Captain Produced by Captain Sim. Boeing B707 is a 4-engine, narrow body, mid size jet airliner built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes since the late 1950’ies. It has the capacity to carry 140 to 202 passengers for a range of 3,680 to 3,735 nmi (6.820-6.917km) The B707 was the first aircraft to be commercially successful even though it was not the first jetliner, and this helped establishing Boeing as one of the largest manufactures of passenger aircrafts. This was also the beginning of Boeings 7x7 series which now has reached the B787. The aircraft was sold to both commercial airline companies and the military who found use of the B707 as e.g. aerial tanker, VIP and surveillance aircraft. I received this add-on package directly from Captain including both the Base pack and all expansion packs which covers the B707-300, B707-300C, VC-137 and the E-3 Sentry AWACS. All in all you here get a complete package with a total of 22 liveries and the possibility to download additional liveries. I did hope that there would be the KC-135 Stratotanker in one of the packages because that is actually an aircraft that I have been inside in real life, but maybe that will be as an additional expansion pack. The download went without any problems – A great connection to/from the Captain Sim server made it possible for me to download all packages within just a few minutes. After the download was completed I started the installation of all packages (came separately) and even though I had to install 4 separate packages, the installation went unbelievably fast. I had absolutely no problems by installing all packages – I just used the installation wizard and that was it. It took me probably about 2 minutes all-in-all. I have to say that my experience with the installation of Captain Sim products are that, installation is extremely simple, fast and very user friendly. The wizard finds all information by itself except for the codes of course. After the download and installation I opened FSX to check if everything was placed as it should and of course it was. All liveries were nicely placed in the folder of Captain Sim together with the other Captain Sim product that I have. This package of the B707 Captain is the FSX version of the Legendary 707 back from FS9 which was put on the market back in 2004. I would say that the 2 versions do look a lot like each other, but no doubt that the Captain (FSX version) is an improved version of the elder Legendary 707. As an additional feature you also receives a separate program which includes an install wizard for additional liveries and a loading/seating configuration manager, so that you your self can choose how much cargo or how many passengers you want to have on your flight – you can also choose how the seating of the passenger should be - e.g. all in one side if you want, but that would probably not be the best solution. There is of course also included a comprehensive manual which can be downloaded directly from the Captain Sim website. I started viewing the model from the outside and discovered that Captain Sim had modeled the B707 to perfection. When looking at the different expansion packs, you can really see all details that are for each model, and Captain Sim has really captured every single little detail and put it into this model. You have high quality textures without it having an impact on your frames. Lots and lots of animations as e.g. doors, control surfaces, gear + suspension and many others, you have an incredible well modeled finish and a huge number of various effect as lights and engine smoke, which all contributes to a very high level of realism. After the outside view-around I went inside the B707 – Here I checked out the B707-300 passenger version and found a really well made virtual cabin, which I actually also did expect to find. You have a complete virtual cabin with seats, isles, galleys, toilets etc and in the virtual cabin you will also find various animations as toilet doors, the cockpit door and exits etc. The virtual cabin is really well made with good textures and has a very nice depth and finish – again without it having an impact on your frames. You can choose several different views in the virtual cabin area, and no matter which view I chose, the visual impact for me was stunning. It was like being inside a real aircraft cabin because Captain Sim has put in so many details – I just love that! When I finished the view of the virtual cabin I of course continued the exploration of the inside of the B707 and went to the cockpit. Here I found a superb virtual cockpit. Great textures, perfect depth, lots and lots of animations as e.g. buttons and controls and the realism was remarkable. The finish was really outstanding and I like the fact that Captain Sim has made the cockpit to look old and used, which for me is very important when flying an old bird like this one. It is very clear that Captain Sim has put a lot of effort into making this virtual cockpit as real as possible, and they have in my opinion succeeded perfectly. I compared the external model together with the virtual cockpit with pictures of the real B707 and here Captain Sim has really captured every detail of the