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    Captain Sim is pleased to introduce a new product in 'CAPTAIN' series, the '727 Captain'.

    The '727 Captain' is a remake of the famous 'Legendary 727', rebuilt to meet modern Captain Sim quality standards and provide a full spectrum of FSX features. The '727 Captain' delivers brand new re-modeling and texturing, re-programming from a scratch of all systems and number of additional features.

    727-100 Pro Pack key features:

    • Unparalleled visual quality and realism
    • Designed according to FSX standards
    • DirectX 9/10 compatible


    • 4 Highly detailed and accurate Boeing 727-100 Models (no Freighter)
    • High resolution textures of 10 Liveries
    • Hundreds of Custom Animations
    • Animation Control Panel
    • Stewardess model
    • Wing Flex
    • Wing Vortices
    • Winglets
    • Exclusive Effects
    • Custom Self-shade
    • Custom Views


    • Highly detailed VC including:
      • Flight Deck
      • Passenger Cabin
      • Galley and lavatory
      • Aft Air Stairs
    • Extensive Systems Programming
    • Custom Self-shade
    • Hundreds of custom 3D Animations
    • High resolution Textures
    • Custom Views
    • Custom Lighting

    2D Panels

    In addition to highly detailed and functional Interior Model (VC) Pro Pack delivers the following 2D Panels:

    • Simicons Panel
    • Animations Control Panel
    • Radio Stack Panel
    • Autopilot Panel
    • Crew Messenger Panel
    • Default GPS Panel

    Misc Features:

    • Realistic Flight Model
    • ACE - Aircraft Configuration Editor
    • Authentic Sound Set
    • Exclusive visual Effects
    • Extensive Manuals

    ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) utility

    The ACE provides the following features:

    1. Add new '727 Captain' Sim liveries* to MS FSX.
    2. Preview any existing (installed) '727 Captain' Sim livery.
    3. Delete any existing '727 Captain' Sim livery from MS FSX.
    4. Edit AIRCRAFT VARIATION text.
    5. Edit DESCRIPTION text.
    6. Manage selection of model variations
    7. Number of PREFLIGHT settings features.
    8. Works with all variations of the '727 Captain' (-100, -200 and Freighter).

    Free Bonus Features:

    • Repaint Kit (coming soon)
    • 300+ Free Liveries


    • 3.0 GHz CPU
    • 2 Gb of RAM
    • 128 Mb video card (DirectX 9 compatible)
    • 2.9 Gb of free space on the MSFS hard drive
    • Windows® XP SP2 or Vista SP1
    • MS Flight Simulator X + SP2 or Acceleration
    • Internet access (for installation/re-installation)

    Please note, we do not support technical issues appeared on systems that do not conform to the minimum system requirements.


    • 2+ GHz DualQuad CPU
    • 4 Gb of RAM
    • 256-512 Mb video card (DirectX 9/10 compatible)
    • 3 Gb of free space on the MSFS hard drive
    • Windows® XP SP2 or Vista SP1
    • MS Flight Simulator X + SP2 or Acceleration
    • Internet access (for installation/re-installation)


    FSX SP2/Acceleration Pack


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    Ok sure it’s really old and dated, but there just isn’t any other way to buy a decent 727 for FSX Steam these days. It shows it’s age for sure but that can be forgiven considering how well the whole thing is simulated. Cpt.Sim pulled no punches with this classic jet and even by todays standards delivers a comprehensive and entertaining package. Pretty much everything is simulated even the oft forgotten pressurization and heating systems. The VC is highly detailed with all the switches, dials and buttons having actual purpose. I like the passenger cabin getting some love too. You can move trays, overhead compartments, window shades, even the Bathroom door opens to a nicely detailed head. All very very cool. I’m a stick and rudder type and much prefer to fly my planes by hand, using automation only when I really needs to like say long flights. That said this 727 flies like a 727 would be expected to fly. You can feel the weight and responsiveness or lack of, in nearly any flying condition. In other words it does feel different from say a 737 or whatever. I love that. My only complaint is the ACE tool for bringing in new liveries. It simply doesn’t work. Not for me anyway, and I’m not a rookie. The installer comes with a FSX Steam option built in, and of course it is fully Steam compatible. Great frame rates, very smooth. Based on use with FSX Steam Win 10 3.3ghz i7 16GB Ram Intel UHD630 integrated GPU. love it despite its age.
    7/23/2016 Super Great Aircraft from Captain Sim again, Great Vintage Jetliner to have in your hanger also has complete detailed Passenger Cabin thru out with working window shades and folding arm rests ! Another 20 Star Aircraft without a doubt !!!


