767 CAPTAIN II - (767-300ER) BASE PACK P3D4/5

€ 84.99
767 CAPTAIN II - (767-300ER) BASE PACK P3D4/5

767 CAPTAIN II - (767-300ER) BASE PACK P3D4/5



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    The 767-300ER BASE PACK delivers highly detailed and accurate digital replica of the Boeing 767-300ER wearing Captain Sim House livery.

      • Functional flight deck loaded with advanced systems simulation (FMC/LNAV/VNAV/WXR/EGPWS etc)
      • Cockpit states, PAX and payload configuration and management via FMC
      • High resolution textures
      • Improved lighting (all times of day)
      • 20 aux 2D panels
      • Custom views
      • GlaCS (glass rain effects)

      • Highly detailed and accurate model of the Boeing 767-300ER with PW4060 engines.
      • 4K Ultra-High resolution textures
      • 6+2-door configuration
      • 4+4-door configuration
      • Numerous variants of optional equipment (winglets, antennas, etc)
      • Cabin with 3D windows, interior, stewardess and animated pilots
      • Hundreds of realistic animations including
      • Brand-new wing/engine flex
      • Custom visual effects including volumetric lighting
      • Integrated GPU

      • 2-in-1 installer (P3D4/5)
      • Realistic flight model
      • Authentic TSS sound set
      • ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor)
      • Growing number of easily installable free liveries
      • 4K Repaint kit
      • Auto-land flight
      • Navigraph FMC navdata including TP with AIRAC support
      • Updater
      • 700+ pages free Manual
      • Sim Ops



    - Internet connection for installation (offline activation is available)
    - A mouse with a scroll wheel and a middle button
    - P3D V5 or V4


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    I must admit, I was very skeptical prior to purchase. I had no reason to be. While this plane is not to the level of depth of a PMDG product, it's price is also not at that level. What this is, is a plane that is nice to fly and fun. The price is fair. My only wish is that there was an fs2crew verson for it.
    When this addon was first released, I waited about a month to purchase it as I was hesitant about the price tag to quality relation. However, upon purchasing and downloading I don't know why I waited a month. The visual models are very detailed and looks incredible in P3DV5! This aircraft is definitely a must-have if your look for something with great quality as well as a well-versed transcontinental and transatlantic heavy that isn't too large for most airports.
    i bought this from the CS Store last night, textures and animations are through the roof...amazing. The plane is at version 1.02 now and it flies great....Must Buy for any 767 or Captain Sim fan.
    If you know what CaptainSim has been doing 10 years ago, you will be surprised by the price, but also by the quality of this 767. There will be many points where you notice that it's not completely on par with the few famous top notch developers of airliners for P3d (way less possibilities to configure individual cockpit settings, no datalink simulated, no random click sounds,... and many more). But it's definetely a good, functional and stable aircraft, despite some smaller bugs. CS airplanes have always looked good, and this is no exeption. Finally, even the VC lighting system has been significally improved. And *yay* finally at CS, you can hide the yokes! Just the virtual cabin makes no sense at all to me: In contrast to their 757, this is modelled in the outside model, which looks pretty blurry and disappears when you get too close with the viewpoint. So it's too bad to be "used", but "good enough" to waste some performance, which makes no sense to me at all. But apart from that, an aircraft you will definetely love to look at inside and outside. However, it's a bit of a shame that you need a third party freeware plugin to add a lot of immersion, because only then you will "feel" small, but important things like the transition sounds from external to APU power, proper APU sound from the outside, sounds of hydraulic systems,... I think that should be included for the price. In terms of systems, you can really call that a simulation with system depth. Important and obviously very difficult things like VNAV (descend path), some FMC functions, engine start sequence,... have finally been fixed by CS over the time. All in all, CS has made huge improvements in terms of systems in the last 10 years. (Well, that was urgently needed). They've listend patiently to customers' bug reports and improved their products constantly. And this is the way to go. The only real complain that I have is the price policy: It's simply too expensive! No doubt I would recommend this if you love the 767, and no doubt this is the best 767 you can get for P3d, but for more than 100€ you can get other aircraft that DO have the missing "top notch features" described above. You should also notice that only the PW engine passenger variant is included at this time. The GE (+ RR??) variant and cargo variants will most probably come as an extention pack, as usual. But if you know what prices such extention packs have been sold for for previous aircraft, this is simply too much for what it offers! I would tend to rate it 4.5 stars (because of the improvements CS have made), had it been 25€ cheaper, or had the GE variant been included. But the high price, combined with the missing engine variants, makes it only 4 stars for me at this stage.


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