aircraft. The resemblance between pictures of the real B707 and this model is simply put outstanding. I would say that this model is for me pure eye candy and a delight to fly. Ending the internal view-around I now tuned in my testing on the sound set. This model is equipped with a high quality sound set both internal and external with various environmental sounds providing even more realism to the model. I tested the sound set both as std stereo but also in 7.1 surround sound and found no problem using 7.1. The sound set is very clean and clear and according to videos I found on youtube, I would say that the sound set is also very accurate and fits the model perfectly. I started my flight tests with a flight from John F. Kennedy Intl, New York, USA (KJFK) going to O’Hare Intl, Chicago, Illinois, USA (KORD). On this flight I tested ground handling, take-off, in flight and landings, all with weather theme set on fair weather. To taxi this huge old bird was no problem. You of course have the factors that this is a jet and that it is big and heavy, but besides that it is like taxiing with smaller aircrafts. It resembles the B737 a lot regarding the taxi, so if you are already used to taxi the B737, then you would have no problems with this B707. It reacts quickly on your control inputs and lies steady on the taxiway. The brakes are quite efficient, so you will have absolutely no problem stopping the aircraft quickly if necessary. When I reached the runway I prepared for take-off, gave full throttle and started rolling. The B707 is also very easy to control during the take-off roll. Very steady and still react quickly on the control inputs I gave to keep the aircraft centered on the runway. At V2 I started raising the nose and a few seconds later I was airborne. This is indeed an old aircraft and that I did feel when making the take-off roll. The engines are not as efficient as in newer aircrafts so gaining enough speed to lift off, did take the most of the runway but it was of course not a problem which could be dangerous. During take-off I also got a chance of looking at the smoke effect, and included in this model is a very well made smoke effect coming from all four engines. The smoke varies according to the level of thrust and is very realistic. I flew the climb and descent including the landing on manual, and even though this is an old bird, it handles very well during flight. The aircraft is built with huge wings and a slight V-shape giving the B707 good natured flight characteristics. The B707 has quite large control surfaces so the aircraft reacts fairly quickly on both the rudder, elevator and ailerons. Landing this old aircraft was actually quite easy. I thought that with such an old aircraft you really need to fly it all the way, but no – applying the flaps and lowering the gears didn’t impact the flight characteristics in a bad way. I of course had to apply additional thrust, but the aircraft was extremely steady on the glide slope, and I made a perfect touch down on my first try. The spoilers, the reverse thrusters and the wheel brakes combined contributed to a short ground roll, and I think I only used about half of the runway before exiting to the taxiway. I did try out a second scenario with landing the B707 where the touchdown was with 250 knot and without using the spoilers or the reverse thrusters = I only applied the wheel brakes. I touched down at the threshold but was unable to stop the aircrafts before I ran out of runway – this I think was an okay detail, because if this had been real life I also do think that the wheel brakes would not be able to stop this aircraft in these conditions. After this flight I wanted to test the aircraft in foul weather during landings, so I setup different scenarios with e.g. fog, rain, snow, thunderstorm and combined these settings with various winds gusting up to 30 knots. I tested the settings both at daytime and nighttime. My conclusion after these test flight is that even though you setup a scenario with heavy rain, thunderstorm and +- 45 degrees and 20 knots of headwind gusting to 30 knots, I was still able to land the B707 without major problems. The aircraft is indeed very good natured and you can fly it very slow on final due to the huge wings and very effective flaps, so when landing in conditions like above I found that I had plenty of runway and thereby had more time to focus on making a proper touchdown. Overall you here get an add-on of high quality as you always do with Captain Sim products. You get an aircraft that are modeled to perfection with high texture quality, a huge number of details, effects and animations. You get a fully working virtual cockpit with superb depth and finish together with a very nice modeled virtual cabin. Great sound set and a really well made smoke effect. I rate this aircraft with a full 4.5/5-stars rating and thanks Captain Sim for providing this very beautiful aircraft to the flightsim community. Rays Aviation
    Great Sim of the Original global Jet Liner. I've flown it since it's relese for FS9 and now in FSX. CS's best sim. In my opinion, the classics are are what they are best at. Regards


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