    Auch hier hat Captain Sim ein tolles Add On herausgebracht. Habe auch die 737 von Captain Sim gekauft. Von der Installation bis zu den wirklich gut animierten Modellen, hier stimmt alles und ist sein Geld wert. Qualität die man sich bei anderen "Programmierern" wünschen würde.
    Test of Boeing B727 Captain Produced by Captain Sim The Boeing B727 is a three engine, mid size, narrow body jet airliner built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes since the early 1960’ies. It was intended for short to medium range flights and can carry 149-189 passengers in a range of 2,400 to 2,770 nmi. The B727 features 3 Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines and shares the design of the upper fuselage cross-section and cockpit from the B707 quad jet airliner. The aircraft has been sold to various airline companies around the world but primarily for forwarding agencies as FedEx etc. The last B727 was completed back in 1984, but some are still in service. I received this add-on directly from Captain Sim and the download went perfectly. No issues at all and even though this was a huge file, then the download didn’t take more than a couple of minutes. The internet connection to/from the Captain Sim server is really good. Also the installation went without any issues. I just applied the installation wizard and that was more or less all I had to do. The wizard is very user friendly and all you actually needs to do is to active the wizard and paste your code. Easy and quick like all the other installations I have tried from Captain Sim. After the installation I opened FSX to verify if the installation had been successful. I filtered to the folder of Captain Sim add-ons and here the B727 was very nicely installed with individual pictures corresponding to the right aircrafts. A total of 10 liveries was included in the base pack which I think is a number that are better than average. First I started with an outside view-around to get a complete view of the entire aircraft. The model made here by Captain Sim is very well made with a lot of details and animations. The Aircraft is picture perfect in my opinion and just to verify, I found a lot of pictures from real B727’s and compared them to the model. They proved me right – The model is extremely similar to the real B727s. The model is covered by high quality textures and there are animations as various control surfaces, gears + suspension, spoilers, flaps, wheels turning, doors, reverse thruster and many more. They are all very realistic made and fits the model perfectly. After checking out the B727 from the outside I went inside. Here I started at the very beautiful virtual cabin that is included in this aircraft. This cabin is of the same quality as the B707 and is very well made with good texture quality and various animations as e.g. the internal doors and exits. When you view the virtual cabin you do get a feeling of really being inside an aircraft and that I like very much. The virtual cabin was a lot of fun checking out, but I continued to the cockpit and found a superb well made virtual cockpit. It resembles the B707 cockpit which it also should, but with differences like of course the throttle etc (B727 only has 3 engines compared to the four engine B707). The virtual cockpit is filled with high quality textures, lots and lots of animations like various controls, buttons and other systems, great depth and a very cool finish. The cockpit appears to be old and used, which for me is perfect. The B727 is an old and used aircraft so that just adds to even more realism. I find the cockpit to be very realistic and just to verify I found several pictures on the internet and compared them to this virtual cockpit. The precision that Captain Sim has done in regards to placing everything correctly is quite stunning and the quality of the goggles are very good. The sound set used for this aircraft is quite well made. It resembles the real unique sound of the B727 perfectly. I tested it both internally and externally and also from the tower, and the sound set was excellent no matter which view I chose. The sound is clear and clean and can be used both with stereo and 7.1 surround sound. I find the sound set very authentic and did compare it to sound clips that I found on the internet. Very well made indeed. I tested this aircraft on two flights – the first flight was to check the ground handling, take-off, in flight and landings with this aircraft and also to get used to it. The second test flight was more to test the aircrafts flight characteristic during foul weather, and to do the second test flight I had to get used to the aircraft by flying the first test flight. To handle this old and heavy aircraft on the ground was actually not that difficult. It handles like most other heavy jets and even though the 3 engines are all placed at the tail section you don’t feel that when taxiing. The engines are not that efficient so you do need to add quite a lot of throttle to get the aircraft rolling. The B727 are quick on the steering (nose wheel) and is very steady going down the taxiway. The brakes are very efficient, so if you need to stop urgently, then you are able to do that. Doing the take-off with the B727 was quite similar to doing the take-off with other elder aircrafts that size. The take-off roll is quite long due to the fact that the engines are not that efficient, but that does not matter because the aircraft is so easy to control going down the runway. I had absolutely no problems keeping the aircraft on the runway, and at V2 I started to raise the nose. A few seconds later I was airborne and started my climb. Flying this aircraft is easy – I just had to remember that I couldn't climb as fast as I wanted to. The aircraft handles very well and is okay fast on all control surfaces. The view from the cockpit is superb and I very quickly got the feeling of this aircraft. When flying it you don’t feel it as being a heavy aircraft – it is actually very elegant and you do feel that this aircraft was built to fly. However I find it a bit unique when doing the take-off. It felt very heavy in the rear so I had to be very careful raising the nose, so that I didn’t rotate to fast and hereby smashing the tail into the runway. That of course goes for all types of aircrafts, but somehow this felt a bit different – I could image similar with e.g. the DC-10 and the MD-11. Landing this aircraft was as I expected – I was convinced that it would be much like landing the B707 and yes it was. You sit in a cockpit that is 90% the same as the B707 and the view from the captain’s seat is exactly the same as the B707. The B727 has very good flaps and hereby reducing the landing speed – together with that you also have very efficient spoilers and wheel brakes, so you don’t have to use all the runway (normally) – this equals to that I had more time to focus on making a nice soft landing with a good proper flare instead of just smashing the wheels in the runway and applying the brakes. During the final I got the aircraft trimmed perfectly and I had no issues at all. The aircraft is very steady and even though I had applied full flaps, the aircraft was still quite quick on the controls. After touchdown on the main wheels I applied the spoilers and when the nose wheel hit the concrete I applied the reverse thrusters. I didn’t apply the wheel brake before my speed was below 80 knots – it was simply not necessary. The second test flight was more of a challenge. I had set the weather theme on a thunderstorm with wind coming from -45 degrees from headwind blowing at 20 knots gusting to 30 knots. I had set the turbolens on severe and applied rain. This was a scenario which actually was very much fun but also very challenging. I tried several take-offs and landings and practice do make perfect. After spending about 1½ hours on flying concentrated under these conditions I believe that I mastered it very well. I have all my settings on as real as it gets, and I managed to land the aircraft without any damages every single time. The flight characteristic for the B727 under these conditions do change which they also should. You need to be extra careful and concentrated and remember to keep a little extra airspeed on the aircraft – here I refer to specifically during low altitude turns to e.g. your final, because when you have these conditions your IAS can vary very much and this could result in a wing stall = spin. With this Captain Sim product you get a really well made model of high quality. A great virtual cockpit with many details and animation and a sound set that is very authentic and fit the model perfectly. If you are to the old classic airliners then this aircraft is a must – it is very realistic and very beautiful made. I rate this add-on 4/5-stars. Thanks to Captain Sim for this very beautiful old classic aircraft. You have done a superb job by creating the B727 so realistic. Rays Aviation
    This product is very good! Realistic cabin. 727-200 also has a cabin. And the 727F Group have a Cool realistic cargo deck. Recomend you buy this!!


    Adoro este tipo de Avião o nível de detalhe dos interiores é fenomenal

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